YouTube looks to take on TikTok with “Shorts”

The battle over short video has heated up

If you have been stuck at home with teenage kids you are well aware of TikTok. The social network has grown in popularity after the fall of the short content network Vine. TikTok allows for videos up to 60 seconds to be posted, most use prerecorded background audio of songs or memes.

TikTok has seen growth of 125% over the past two years. It also has seen 842 million first time downloads in both the AppStore and Play Store. So needless to say other companies will be looking to follow the format. YouTube is one name on that list the Information reports in recent reporting. Their new offering is rumored to be named Shorts playing off the reduced content length.

It should come to no surprise that the leading name in video uploads is looking to expand that content into smaller portions. YouTube has also tried to match other social network features in the past. Right now on YouTube’s site and app you can see their version of Instagram Stories in between videos on the home feed. Which Instagram pulled the feature over from Snapchat. Even Facebook has Lasso which is their variant of TikTok. Good ideas spread quickly it seems.

One benefit that will help YouTube with their new endeavor will be their existing 2 billion active monthly users. Inside that user base will be big name YouTubers to assist in the push as well. Are you ready for another video service?

Via The Verge from The Information