The iPhone 9/SE is Right Around the Corner with Three Colors and Storage options

It has yet to be confirmed but 9to5Mac states the name will be iPhone SE 2020.

Since Apple released the iPhone SE in 2016 it has been discussed ever since when the new version will be released. It seems after four years it will be happening soon.

In their post 9to5Mac says the new device will be names iPhone SE with the hardware being designated as a 2020 version. The entire naming structure has been a mess personally every year since the release of the original iPhone. Regardless of name it will feature the same body of the iPhone 6/7/8 with the 4.7” screen. Sadly this may displease those that have been waiting for a smaller 4” screen version. Though with the tooling already setup for the 4.7” going backward in size was not probable. The outside will look similar though the internals will be upgraded to the same A13 CPU as the current iPhone 11 series.

The iPhone SE will come in three colors: black, white and Product (Red). This count is down from the previous iPhone SE which had black, white, gold and the new for the time rose gold. Storage will feature three sizes of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Three storage options are surprising as the iPhone 8 only came in sizes of 64GB or 256GB when it was first released. The iPhone 6/7/8 all featured 3D Touch which was removed with the iPhone 11 in favor of press and hold gestures rather than hard pressing for more options. 9to5Mac states the removal of 3D Touch will lead to an increase in battery life.

Inside the 9to5Mac article it also gives what cases Apple will have for the iPhone SE. These will be in Midnight Blue, Black, and Red leather with black and white silicone. These are fewer options than what is offered for current and past phones from Apple.

Two important questions always come up with a device. When can I get it? How much will it cost? 9to5Mac states they have sources stating the iPhone merchandise has been slated for display on Sunday. So it will be soon. Much like the new iPad Pro, I suspect this release will be in a similar quite fashion. The famous Apple supply leaker Ming-Chi Kuo stated last fall Apple will be cutting back pricing to start with $399 for the 64GB opening storage.

Has the iPhone SE been on your buy list? Are you disappointed by Apple not releasing a small 4” screen option?

As with any new Apple announcement check back to the site for more information when the iPhone SE goes live. I will bring you the break down as soon as it becomes public.

Source: 9to5Mac