Google Announces Pixel 5/4a G5 for the fall


This fall, we’ll have two more devices to talk about: the Pixel 4a (5G), starting at $499, and Pixel 5, both with 5G2 to make streaming videos, downloading content and playing games on Stadia or other platforms faster and smoother than ever.


Rather then get beat over the head with it for months Google decided to make it be known the Pixel 5 is coming. This was made alongside the new Pixel 4a that is $349 open for preorder now. We all know that each year these brands will release a new device. With a quickly changing year this could assist Google event planning without having to upset everyone’s hopes of getting an invite. A high tier stock Android device at a lower cost that is straight from the company is a much needed step to a consistent experience for the operating system.

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