Wish a Happy 19th Birthday to the PlayStation 2

Time does fly doesn’t it? Today marks the 19th Birthday for the Sony PlayStation 2. Released in 2000 it has become the world’s most popular video game system to date selling 155 million units. The second generation PlayStation was released to go head to head with Game Cube, Dreamcast, and Xbox. It received a refresh in 2004 that drastically reduced its size.

With 3,874 games released it has a collection with something for everyone. The expansive collection set the stage for many franchises we still play today. That includes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that sold 17.3 million game copies. What is not discussed enough is the backwards compatibility inside the PlayStation 2 to return to PlayStation games.

The PlayStation was ahead of its time. It featured online access, the ability to add an external hard drive, motion cameras. It ran like a champion should even though the service was discontinued by Sony in late 2018.

Raise a glass for the PlayStation 2. A true gaming legend.