Android is killing Snapchat

October 26, 2018 Brian 0

Snapchat has been losing users. This quarter was no exception with 2 million daily users lost. The problem Snapchat states is Android users. Snapchat has been working on the new version for over a year now it claimed. Yet, users have yet to see an updated version for public user. (Continue reading.)

Google+ shutting down to hide data leak

October 9, 2018 Brian 0

The butt of social media jokes, Google+ is dead. Though not for the reason you most likely think surprisingly. The Wall Street Journal reports that from 2015-2018 a security flaw caused wandering eyes to view user’s sensitive information. The unfortunate part is Google ignored the issue with the idea of (Continue reading.)

Facebook pulls Onavo VPN from AppStore

August 23, 2018 Brian 0

Facebook has removed it’s VPN service Onavo from Apple’s AppStore. This comes after a meeting between the two giants regarding how the app retains user information. Apple had updated these guidelines for collection in a June update. Onavo is a service Facebook provided that would steer users away from malicious (Continue reading.)

Snapchat code leaks from update

August 8, 2018 Brian 0

Back in May a snippet of source code from Snapchat was leaked from an update. Now fast forward to August where it has been posted to the code repository GitHub. Though sadly, and quickly, it was removed via a DMCA request. The language used in the take down request reads (Continue reading.) resurrected as Tik Tok over night

August 2, 2018 Brian 0

Was your teenage kid in a foul mood this morning? If so, I might know the reason why., the lip sync application, with 100 million active users has now been rebranded and absorbed as Tik Tok. The features are still there, but now blended in with the Tik (Continue reading.)