Coral and Blue May Be Out for Next Gen iPhone XR

May 11, 2019 Brian 0

This time of year is always fun for Apple fans. Rumors and leaks are everywhere online. Many of them will miss the mark on being correct, others of course the opposite. MacOtakara is a Japanese site that is connected with the Asian manufacturing supply chain. Their information can be correct (Continue reading.)

iPhone XR Gets Official Apple Case Finally

December 5, 2018 Brian 0

The iPhone XR has been out since September, but has yet to have an official case. Since the iPhone 4 cases have come along side the release of a new device. Their first form was a simple,outside bumper around the frame. Generations have passed with their quality improving also. Yet, (Continue reading.)

iPhone Xr Video Review Round-up

October 29, 2018 Brian 0

Reviews seem very positive for the new iPhone Xr. Since the device has been out Friday, and embargo’s lifted Thursday, videos have been popping up all over. iJustine The Verge Jonathan Morrison MacRumors CNET MobileTechReview Cult of Mac DetroitBORG Engadget 9to5Mac Rene Ritchie UrAverageConsumer Dave Lee

iPhone Xr will have an Apple Clear Case

October 12, 2018 Brian 0

When the colorful iPhone 5c came out Apple released a set of cases to match. They were not the most popular Apple accessory though. Each case had a set of holes to show off the actual phone color. At best they could be compared to a pair of Crocs. A (Continue reading.)