Apple Announces iPhone SE for $399

Today a long time Apple design receives a new polish. The classic body of the 4.7” screen that has been around since the iPhone 6 is now the iPhone SE. […]

BlackBerry Messenger Shutting Down May 31st

BlackBerry Messenger was the precursor to iMessage with data based chat. You could receive get read receipts from contacts in addition to higher resolution photos. With that being said it […]

Apple Card is looking to change how you bank

The second of Apples’s announcements today was Apple Card. The next evolution of Apple Pay. Apple Card will integrate into your current Wallet app coming this summer. Apple Card will […]

Apple introduces Apple Arcade

Today Apple is reinventing games for the mobile platform. Releasing a catalog of games this summer across all devices. Apple Arcade will be released with hand picked games for television, […]