It is here: Samsung Note 9

August 9, 2018 Brian 0

Samsung this morning announced their large phone flagship, the Note 9. After a speed bump experience with the Note 7, Samsung has made sure to get everything perfect with this line of phones. The large screen this time around is 6.4″ on an edge to edge Infinity Display with small (Continue reading.)

Android P is officially Pie

August 6, 2018 Brian 0

Android P is here. Pineapple? Pecan? Pez? Pop Rocks? No to them all! Android 9.0 is out of beta and follows along with their normal treat name structure. This year is no exception. Google announce today that Android Pie is being rolled out for Pixel devices. Android Pie’s largest feature (Continue reading.)

Samsung comes after Apple in latest Ads

July 23, 2018 Brian 0

Samsung comes after Apple again in a new series of three ads. In them they cover camera, fast charging and the ever popular punching bag of the headphone jack. Whole heartedly, it is not my Apple bias, but any advertising that is attacking on another products down sides is a (Continue reading.)