BlackBerry Messenger Shutting Down May 31st

April 18, 2019 Brian 0

BlackBerry Messenger was the precursor to iMessage with data based chat. You could receive get read receipts from contacts in addition to higher resolution photos. With that being said it was only for BlackBerry users until 2013 when they expanded to iOS and Android. Though during the early days of (Continue reading.)

Twitter makes suggestions on who to unfollow

August 30, 2018 Brian 0

A well manicured Twitter feed is priceless. It is the cornerstone for social media business. The more eyes that remain on Twitter turn into more that see advertisers posts. That makes Twitter happy with more money of course. The political climate in the United States has changed to make Twitter (Continue reading.)

Twitter lite joins others with smaller apps

August 14, 2018 Brian 0

Must like PUBG earlier this week Twitter has jumped on the small app bandwagon. Acknowledging that not all Android devices are created equal, nor are all mobile networks, the app is designed with speed in mind. It is installed at under 3MB of storage. It also uses a data saver (Continue reading.) resurrected as Tik Tok over night

August 2, 2018 Brian 0

Was your teenage kid in a foul mood this morning? If so, I might know the reason why., the lip sync application, with 100 million active users has now been rebranded and absorbed as Tik Tok. The features are still there, but now blended in with the Tik (Continue reading.)