Review: Mobdik Paperlike Screen Protector

I love my Apple Pencil and iPad! Though I rarely used it due to the gloss screen not feeling very natural to write on. So I stumbled upon the paper like screen protectors. I am very impressed about this option! Even with years of installing screen protectors I still get nervous about the process. No lie this was the easiest I have done yet. It was very thoughtful. Now my iPad really feels like writing with a pencil for drawing and notes. On top of that it repels finger prints as a bonus.

MPow H17 Noise Cancelling

I was looking for a set of headphones that fit over the ear with ANC as well. This set of headphones fit the bill with a great price as well. The fit my full ear inside the soft, padded cups. Even the top headband has cushioning for a comfortable fit. The music sounds great with nice bass. The ANC makes a difference to reduce background noise even if you are not listening to music at the time wanting silence to work with out distraction.

RavPower 15000mah Battery Pack

I made the purchased of this battery as a follow to a RavPower battery I had. I am even more impressed with this model than I was the first. The slim design makes it easy to slide into my backpack or pocket. The USB-C PD is now a requirement for any battery I buy going forward. This battery is a quality build. It is very solid and I imagine will take daily use with ease!

Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter for Switch

I love that my Switch gives me console games while on the go. Though I was surprised to learn that Bluetooth was not build in. I have researched many the other adapters that are available but was not pleased with their size. This Bluetooth adapter is so small it can be left in until you are ready to charge again. No more carrying a corded pair of headphones just for my switch. I can now use the same pair for both my phone and Switch! A great buy!