Risking Fate: Some still carry Note 7

July 25, 2018 Brian 0

Would there be a device you loved so much, even if it risked blowing up, to keep it around? There are Note 7 users even two years past the recall that use them. At the time Note 7 was recalled back for expanding batteries that would cause them to explode (Continue reading.)

Microsoft spent a year designing this package

July 25, 2018 Brian 0

Details matter. Packaging matters. Both come together in Microsoft’s new packaging for the new Adaptive Controller. Announced in May, Microsoft created a controller to make gaming available for anyone that wants to play. On the front of the controller it features larger game pads with buttons. Microsoft has customized the (Continue reading.)

Updated: Nikon teases mirrorless camera

July 24, 2018 Brian 0

While there is not much here except for a very teaser video, Nikon is showing off light heading straight towards a camera sensor. A professional, mirrorless camera would help Nikon boost lost ground to the Sony models that has grown in popularity this year. Check out the teaser site for (Continue reading.)

Samsung comes after Apple in latest Ads

July 23, 2018 Brian 0

Samsung comes after Apple again in a new series of three ads. In them they cover camera, fast charging and the ever popular punching bag of the headphone jack. Whole heartedly, it is not my Apple bias, but any advertising that is attacking on another products down sides is a (Continue reading.)

Instagram creeps further on WhatsApp

July 20, 2018 Brian 0

Instagram has been pushing forward on their competition in the past year. The Facebook company has added features of Snapchat in stories and filters, and chat features of WhatsApp. This time around Instagram is going to make it easy to see who is online and ready to chat. The people (Continue reading.)