James Gunn is back for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Everyone loves a great come back story. The group of misfit hero’s in Guardians of the Galaxy are proof of that.

After tweets surfaced from director James Gunn’s past surfaced of distasteful jokes, Disney turned their back on him. This lead to the cast signing a unifying letter in Gunn’s support. Dave Bautista was even going as far as not making a return if the director of the first two films was not reinstated.

Per Deadline Gunn and Disney mended fences after Alan Horn, Disney’s Studio chairman met several times. Gunn apologized numerous times in regards to the poor jokes. Horn was impressed with how Gunn managed the crisis with not lashing back.

The timing of Guardians Vol 3 will be developed in the future. Currently, Gunn is working on the writing and directing of Suicide Squad 2.

I am excited for James Gunn’s return to direct.