Dr Mario Will Begin Seeing New Patients 7/10

June 18, 2019 Brian 0

Nintendo is expanding it’s console games further into the mobile world. Beginning July 10th you can visit Dr Mario on both Android and iOS. Inside you will match three colors to remove virus off the screen in different puzzle based games. Also you can play against others in online battles. (Continue reading.)

Beta Players Show Off Mario Kart Tour for Mobile

May 22, 2019 Brian 0

Super Mario Run was the first time the famed plumber hit the mobile screen. It has been followed by other Nintendo titles like Fire Emblem Hero’s and Animal Crossing. Beta play looks to pull elements from the past Mario Kart versions. MacRumors states they are resurrected from the original Mario (Continue reading.)

VR Kit for Nintendo Switch coming April 12th

March 7, 2019 Brian 0

Nintendo has expanded their line of Labo series with Virtual Reality. The cardboard kits will add the ability to play games with cameras, blasters, and even an elephant trunk. Nintendo breaks them down into kits or as an entire collection as one. The introductory kit will feature the VR headset (Continue reading.)

Hackers find VR code hidden in Nintendo Switch

August 17, 2018 Brian 0

Hackers will find anything buried in device code. No secrets remain there. This goes back to the earliest days in Nintendo Entertainment System where hidden character sprites could be found that were unused. In 2017 a “VrMode” was discovered in the Switch OS’ Applet Manager during a review of the (Continue reading.)

Nintendo Switch Online details emerge

August 15, 2018 Brian 0

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market since March of last year. This entire time it has been missing a main feature of the modern console era, online play. As of yesterday they have made September the official launch time for the Switch. Nintendo has put forth the plan (Continue reading.)