Google Pixel 3 left in backseat of a Lyft

September 2, 2018 Brian 0

When a device like the Google Pixel 3 has this many leaks, you begin to ask if it is done on purpose. Standard leaks come from inside production facilities when the devices are being assembled on the line. Others, it may be from an accessory maker that has a model (Continue reading.)

Get healthy with Google Fit

August 21, 2018 Brian 0

Google is ready to help you get healthy with their new Fit applications. They have teamed up with both the American Heart Association (AHA) and World Health Organization (WHO) for the project. Together they have used health guide lines to create two point systems. The first are Move Minutes these (Continue reading.)

Gmail brings undo to Android App

August 21, 2018 Brian 0

Ten seconds. That’s how much time to undo your fate with Google’s updated Gmail for Android. Did you rage type an email to a co-worker, now only to regret risking your career? Well you have ten seconds to pull that email back and save your credibility. Send a love letter (Continue reading.)