Coral and Blue May Be Out for Next Gen iPhone XR

This time of year is always fun for Apple fans. Rumors and leaks are everywhere online. Many of them will miss the mark on being correct, others of course the opposite.

MacOtakara is a Japanese site that is connected with the Asian manufacturing supply chain. Their information can be correct though often needs a second source for confirmation. The newest rumor out of their site states that blue and coral could be left off the list of colors for the iPhone XR. The new list would replace them with a green and lavender options.

New color options shown from MacOtakara

With the adjusted list that will leave the line up as black, white, yellow, Product (Red), green and lavender.

In addition to the color changes for the XR line, MacOtakara claims the silicone cases for the XS and XS Max will adjust. The list includes black, white, Product (Red), with colors similar to the mellow yellow and spearmint with lilac.