Here’s the problem with my blog

Okay here is the deal with my blog, 

Are you ready?

It’s me.

Entirely and completely my fault. 

The problem I have faced is what I want it to become in my vision for creating on the web. I wanted to be a full technology blog (which I attempted to spin off into the past site TheGadgetLoft) and also a personal account of my life with opinions then also work my photography in. It became to complicated. I felt I was spreading things much to thin to create a functional, working environment. So my new vision for the site is this: will be my place for reviews, opinions and a spot for featured photography (which is forth coming).

For updates on news from the technology world I have created a Facebook page (naturally to share daily articles for discussion. If something deserves more attention it will be found back here.

As always, I appreciate your support if I know you or not. Thank you for helping me recieve the support I have so far. Here is to taking things upward!