Apple to release iOS 12.1 tomorrow

October 29, 2018 Brian 0

After the Apple event tomorrow in New York where new iPads will be announced they will push out the final version of iOS 12.1. This update will include FaceTime for up to 32 users that was announced for iOS 12 originally. Also it will give the incentive to update with (Continue reading.)

iPhone Xr Video Review Round-up

October 29, 2018 Brian 0

Reviews seem very positive for the new iPhone Xr. Since the device has been out Friday, and embargo’s lifted Thursday, videos have been popping up all over. iJustine The Verge Jonathan Morrison MacRumors CNET MobileTechReview Cult of Mac DetroitBORG Engadget 9to5Mac Rene Ritchie UrAverageConsumer Dave Lee

Android is killing Snapchat

October 26, 2018 Brian 0

Snapchat has been losing users. This quarter was no exception with 2 million daily users lost. The problem Snapchat states is Android users. Snapchat has been working on the new version for over a year now it claimed. Yet, users have yet to see an updated version for public user. (Continue reading.)

Apple adds USB-C Apple Watch charger

October 19, 2018 Brian 0

File under the “Huh?” category. Apple has released a USB-C cable for the Apple Watch. It is a shorter length that would be said for use next to your MacBook. Though with rumors swirling of the iPad Pro going to USB-C it seems curious. For me, what adds to the (Continue reading.)

Apple announces event for October 30th

October 18, 2018 Brian 0

Apple has officially announced an event for October 30th. This is rumored to revolve around the new iPad Pro and Mac hardware update. The rumors around iPad have been swirling for a bit of time now. Read up on them in previous posts. iOS 12.1 gives away iPad Pro hints (Continue reading.)