iPhone XI Case Molds Leak Online

April 20, 2019 Brian 0

It is that time of the year. As we draw closer to a new iPhone leaks begin to appear more frequently. We have first seen the internal frames for iPhone XI showing a triple camera setup. Now from the Chinese social media site Weibo come two photos. The first shows (Continue reading.)

iPhone XR Gets Official Apple Case Finally

December 5, 2018 Brian 0

The iPhone XR has been out since September, but has yet to have an official case. Since the iPhone 4 cases have come along side the release of a new device. Their first form was a simple,outside bumper around the frame. Generations have passed with their quality improving also. Yet, (Continue reading.)

iPhone Xr will have an Apple Clear Case

October 12, 2018 Brian 0

When the colorful iPhone 5c came out Apple released a set of cases to match. They were not the most popular Apple accessory though. Each case had a set of holes to show off the actual phone color. At best they could be compared to a pair of Crocs. A (Continue reading.)