Samsung opens the door to new Galaxy Fold

The Unpacked event today Samsung put on gave us a preview of the new S10, which we expected. The one rumored device that did not get many leaks was a foldable phone.

Samsung has released the Galaxy Fold. It is a device that shows off the first major manufacturer with a folding screen. If it sounds expensive at first, well it is. To get the elephant in the room out of the way it will release later this year for a $1,980 price tag. Yes it is expensive.

The Galaxy Fold is a dual screen device. Outside is a smaller 4.6″ display. While inside is the main draw a 7.3″ tablet sized screen. Samsung states it does not simply bend over when closed but it actually folds. They state it is 50% thinner with a new invented polymer to make it flexible and durable. Seamlessly allowing the fold to occur is a new hinge. The Galaxy Fold lays flat like a book when open with the hinge disappearing inside the back of the phone. It is a very slick move compared to previous folding devices.

The internals are a huge increase as well starting with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, though no expansion of storage. The Fold is ready to take a photo at any position with six (yes six) lenses, one 10MP on the cover, two on the inside (10MP and 8MP) and three on the back (16MP ultra wide angle, 12MP wide angle, and 12MP telephoto). It does lose the in screen finger print scanner with a version on the side lock button that the S10 has built in.

Inside the fold it has a dual battery setup at 4,380 mAh to keep everything powered. It can share that charge with another device wirelessly just like the S10 does also.

Is you wallet open ready to buy in quarter two of 2019?