Tesla Adds New Games to TelsAtari Feature

April 4, 2019 Brian 0

If you are bored in your Tesla today, well I have news for you! As soon as today the Tesla will receive an update over the air to include Atari games. On the list to play, from the video, is Centipede, Missile Command, Asteroids, and Lunar Lander. In addition the (Continue reading.)

Apple introduces Apple Arcade

March 25, 2019 Brian 0

Today Apple is reinventing games for the mobile platform. Releasing a catalog of games this summer across all devices. Apple Arcade will be released with hand picked games for television, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Apple’s collection of games will be all-you-can play, no ads or ad tracking, additional purchases, and (Continue reading.)

VR Kit for Nintendo Switch coming April 12th

March 7, 2019 Brian 0

Nintendo has expanded their line of Labo series with Virtual Reality. The cardboard kits will add the ability to play games with cameras, blasters, and even an elephant trunk. Nintendo breaks them down into kits or as an entire collection as one. The introductory kit will feature the VR headset (Continue reading.)

Hackers find VR code hidden in Nintendo Switch

August 17, 2018 Brian 0

Hackers will find anything buried in device code. No secrets remain there. This goes back to the earliest days in Nintendo Entertainment System where hidden character sprites could be found that were unused. In 2017 a “VrMode” was discovered in the Switch OS’ Applet Manager during a review of the (Continue reading.)

PUBG gets a new lite version with a catch

August 10, 2018 Brian 0

The talk this week has been mostly about Fortnite with its release on Android. Do not count PUBG out yet. It is known that Android device have a vast range of specs from top of the line to very basic. Even that being said PUBG has very little requirements to (Continue reading.)