Apple Updates the iPod Touch

May 28, 2019 Brian 0

It has been a long time waiting. Apple today announced a new iPod Touch. We were expecting it to be released around the time of the AirPods 2. During that time earlier this year Apple made a full week of new devices with a new Mini, Air, iMac, and Apple (Continue reading.)

Powerbeats Pro Now Open for Preorder

May 3, 2019 Brian 0

Starting today you can visit Appleā€™s website to preorder your Powerbeats Pro. The $249.99 alternative to AirPods feature a hook for more support while exercising. Under the hood they contain the same H1 chip for power management and quicker pairing with Hey Siri ability. After the preorders today they will (Continue reading.)

Essential Phone gains a $149 DAC

November 14, 2018 Brian 0

Essential Phone has prided itself in being a premium Android device. On the back of the device are two pins for allowing add ons. The first came in the shape of a 360 camera. Something you would use occasionally but don’t want bulking up your device on a daily basis. (Continue reading.)