Review: Venture Kid for iOS


Venture Kid for iOS released on January 13th, and I am already blown away. As a younger lad, and even to this day, I have always been a fan of the Mega Man franchise. The 2D play forming style with run and gun shooting was more entertaining to me than the stomping on enemies of a certain Italian Plumber. As time has gone on, simple platforming has become a lost art of game play in favor of more sophisticated games. Time also has caused me to not be as active in the game playing universe. I was also passed up with the countless systems that have been released. Now any games I play are casual ones on my cell phone.

Enter Venture Kid. (I would have a booming echo if it was easily applied to the text you are reading.) I appreciate the work that FDG Mobile Games has put into this release for iOS. With the most respect I do not mean to have the game overshadowed by Mega Man comparisons, but the number of resemblances are striking. Your hero plays through different levels defeating enemies as the game progresses then getting upgraded weapons when you defeat the end stage boss. There are power ups along the way to raise health, refill weapon ammo, and collect currency to purchase extra boosts. Each level has a theme with the first three being: forest, city and desert. Pretty similar styles of games? Without a doubt.

Though here is what has me excited for Venture Kid. The game controls are smooth. Easy to play without having to contort your fingers to tap on screen buttons. Other similar games, even the ported to portable Mega Man series, do not play anywhere as easily as Adventure Kid does on a touch screen. In the screen shot above you will see how simple they are, right and left controls for movement, B to shoot, and A to jump. I recommend other game developers take a look at how this game operates for how to manage their controls. With the input being very responsive it means you don’t have to think ahead to how you will clear a section of the level. I am very impressed with Venture Kid’s take on action platforming on a touch screen.

Venture Kid is $1.99 right now in the Apple AppStore. There are in app purchases available though optional to experience enjoyable. I hope that this game just grows with time with more levels to play.

Venture Kid in the AppStore