Facebook enters hands free calling with Portal

October 8, 2018 Brian 0

Facebook enters the hardware space again with Portal. Portal is a countertop video chat that comes in two different forms, Portal and Portal+. Currently, on preorder Portal will retail for $199 and Portal+ for $349. Both versions come in black and white depending on your style for shipping on November (Continue reading.)

Logitech Crayon open to buy September 12th

September 6, 2018 Brian 0

The 6th generation iPad added device support for more than just the Apple Pencil. This was first non-Apple pencil with official support. Paired with the 6th gen iPad Apple has the combo to allow affordable entry for school corporations. The Crayon was first offered to those schools first. Now on (Continue reading.)

Moto Z3 new hardware with a new way to connect

August 6, 2018 Brian 0

Motorola has always been a preferred Android manufacturer for myself. I have always liked the pure Android option for any device over TouchWiz or Sense. Motorola announced last week that they are releasing the Moto Z3 as a Verizon exclusive. Specifications increases come around the natural items like processor, camera, (Continue reading.)