Apple Watch was half of all 18 million smart watches in Q4 2018

Apple’s release of the Series 4 helped boost sales of the Apple Watch to half of the 18 million bought in the end of 2018. This is even impressive as Apple rose the sales 18% over the previous year. When with being 50% of sales in 2018 they did slip down in market share from the previous 67% the year before. This may be a result of the excitement around the refreshed Samsung Galaxy Watch released close to the same time as the Series 4.

Behind Apple in the rankings were Samsung (2.4 million), Fitbit (2.3 million), Garmin (1.1 million) and then a mix of all other brands together making up 3.2 million sold. The big four end up being made up of 8 out of 10 smart watches sold last year.

The Series 5 is rumored to include more heath features than ever before. This can match Samsung’s pipeline of watches with blood pressure monitoring included.