Apple Releases Environmental Responsibility Report

April 19, 2019 Brian 0

Apple has released the Environmental Responsibility Report for 2019. This report covers the fiscal year of 2018. Inside are the details of how the company has made an impact on the world. The main sections of it are reducing footprint from production, the afterlife of a device with recycling, safer (Continue reading.)

BlackBerry Messenger Shutting Down May 31st

April 18, 2019 Brian 0

BlackBerry Messenger was the precursor to iMessage with data based chat. You could receive get read receipts from contacts in addition to higher resolution photos. With that being said it was only for BlackBerry users until 2013 when they expanded to iOS and Android. Though during the early days of (Continue reading.)

The Sega Genesis Mini is Arriving in September

April 1, 2019 Brian 0

Nostalgia is always a good selling feature. This is true with the recent lineup of mini retro consoles. The plug and play controller has been around for years now with collections of shovel wear. Nintendo released their mini NES being the first collection of games released on their original console. (Continue reading.)

Apple News+ brings magazines straight to you

March 26, 2019 Brian 0

Apple has been looking for the way to keep us connected. Reading news articles from around the world can be a big step to being informed. Another way are magazine. Though the high cost of subscriptions can keep many of us away from reading. Be honest, how many magazines do (Continue reading.)

Apple introduces Apple Arcade

March 25, 2019 Brian 0

Today Apple is reinventing games for the mobile platform. Releasing a catalog of games this summer across all devices. Apple Arcade will be released with hand picked games for television, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Apple’s collection of games will be all-you-can play, no ads or ad tracking, additional purchases, and (Continue reading.)

iMac doubles performance in silent upgrade

March 19, 2019 Brian 0

Apple this week has been showing off very quietly. First, the iPad Air and mini made a comeback with larger screens and improved internals. It also added support for the Apple Pencil, giving every iPad the ability. Inside the updated 21.5″ iMac is an eighth-generation quad-core. Also for the first (Continue reading.)