Apple Releases Public Beta for watchOS – A first ever

The watchOS public beta updates are still in development, which means some applications and services may not work as expected, and their data may not be backwards compatible. Apple Watch content backs up automatically to your paired iPhone. You can learn more about Apple Watch backups here. Please note Apple Watch cannot be restored to previously-released OS versions once the public beta is installed.

Apple Public Beta

This year is the first Apple has released the watchOS beta to the public.

I completely understand why also with the largest reason is device recovery. Once the Apple Watch has been upgraded it is difficult to rolled back to the previous version. This would mean your watch will have to take a trip back to Apple if you hate it. Not only are you committing to having the watchOS beta but for compatibility will have to continue to use iOS beta until the final version also.

Has the watchOS 7 been working out well in beta for me? So far yes with no major issues in my experience. Is it for you? If you have any doubts then the answer is no. If you’re not okay with missing your Apple Watch for a few days while it’s being reflagged? Again I’d say no. As always the advice is don’t use on your daily driver during beta season.

The Case For Why Tom Brady does not still use an iPhone 6 Plus


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback posted a photo from his car dashboard display on Saturday showing the steamy 99-degree temperature. But the car monitor’s connection to “Tom Brady’s iPhone 6+” earned a collective online gasp that the NFL superstar would still be using a six-year-old phone.


Twitter seems a buzz regarding the fact that Tom Brady is still using an iPhone 6 Plus. Andrew Luck was known for only using a flip phone. Could it be the case for Tom too? I personally love these discussions. Seeing a device used incorrectly in a movie always makes me laugh. It is a silly obsession but it is who I am.

Though I am going to say this is not the case and the six time Super Bowl winner has updated since then. First is the knowledge that this started with a screenshot from Snapchat of his car stereo with the device name “Brady’s iPhone 6+”.


Which has most likely carried over from a previous backup. It could be changed to honestly anything he would want it to be under Settings > About > Name right at the top. Also it has been entered manually because Apple official Technical Specifications names it as iPhone 6 Plus.

Next for the evidence files are the two following photos. First is of Tom at an event holding a device taking a photo. It shows the two camera design on the back first starting with the iPhone 7 Plus. It could also possibly be an iPhone 8 Plus, though less likely because it does not appear to be glossy like the black back has. (This post also sparked my whole jumping down the rabbit hole on the subject too. The article image isn’t even a iPhone 6 Plus.)

Here is another photo regarding Tom holding an iPhone with a much wider camera hole. I’d beg to guess this is the most recent iPhone 11.

Lastly, has Tom Brady gotten a new phone since the iPhone 6 Plus came out in September of 2014? Absolutely! Remember during deflategate Tom stated to the commissioner that he regularly destroys his phone for security. So this is either a regular practice of breaking phones where he can’t still have a stockpile of old devices or a short term excuse for that moment of pressure.

All in all Tom Brady has upgraded since his iPhone 6 Plus. Could this be entirely incorrect and he still is relying on ol’ trusty? Possibly. (He’s not.) Though this is my evidence against the matter from a guy who has spent a lot of time with phones. (And to much time on his hands at the moment.)

Google Announces Pixel 5/4a G5 for the fall


This fall, we’ll have two more devices to talk about: the Pixel 4a (5G), starting at $499, and Pixel 5, both with 5G2 to make streaming videos, downloading content and playing games on Stadia or other platforms faster and smoother than ever.


Rather then get beat over the head with it for months Google decided to make it be known the Pixel 5 is coming. This was made alongside the new Pixel 4a that is $349 open for preorder now. We all know that each year these brands will release a new device. With a quickly changing year this could assist Google event planning without having to upset everyone’s hopes of getting an invite. A high tier stock Android device at a lower cost that is straight from the company is a much needed step to a consistent experience for the operating system.

Facebook is upset with iOS 14

Developers use trackers to identify each user in different apps and websites so they can target advertisements based on what you access on your device. Even if users leave this option enabled, third-party apps will have to ask permission for tracking and collecting your personal data.


Facebook is now upset among other ad publishers for iOS 14’s new feature that blocks trackers left on a device. It is amazing how kicking in a bit of privacy could impact a bottom line when it fully rolls out later this year.

44% of Renters in Indiana Could Be Out of Luck

Photo: CNBC

Massive unemployment has left more than 40% of renter households at risk of eviction, according to a new analysis by global advisory firm Stout Risius Ross.


As an Indiana resident it hits home to see that 44% of Hoosier renters are at risk to lose their homes. Imagine yourself living an apartment complex for easy math of 100 units and up to 44 of those individuals living in them are now out on the streets in some cases. It easily could be your neighbor. At no fault of their own other than a terribly mishandled situation.


iOS 14 updates to Beta 3

Time to fire up the updates for iOS 14 on iPhone, iPad and Watch. Highlights include: updates Music app to match the new Big Sir icon, clock widget and Zoomed icon options returns to iPhone 11 and XS. Stability has been a strong since the first beta all we can do it hope it continues.

Review: Mobdik Paperlike Screen Protector

I love my Apple Pencil and iPad! Though I rarely used it due to the gloss screen not feeling very natural to write on. So I stumbled upon the paper like screen protectors. I am very impressed about this option! Even with years of installing screen protectors I still get nervous about the process. No lie this was the easiest I have done yet. It was very thoughtful. Now my iPad really feels like writing with a pencil for drawing and notes. On top of that it repels finger prints as a bonus.

MPow H17 Noise Cancelling

I was looking for a set of headphones that fit over the ear with ANC as well. This set of headphones fit the bill with a great price as well. The fit my full ear inside the soft, padded cups. Even the top headband has cushioning for a comfortable fit. The music sounds great with nice bass. The ANC makes a difference to reduce background noise even if you are not listening to music at the time wanting silence to work with out distraction.

RavPower 15000mah Battery Pack

I made the purchased of this battery as a follow to a RavPower battery I had. I am even more impressed with this model than I was the first. The slim design makes it easy to slide into my backpack or pocket. The USB-C PD is now a requirement for any battery I buy going forward. This battery is a quality build. It is very solid and I imagine will take daily use with ease!

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