Nintendo wants you to game on your phone with this patented Game Boy case

The United States Patents and Trademark Office has released the application by Nintendo of what appears to be a Game Boy case for your phone. The front has the classic A and B buttons across from a D-Pad with a small window for a screen.

This would be a nice start for Nintendo to get into the mobile gaming world fully. Though why take a large screen device then restrict it to a very tiny area for a display? Also the ever changing phone shape sizes gives this patent another draw back.

I for one would love to see Nintendo ports games made for mobile with a form of controller to use with it. It could feature an in-app purchase system to grow the collection. With the release of the SNES and NES classics being smash hits there is definitely a market. Sadly, Nintendo doubtfully wants to share in Apple’s 30% cut of all sales from the AppStore.


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