Apple Releases Environmental Responsibility Report

Apple has released the Environmental Responsibility Report for 2019. This report covers the fiscal year of 2018. Inside are the details of how the company has made an impact on the world. The main sections of it are reducing footprint from production, the afterlife of a device with recycling, safer devices chemically, on receiving feed back then ending with the numbers behind the stats.

Appleā€™s overall carbon footprint fiscal year 2018

Starting with climate change Apple covers the reduction of its carbon footprint. It takes quiet a bit of power to create a product. The majority of it is used for making the internal circuits. After that the impact falls greatly off in other categories like product use, transport and office space. Apple shows off new production techniques such as the formulation of aluminum that reduces the carbon created in smelting.

Reclaimed aluminum goes toward use in the next generation.

After it has been consumed for its usable lifecycle Apple encourages the recycling of their devices for reuse. Reclaimed elements reduce the amount of energy required to produce more products compared to mining for new material buried in the Earth. Each element pulled from old devices is detailed across three full pages of content on various types. This grouping even includes the impact of keeping these materials out of the land fill.

A Safer product become important when is in your hand all day. The chemicals used to produce technology can be harsh. Apple states they have been working on methods to replace harsh chemicals in products with good ones.

Example of Apple removing harmful plastics

Lastly, Apple covers the process for feedback from consumers. They show a time line with examples on how they have fought against climate change. Also their team work with educational partners.

To read the entire report yourself use the link down below.




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