Beta Players Show Off Mario Kart Tour for Mobile

May 22, 2019 Brian 0

Super Mario Run was the first time the famed plumber hit the mobile screen. It has been followed by other Nintendo titles like Fire Emblem Hero’s and Animal Crossing. Beta play looks to pull elements from the past Mario Kart versions. MacRumors states they are resurrected from the original Mario (Continue reading.)

Google introduces Stadia

March 19, 2019 Brian 0

This week has been a big week for out of the normal updates. So far Apple has made two changes to their iMac and iPad lines. Though not to be out done Google has introduced Stadia today. Stadia will be released sometime in 2019 as Google’s first jump into gaming. (Continue reading.)

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Wish a Happy 19th Birthday to the PlayStation 2

March 4, 2019 Brian 0

Time does fly doesn’t it? Today marks the 19th Birthday for the Sony PlayStation 2. Released in 2000 it has become the world’s most popular video game system to date selling 155 million units. The second generation PlayStation was released to go head to head with Game Cube, Dreamcast, and (Continue reading.)

Sony ends PlayStation 2 service program

September 4, 2018 Brian 0

You have read that correctly. After eighteen years since it was released Sony has ended their official repair support for the PlayStation 2. The world’s most popular console will have no shortage of repair parts with selling over 120 million units. Though you will have to be brave enough to (Continue reading.)