9to5Mac: Here is the new iPhone and Watch

August 30, 2018 Brian 0

Shortly after Apple tells the world about their upcoming event on September 12th for new devices, 9to5Mac tells the world their secrets. The Apple tech blog states in two images they have advanced images of the new iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4. Both are confirming rumors of larger (Continue reading.)

Rare iPhone 1.1.1 prototype hits eBay

August 29, 2018 Brian 0

It is time to open up the old check books. An eBay user 321lady has posted an first generation iPhone with an etched back labeled 1.1.1. The auction claims it is a preproduction unit used for testing inside of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. The listing states Hardware is thicker than (Continue reading.)

Are you ready for a dual screen MacBook?

August 28, 2018 Brian 0

Furkan Kasap has a question for you. Would you be okay with a completely touch screen MacBook? With Apple moving keyboards in to having less and less travel when buttons are pressed it may be training us for the future. Would this be the blending of iOS and macOS that (Continue reading.)

Apple Seeds iOS 12 beta 11 to developers

August 27, 2018 Brian 0

Another Monday. Another beta! Apple has seeded the next version of iOS 12 to developers. The updates must be coming to a close because they keep getting smaller and smaller. Other iOS devices will follow for Public beta, WatchOS, and tvOS.