Google introduces Stadia

This week has been a big week for out of the normal updates. So far Apple has made two changes to their iMac and iPad lines. Though not to be out done Google has introduced Stadia today.

Stadia will be released sometime in 2019 as Google’s first jump into gaming. It goes to a different direction for the genre with being entirely cloud based. Gaming now can be done on your TV, laptop, desktop, tablet or even mobile phone. Their goal will be bringing games in 4K running 60 frames per second with HDR support.

An important feature of gaming in recent years has become streaming. With the popularity of gamers like Ninja becoming household names, Stadia plans to capitalize on the growth. Includes with the on demand gaming will be the ability to watch others play through YouTube. If there is a game that sparks your curiosity to play simply press the “play now” button.

The Stadia controller was designed with an instant streaming button to share your own let’s play videos. Inside the controller is a built in microphone to record commentary or use with Google Assistant. Since Stadia is an online console the controller is connected via WiFi.

Pricing has yet to be given for the cost of games or equipment. Google states it will be out “in 2019”.