Apple States Curved iPad Pro is Normal

Source: The Verge

File under it’s not a issue but a feature?

Apple stands by the statements that the new iPad Pro coming out of a box with a curve is normal. The aluminum frame has been posted online with different degrees of bend. It has impacted both sizes, the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro.

Shockingly, Apple states that this is not a defect of the new model. Also saying that it will not worsen over time or cause negative effects on use. In a statement to The Verge Apple said the issue is caused by the cooling of metal and plastic parts in the manufacturing process. It has been seen on each version of the iPad both WiFi only and LTE.

Source: MacRumors

Bending of a device is nothing new for Apple. The iPhone 6 caused a stir online after release with videos of reviewers bending the phone easily. It received so much attention Apple gave tours of the manufacturing plants to show their quality in process. The iPhone 6s was the following year updated with a sturdier aluminum.

As time goes on we will see the fall out from this. It did. It did not seem to phase the iPhone 6 from being bought, I doubt this will either.