Samsung wants you to take Note

July 26, 2018 Brian 0

Samsung wants to make a Note about their new device they will be announcing on August 9th. They do not say in the video but with recent leaks coming out recently it is highly likely they will be unboxing the Note 9.

Fake News: Facebook adjustments

July 26, 2018 Brian 0

After the fall out of Cambridge Analytica using Facebook to data mining to contribute to the political campaign of Donald Trump, Facebook has been on the defensive. Mark Zuckerberg has even had to sit down with a Congressional hearing to discuss the unauthorized collection of user information. To gain back (Continue reading.)

Sooner than later:GoT coming early 2019

July 25, 2018 Brian 0

A short, sweet and very exciting update! Casey Bloys, HBO president, stated today during a TCA Summer Press Tour that the final season of Game of Thrones will be released in the first half of 2019. *Insert fireworks here* While exciting it is also sad to be the end of (Continue reading.)

Unleash you iPhone: A new Ad from Apple

July 25, 2018 Brian 0

Here is the newest television ad for iPhone 8/8 Plus and X showing it flexing muscle for gaming and multitasking. iPhone has in the past few models with the multi-core chips bragged about console quality games. If they could just now come up with a Nintendo Switch style controller/television dock.

Risking Fate: Some still carry Note 7

July 25, 2018 Brian 0

Would there be a device you loved so much, even if it risked blowing up, to keep it around? There are Note 7 users even two years past the recall that use them. At the time Note 7 was recalled back for expanding batteries that would cause them to explode (Continue reading.)

Microsoft spent a year designing this package

July 25, 2018 Brian 0

Details matter. Packaging matters. Both come together in Microsoft’s new packaging for the new Adaptive Controller. Announced in May, Microsoft created a controller to make gaming available for anyone that wants to play. On the front of the controller it features larger game pads with buttons. Microsoft has customized the (Continue reading.)

Update: Apple issues software fix for i9 MacBook Pro

July 24, 2018 Brian 0

An update has come in from Apple reported by 9to5mac to fix the CPU throttling of their new MacBook Pro. From earlier reports when the computer ramps up to export videos for example it did not engage the thermal management system dropping performance. Apple gave 9to5Mac the following comment: “Following (Continue reading.)