The Best iPhone X Cases

In my years of carrying a smartphone I have tried countless different brands and types of cases to protect them from day to day bumps. In a perfect would I would just not use one at all to be truthful. Nothing feels better than just a great designed device in your hand. Since the world we live in is full of hazards here are my favorite cases for the Apple iPhone X.

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Bodyguardz Edge to Edge

Each case on this list leaves the front glass of your device front exposed. For my own iPhone X I use this very screen protector. I prefer the lack of notch cut out that some glass offers. Also I like the protection from one end to the other it allows the device to feel that there is no glass on it at all. Plus BGZ offers a lifetime replacement on it for the cost of the shipping.

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Otterbox Defender

A classic case for being the best way to protect your iPhone from a hazardous environment. Otterbox has opted in this version to remove the front in a feature called the “screenless edition”. That may come to a shock to anyone familiar to the previous Defenders. The Defender is the thickest case in the list thanks to it silicone outside and hard plastic inside which provides the shock protection. The inside features a pad to assist with shock from a fall also.

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Apple Leather Case

Now this is my daily driver case for my iPhone. I really do enjoy the nicer feel of the leather in my hand than plastic or silicone. Now is this the most protective case? No. Yet, for my routine it has protected against a casual drops now and then. Apple is very proud of their cases and this is one is at the high end of costs. The natural leather on the case also is unique to each one made that leads to different wear over time.

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Apple Silicone Case

Slightly less in cost from Apple are their silicone cases. The soft feel in your hand is very nice if your iPhone is attached to your hand all day. It also offers a similar protection amount to the previous Apple Silicone case. A benefit for these are that Apple releases new colors every season. The reason I switch from this case is the fact it wears very quickly. My black silicone case was a bit tacky with worn color off the corners after just two months.

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totallee Ultra Fit Case

The closest thing to having not having a case is the totallee case. As just barely a case it is dust cover to prevent scratches in the glass back from daily use. Would it protect in a fall? Probably no. Though would reduce the damage of the scratch compared to nothing at all. Use with caution though enjoy the feeling of a phone with no bulk.

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Incipio NGP Folio

If you’re someone that is looking for a case and wallet in one check out the Incipio NGP Folio. It offers a location for cards in the front flap and hard case on the back of your iPhone. My personal usage would be on the occasions I want one package for my wallet and phone, not as a daily driver.

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Speck Presidio Grip

Speck cases have been protecting the iPhones since almost the beginning. They offer a silicone inside with a hard outside shell. Speck’s most popular line for the longest time were the Candy Shell series. In the last generation they have introduced the Presidio. With a similar make up of the Candy Shell they feature a more flat finish than glossy. The Grip variant includes silicone ridges that allow your iPhone to be held onto easier if you are prone to dropping it. Speck makes these devices in so many different colors there is one to fit every mood.

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There you have it seven options to protect your shiny new iPhone X. I would appreciate it if you were interested in making a purchase to do it through the links provided. If you have any questions on a case let me know!