iPhone Xr Video Review Round-up

October 29, 2018 Brian 0

Reviews seem very positive for the new iPhone Xr. Since the device has been out Friday, and embargo’s lifted Thursday, videos have been popping up all over. iJustine The Verge Jonathan Morrison MacRumors CNET MobileTechReview Cult of Mac DetroitBORG Engadget 9to5Mac Rene Ritchie UrAverageConsumer Dave Lee

Review: Venture Kid for iOS

July 19, 2018 Brian 0

Venture Kid for iOS released on January 13th, and I am already blown away. As a younger lad, and even to this day, I have always been a fan of the Mega Man franchise. The 2D play forming style with run and gun shooting was more entertaining to me than (Continue reading.)

Review: Logitech Create for iPad Pro

July 19, 2018 Brian 0

Unfortunately, in this world we live in accidents happen far to often. So reluctantly, I must carry all of my devices in a case. This is no exception for my iPad Pro I was recently gifted from my amazing wife this holiday season. My mission before it arrived was clear: (Continue reading.)