Android Q is a Feature Packed Update

Google IO is this week. It is the developer conference for the new changes coming soon to Android. New operating systems bring new features, and Android Q is no exception. Inside the software are many long awaited user requests.

So who can enroll in the Android Q beta? Currently, Google is offering it to 21 devices from 13 different manufacturers. Enrollment is simple by visiting the signup page select the device you wish to update and be pushed via over the air.

Here is the big one! Dark mode is coming to Android. It can be turned on via a Quick Settings toggle. Google also built an API to allow app developers to easily adopt the new themes.

As someone with mono hearing this is an exciting addition coming to Q. Audio sources will now have automatic transcripts done with Live Caption. It can be done with Podcasts, Games, or videos. While it may not be perfect at the translation it will give those with hearing impairments the ability to watch new content.

Privacy will get changes that are similar to Apple’s current method. If an application has a request for location it will prompt for options to allow only while in use. Google updated the Permissions page to show how each one is used by specific apps.

When you need to show someone what you see on screen Android Q now has built in screen recording. Android Central notes though it is deep inside the developer options though. Their hopes are it will come forward with more of a user friendly option.

Lastly, the major update for Q will feature support for foldable phones. The optimization features the larger screen support for developers to bring their apps up to date with the latest trend.

Outside of the large updates Q brings smaller updates also with the following: better theme support, better sharing menus, and the back button has disappeared in favor of more gesture based navigation.

If you are brave enough the beta is out if your device supports it. Similar to other betas it will have bugs you must deal with so tread with caution.

Android Q release path