Apple Card Shown Off with NFC Packaging

The AppleCard was a highlight from the most recent Apple event. Made entirely of titanium AppleCard is a team effort with Apple, MasterCard, and Goldman Sachs.

Famed leaker Ben Geskin was sent photos of a beta copy of the card. While the card itself is not Ben’s his name was added to protect the original sender.

Ben’s photos show off the packaging it may come shipped with. To set the card up it will contain an NFC chip to pair with your phone. You may notice the color of the card being off from the titanium previews. It was said by the sender it is only the lighting from the room.

On the entire card no visible numbers can be seen for security. If they are needed it can be retrieved from the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Even as a non credit card user I am excited to see the titanium card in person. It will surely be a quality piece.