Apple Card Shown Off with NFC Packaging

May 12, 2019 Brian 0

The AppleCard was a highlight from the most recent Apple event. Made entirely of titanium AppleCard is a team effort with Apple, MasterCard, and Goldman Sachs. Famed leaker Ben Geskin was sent photos of a beta copy of the card. While the card itself is not Ben’s his name was (Continue reading.)

Apple releases sixth beta for iOS 12.3

May 10, 2019 Brian 0

Apple has released the sixth beta of iOS 12.3. This update covers iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, and watchOS. It will be fixing issues with the previous beta and security updates. If you are part of the beta program, or looking to try it out, now is the time to update. Apple (Continue reading.)

Apple releases sixth version of iOS 12.2 beta

March 18, 2019 Brian 0

Another update has been pushed for iOS 12.2. This is the sixth in the line up for Apple. Along side it updates were issued for watchOS 5.2, tvOS 5.2, and macOS 10.14.4. This version updates devices with the ability to check warranty support status. Also AppleCare can be purchased directly (Continue reading.)

Apple releases fifth iOS 12.2 beta

March 11, 2019 Brian 0

Time to update again. Apple has released the fifth beta in the line for the iOS 12.2 update. It is rumored to be released as final after their next even later this month. The 12.2 update includes bug fixes and feature changes. On that list are Apple News updates with (Continue reading.)

Apple Pushes Out New Updates for iOS 12.2 beta

March 4, 2019 Brian 0

Apple has pushed out new updates to the current beta cycle. These updates will cover iPhone and iPad with 12.2 beta 4 developer and beta 2 for the public. The updates for watchOS, tvOS and macOS are expected to follow shortly. This update for iPhone will show new Animoji animals (Continue reading.)

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Sign up for Photoshop for iPad beta

October 15, 2018 Brian 0

Adobe has made quiet a few image editing apps available on the AppStore. These range from image editing to video editing even the ability to make social media ads. Though Photoshop in it’s full form has yet to be seen. The iPad has become a PC replacement for more people (Continue reading.)