Apple makes changes to Watch band line up

August 21, 2018 Brian 0

Rumors have been coming in from all corners about Apple’s new Watch that is predicted to come. Another signal has been raised when Reddit user ScaniaCB80 notices several different Apple Watch bands are missing. Apple will update bands from time to time, normally in the fall and spring. Of the (Continue reading.)

Mac Mini could go Pro

August 21, 2018 Brian 0

Since 2014 it has not been touched by Apple. It has been forgotten. Lost in the shuffle of iPads, Watches and MacBooks the Mac Mini is still made but pushed on the back shelf. The Mac Mini is Apple’s small desktop computer that ships without a monitor. It only comes (Continue reading.)

Filings show six new Apple Watch models

August 20, 2018 Brian 0

It appears that Apple will have six new Apple Watch models this year when it comes time to release them. Mashable is reporting that the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission), which was noticed first by Consomac, a total of six watches. The models are listed as A1975, A1976, A1977, A1978, A2007 (Continue reading.)

Hackers find VR code hidden in Nintendo Switch

August 17, 2018 Brian 0

Hackers will find anything buried in device code. No secrets remain there. This goes back to the earliest days in Nintendo Entertainment System where hidden character sprites could be found that were unused. In 2017 a “VrMode” was discovered in the Switch OS’ Applet Manager during a review of the (Continue reading.)

Someone fix the sink: Leaks galore over the weekend

July 31, 2018 Brian 0

How do you feel about when internet people take often privileged information then share it with the world? No, not out of the Trump admission but with device manufacturers. None of this information has come from myself simply just shared from various sites. This weekend was a waterfall of information (Continue reading.)