Review: Logitech Create for iPad Pro

Unfortunately, in this world we live in accidents happen far to often. So reluctantly, I must carry all of my devices in a case. This is no exception for my iPad Pro I was recently gifted from my amazing wife this holiday season. My mission before it arrived was clear: Find a case to protect my new Apple baby.

As an Apple fan, I prefer to keep my iPhones and iPads in their respective protection that their home company offers. I was disappointed to discover Apple did not offer the iPad Pro in a leather Smart Case I have used in the past.  I was presented with a silicone back cover in either black or white with a Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard to protect the screen when closed. I have used the Smart Cover before with my original iPad Mini just to find the back Slate color significantly scratched after time. The silicone back case did not peek my interest unfortunately due to it being the similar version for my iPhone 6 Plus with tearing forming quickly around the Lightening port and always fighting with dust sticking to the outside. I thought the new Keyboard case was intriguing yet daily I did not have a need for it. So my mission had to look else where for a solution.

Google searches came up with the usual sleeves and tough cases which do not fit my style. Continuing my mission for protection I ran across the Logitech Create Keyboard which was featured on a number of sites due to its Smart Connector usage.

Enter the Logitech Create for the iPad Pro.

This is the same frame of the Create case Logitech offers just without the Smart Connector keyboard installed. It features an AnyAngle Stand that is a hinge to keep the iPad Pro in the angle you intend without it slipping and falling down. The angled hinge is great for watching videos and lowers down to an angle for typing with the on screen keyboard. The front cover of the case activates the auto on/off features of the iPad when closed saving battery life. Materials it has been made of are important for durability with the Create being covered in a woven premium fabric to ward off any liquids that may be spilled on it while exposed in the world. Naturally, bumps are prevented by the surrounding case covering the edges. All usable aspects of the iPad Pro are still functional with access to charging, headphones, speakers, and volume keys built into the Create. You have four color options for the Create: Classic Red on Gold, Classic Blue on Silver, Iris on Black and what I selected Black on Black. The retail price for this protection is $79.99 currently from Logitech.

With using the Logitech Create I have enjoyed the case. It protects my iPad while it is carried in my backpack from scratches to the it’s body and glass.  The hinge built into the back is a great feature to keep it where I want it to be angled depending on my task at the moment. I was afraid at first of the limits the hinge would have at lower angles though after a small prayer I pushed it down to where it would be usable for typing. My worries were casted aside as it went lower without any issue. The Create case is made with high quality materials that feel great in my hand with the body lines all matching up around the device. I have yet to spill anything on my iPad, and hope I never do, but the materials feel comparable to fabrics I have felt that will any deflect liquid away. The build quality is completely established from Logitech in the the Create.

I am very impressed with using it with the exception of a few minor items. Typing for a long period of time at the reclined angle causes for the iPad to bounce, so long documents may become tedious. I did discover that patience is key for getting my iPad installed. It was difficult for myself to align both sides to correctly fit in. The case installation is not a outstanding issue though as it has not left the case since it arrived. In regards to fit the volume buttons can take practice to hit exactly through the side of the Create. This is due to the case having two nubs where it meets the actual buttons that seem to miss their mark occasionally and require another press to adjust the volume.

Would I recommend the Logitech Create to protect your new iPad Pro? Yes I would. It does a great job of keeping your iPad Pro out of harm’s way. It is priced fairly with regards to Apple’s offerings of compatible protection as a complete unit. The Create offers function for what the iPad Pro is designed to do with light typing use and stands tall for easy content viewing.

The Logitech Create is available now for your iPad Pro directly here for $79.99.