F**k Batman: Titans Raw

Get ready!

With San Diego Comic Con this weekend we are about to be covered up with new trailers for upcoming movies, television and comics. The one so far making the most waives right now is the new series Titans. DC Comics for this version on the Boy Wonder’s team threw away the cartoon version of Teen Titans Go!. Went darker than the original Teen Titans animated series. Then came on fully as an Mature rated series on the DC Universe streaming for $7.99/month.

If Batman won’t kill his foes Robin certainly has no issues with shedding blood you can see from the trailer below. Robin also isn’t afraid to get a bit crude with saying “F**k Batman” either. Much like the Deadpool movies it may be a bit harder to explain to younger fans why this series isn’t for them.

Are you willing to put out the $75 per year to get access to Titan and other DC properties? Even if it is for one show?