Apple pushes WatchOS 5.0.1

September 27, 2018 Brian 0

A small update for Apple Watch users. The updates are above for what it fixes. Beta 5.1 is still in process so we will be seeing it soon. Most likely with the ECG update for Series 4. Time to put your watch on the charger for a bit and let (Continue reading.)

Apple releases macOS Mojave

September 26, 2018 Brian 0

Do not forget that Apple has also love for Mac as well. With all the hype around iOS 12 coming out and new iPhones Apple has released the new version of macOS. Mojave is another update packed with features to improve your computer. The most requested feature is Dark Mode. (Continue reading.)

SiriusXM gobbles up Pandora for $3.5 billion

September 25, 2018 Brian 0

When the AppStore was first in it’s infancy the one of the default apps to install was Pandora. The internet radio service would make stations based on music you liked, with input taken into account of you did not enjoy a song. The popularity of Pandora has stuck around with (Continue reading.)

iPhone Xs/Xs Max Video Review Roundup

September 24, 2018 Brian 0

This weekend is over but the iPhone madness still continues. Though before you buy a new one check out these reviews to make sure it is right for you. The Verge MKBHD Engadget Jonathan Morrison iJustine Everything Apple Pro ZoneofTech DetroitBORG MobileTechReview MacRumors Rene Ritchie Matthew Santoro Wired There (Continue reading.)

Xiaomi admits to spamming users

September 20, 2018 Brian 0

Xiaomi is under fire for their use of ads placed around their Android smartphones. This comes after a Reddit user questioned the usage of ads even after recommendations were turned off. This may upset users but Xiaomi sells their devices at super low costs, so the ads make some sense. (Continue reading.)