Apple Confirms ECG Will Come in watchOS 5.1.3 Today

December 6, 2018 Brian 0

Yesterday Apple Releases a fury of updates from devices like the HomePod to the Mac. Absent from them though was the Apple Watch. Today Apple will release watchOS 5.1.2. This update will activate the ECG (electrocardiogram) built into the Digital Crown of the Series 4. This awaited feature will allow (Continue reading.)

iPhone XR Gets Official Apple Case Finally

December 5, 2018 Brian 0

The iPhone XR has been out since September, but has yet to have an official case. Since the iPhone 4 cases have come along side the release of a new device. Their first form was a simple,outside bumper around the frame. Generations have passed with their quality improving also. Yet, (Continue reading.)

New Captain Marvel Trailer Released

December 3, 2018 Brian 0

Carol Danvers came out of hiding a little more tonight during Monday Night Football. Marvel released the newest trailer for the upcoming Captain Marvel. It will be in theaters March 2019 expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe another round. I am very excited to see a new character added to the (Continue reading.)

Who is the Highest-Paid YouTube Star in 2018?

December 3, 2018 Brian 0

With the end of 2018 approaching it will begin the season of Top lists. Most popular this. Highest performing that. Even going to worst of the worst. They will all be there. In the technology world YouTube has certain created a list of very high earners compared to other social (Continue reading.)

Tumblr to Remove Adult Content by December 17th

December 3, 2018 Brian 0

Controversy has surrounded Tumblr in the past few weeks. They have recently been pulled from the iOS AppStore after claims of child pornography being posted. At the time of this post it was still not available to be installed. Tumblr has been much more relaxed in the areas of adult (Continue reading.)