The Case For Why Tom Brady does not still use an iPhone 6 Plus


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback posted a photo from his car dashboard display on Saturday showing the steamy 99-degree temperature. But the car monitor’s connection to “Tom Brady’s iPhone 6+” earned a collective online gasp that the NFL superstar would still be using a six-year-old phone.


Twitter seems a buzz regarding the fact that Tom Brady is still using an iPhone 6 Plus. Andrew Luck was known for only using a flip phone. Could it be the case for Tom too? I personally love these discussions. Seeing a device used incorrectly in a movie always makes me laugh. It is a silly obsession but it is who I am.

Though I am going to say this is not the case and the six time Super Bowl winner has updated since then. First is the knowledge that this started with a screenshot from Snapchat of his car stereo with the device name “Brady’s iPhone 6+”.


Which has most likely carried over from a previous backup. It could be changed to honestly anything he would want it to be under Settings > About > Name right at the top. Also it has been entered manually because Apple official Technical Specifications names it as iPhone 6 Plus.

Next for the evidence files are the two following photos. First is of Tom at an event holding a device taking a photo. It shows the two camera design on the back first starting with the iPhone 7 Plus. It could also possibly be an iPhone 8 Plus, though less likely because it does not appear to be glossy like the black back has. (This post also sparked my whole jumping down the rabbit hole on the subject too. The article image isn’t even a iPhone 6 Plus.)

Here is another photo regarding Tom holding an iPhone with a much wider camera hole. I’d beg to guess this is the most recent iPhone 11.

Lastly, has Tom Brady gotten a new phone since the iPhone 6 Plus came out in September of 2014? Absolutely! Remember during deflategate Tom stated to the commissioner that he regularly destroys his phone for security. So this is either a regular practice of breaking phones where he can’t still have a stockpile of old devices or a short term excuse for that moment of pressure.

All in all Tom Brady has upgraded since his iPhone 6 Plus. Could this be entirely incorrect and he still is relying on ol’ trusty? Possibly. (He’s not.) Though this is my evidence against the matter from a guy who has spent a lot of time with phones. (And to much time on his hands at the moment.)

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