Essential Phone gains a $149 DAC

November 14, 2018 Brian 0

Essential Phone has prided itself in being a premium Android device. On the back of the device are two pins for allowing add ons. The first came in the shape of a 360 camera. Something you would use occasionally but don’t want bulking up your device on a daily basis. (Continue reading.)

Android is killing Snapchat

October 26, 2018 Brian 0

Snapchat has been losing users. This quarter was no exception with 2 million daily users lost. The problem Snapchat states is Android users. Snapchat has been working on the new version for over a year now it claimed. Yet, users have yet to see an updated version for public user. (Continue reading.)

Red shows off the Hydrogen One specs

October 17, 2018 Brian 0

The Red Hydrogen One a phone that has been talked about for a very long time. Yet, it has been nearly impossible to see one in real life. The high end camera maker’s first smartphone has had setbacks. Red has found out the hard way that Titanium is a difficult (Continue reading.)