Developers Offering Support with Discount Apps – Check for Updates


Right now the world is currently hunkered down with a full blow case of social distancing. The unexpected change in life has lead to an abundance of free time for many of us. Thankfully, the comforting thing to many during this time is the knowledge that everyone is in it together. The AppStore community of developers are no exception. Several have reduced the cost of their games to help everyone pass the time.

While these games are free for a limited time, it is important to remember to support software developers when the times are good too. This list will be updated when I come across a new app in the AppStore that has a reduced cost.

Last updated 3/19/2020

Mini Metro was $3.99 now Free – AppStoreUpdate: Also on Google Play Store

Prune was $3.99 now Free – AppStore

Ti-Napier CAS was $29.99 now Free – AppStore

Kingdom Rush Origins was $4.99 now Free – AppStore

Kingdom Rush Frontier was $2.99 now Free – AppStore

Higher Ground Education Inc has made all Montessorium apps either $3.99/$4.99 now Free – AppStore

Cribbage with Grandpas was $2.99 now Free – AppStore and Update: Google Play

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete was $6.99 now Free – AppStore

RFS – Real Flight Simulator was $0.99 now Free – iOS and Android

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator was $1.99 now Free – AppStore

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey was $1.99 now Free – AppStore

Audio Player Smartbook was $8.99 now Free via In-App Purchase – AppStore

A Case of Distrust from $4.99 now Free – AppStore

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery from $3.99 now Free – AppStore Update: now on Google Play

Watch Dogs from $29.99 now Free – Epic Store

Sync: Party Hard from $2.99 now Free – AppStore

Impossible Road from $2.99 now Free – AppStore

JackQuest from $5.99 now Free – AppStore

Starbeard from $2.99 now Free – AppStore

Tokado was $1.99 now Free – AppStore and Google Play

Rescue the Enchanter was $3.99 now Free – Google Play

UbiSoft games listed on Steam are up to 75% off – Steam

Death Road to Canada was $9.99 now $0.99 – Google Play

Props Pig Party Time was $3.99 now Free – Google Play

Tomb Raider for PC now Free on Steam

Drawful 2 was $9.99 now Free on AppleTV

Updates for 3/22/20

Rolando: Royal sedition was $2.99 now free – AppStore

Cubesc: Dream of Mira was $0.99 now Free – AppStore

Mos Speedrun 2 was $0.99 now free – AppStore

PJ Masks Super City Run was $2.99 now free – Google Play

Star Diffusion was $6.99 now free – Google Play

King Rivals was $0.99 now free – Google Play

If you know of any applications on discount feel free to pass them along! Contact me on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or Facebook. I will update this post as more come about.