BlackBerry Messenger Shutting Down May 31st

April 18, 2019 Brian 0

BlackBerry Messenger was the precursor to iMessage with data based chat. You could receive get read receipts from contacts in addition to higher resolution photos. With that being said it was only for BlackBerry users until 2013 when they expanded to iOS and Android. Though during the early days of (Continue reading.)

Apple News+ brings magazines straight to you

March 26, 2019 Brian 0

Apple has been looking for the way to keep us connected. Reading news articles from around the world can be a big step to being informed. Another way are magazine. Though the high cost of subscriptions can keep many of us away from reading. Be honest, how many magazines do (Continue reading.)

Apple Card is looking to change how you bank

March 25, 2019 Brian 0

The second of Apples’s announcements today was Apple Card. The next evolution of Apple Pay. Apple Card will integrate into your current Wallet app coming this summer. Apple Card will be centered around privacy and security. Transactions will be private and unable to be seen by Apple. This will be (Continue reading.)

Apple introduces Apple Arcade

March 25, 2019 Brian 0

Today Apple is reinventing games for the mobile platform. Releasing a catalog of games this summer across all devices. Apple Arcade will be released with hand picked games for television, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Apple’s collection of games will be all-you-can play, no ads or ad tracking, additional purchases, and (Continue reading.)

WWDC 2019 to be held June 3rd – 7th

March 14, 2019 Brian 0

Lock in your hotel reservations now. WWDC will be coming to San Jose for June 3rd thru 7th. The World Wide Developers Conference for most is the exciting showing for new software Apple has coming. This year it will be iOS 13. Many rumors are out stating it will a (Continue reading.)

Samsung opens the door to new Galaxy Fold

February 20, 2019 Brian 0

The Unpacked event today Samsung put on gave us a preview of the new S10, which we expected. The one rumored device that did not get many leaks was a foldable phone. Samsung has released the Galaxy Fold. It is a device that shows off the first major manufacturer with (Continue reading.)