Facebook enters hands free calling with Portal

October 8, 2018 Brian 0

Facebook enters the hardware space again with Portal. Portal is a countertop video chat that comes in two different forms, Portal and Portal+. Currently, on preorder Portal will retail for $199 and Portal+ for $349. Both versions come in black and white depending on your style for shipping on November (Continue reading.)

Twitter will soon put your timeline in order

September 18, 2018 Brian 0

Twitter has caught a lot of grief lately. Rightfully so for quiet a few areas like ignoring issues with users being harassed. Another issue they have been given trouble over is the killing of API that third party clients use. Effectively this has ended the main reason many exist, a (Continue reading.)

Twitter introduces audio only broadcasts

September 8, 2018 Brian 0

Twitter has rolled out an update for iOS users that allows them to stream audio only broadcasts. This feature will let you use the Periscope app built into Twitter to share the moment without being seen. No word yet on when this will roll out to Android users. This can (Continue reading.)

Twitter makes suggestions on who to unfollow

August 30, 2018 Brian 0

A well manicured Twitter feed is priceless. It is the cornerstone for social media business. The more eyes that remain on Twitter turn into more that see advertisers posts. That makes Twitter happy with more money of course. The political climate in the United States has changed to make Twitter (Continue reading.)

Facebook pulls Onavo VPN from AppStore

August 23, 2018 Brian 0

Facebook has removed it’s VPN service Onavo from Apple’s AppStore. This comes after a meeting between the two giants regarding how the app retains user information. Apple had updated these guidelines for collection in a June update. Onavo is a service Facebook provided that would steer users away from malicious (Continue reading.)