Seven Things I want from iPhone 7

This was written on September 6th after the even I have notated actual changes with italic.

Oh man, this place is dusty. It has been several months since I have posted on here. Yet, here I have returned.

Tomorrow is September 7th, 2016 which means it is time for Apple’s See you on the 7th event. Of course, this will be the event where Tim Cook and team reveal the next generation of iPhone. I figured the night before would be a great time to put my two cents in on what I hope the event will show us.

Here we go:

1. Improved front camera 1080p 60fps – With the new apparent camera improvements there is no reason why the front facing camera cannnot be bumped up to 1080p resolution from the current 720p. Vloggers would go nuts for the bumps making the iPhone an ultimate video device.

*Bingo* Apple has improved the iPhone 7 to include a 7MP front facing camera that records at 1080p though no mention as of yet of the frames per second.

2. Apple Pencil support – The Apple Pencil would be an amazing addition to combat Samsungs explosive release on the Note 7 with the ability to create even more while on the go. Perfect for notes or pocket sketches. RIP Moleskine

Not a new feature. Strike one!

3. Water proof – It would drastically help creatives with the ability to create content in any condition, this includes rain. No special cases that reduce audio quality. Nothing causing the screen to be less responsive with layers of plastic on the top.

Apple rated the iPhone 7 as IP67 under IEC standards 60529 which means in English Ingress Protection for 6 rating of solids protections (highest dust resistance) and 8 for water between 15cm and 1 meter depth.

4. 128gb middle storage – Apple releasing devices with 16GB of storage should be dead. Even with a few basic apps 16GB becomes full to quickly. It is a poor user experience when devices cost as much as they do currently. Now the 128GB being the middle ground is perfection. Yes it is to much for most users but that is perfect. Now storage space is no longer a concern when it is time to record a family function they don’t want to forget.

Revealed as 32Gb, 128GB and 256GB

5. Flat black – I see the rumors of a new colors coming with a flat black and piano black killing Space Grey. Gloss black looks amazing though I know I would be constantly cleaning it with my shirt to remove smudges. Flat black is perfect in my book.

Features new color of Jet Black (Gloss) and new black which is flat black I wanted released. Space Grey is dead.

6. Better battery life – I have no complaints with the battery life in my current iPhone 6s Plus. That being said it would be great to make it on the days where I have used my device more to come back with a bit more left in the tank.

iPhone 7 is improved two hours and iPhone 7 + is one hour. I’ll take this as a win.

7. Improved camera with depth of field control – I tweeted earlier last week if Apple adds this feature bokeh will then rule the land.  Adding the ability to control depth of field will allow Apple to challenge the large appeal of using a DSLR camera, bokeh. Bokeh is the blurry background effect being a central focus point in a photo. Instagram better brace for the flood.

This is the new feature for the iPhone 7+ dual camera with depth of field and 2x optical zoom then 10x digital zoom. Also RAW photos are now an option for those wanting untouched images.

What do I think of the removal of the headphone jack as rumored by many? Meh. Does not bother me at all currently. I use Bluetooth for listening to music or podcasts. In the car I use the dock connector for charging and music currently as it is. My headphone jack is rarely used anymore. If it is the last thing standing in the way from a thinner iPhone then it can go. I am sure there will be a solution for those wish to still regularly use their 3.5mm hole.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. I really want to hear your opinion.

I am super impressed with the new offerings Apple has revealed today. (Of course!) Now comes the nerves part of waiting for a new phone to get in my hands!

Review: Venture Kid for iOS

Venture Kid for iOS released on January 13th, and I am already blown away. As a younger lad, and even to this day, I have always been a fan of the Mega Man franchise. The 2D play forming style with run and gun shooting was more entertaining to me than the stomping on enemies of a certain Italian Plumber. As time has gone on, simple platforming has become a lost art of game play in favor of more sophisticated games. Time also has caused me to not be as active in the game playing universe. I was also passed up with the countless systems that have been released. Now any games I play are casual ones on my cell phone.

Enter Venture Kid. (I would have a booming echo if it was easily applied to the text you are reading.) I appreciate the work that FDG Mobile Games has put into this release for iOS. With the most respect I do not mean to have the game overshadowed by Mega Man comparisons, but the number of resemblances are striking. Your hero plays through different levels defeating enemies as the game progresses then getting upgraded weapons when you defeat the end stage boss. There are power ups along the way to raise health, refill weapon ammo, and collect currency to purchase extra boosts. Each level has a theme with the first three being: forest, city and desert. Pretty similar styles of games? Without a doubt.

Though here is what has me excited for Venture Kid. The game controls are smooth. Easy to play without having to contort your fingers to tap on screen buttons. Other similar games, even the ported to portable Mega Man series, do not play anywhere as easily as Adventure Kid does on a touch screen. In the screen shot above you will see how simple they are, right and left controls for movement, B to shoot, and A to jump. I recommend other game developers take a look at how this game operates for how to manage their controls. With the input being very responsive it means you don’t have to think ahead to how you will clear a section of the level. I am very impressed with Venture Kid’s take on action platforming on a touch screen.

Venture Kid is $1.99 right now in the Apple AppStore. There are in app purchases available though optional to experience enjoyable. I hope that this game just grows with time with more levels to play.

Venture Kid in the AppStore

Review: Logitech Create for iPad Pro 12.9″

Unfortunately in this world we live in accidents happen far to often. So reluctantly, I must carry all of my devices in a case. This is no exception for my iPad Pro I was recently gifted from my amazing wife this holiday season. My mission before it arrived was clear: Find a case to protect my new Apple baby.

As an Apple fan, I prefer to keep my iPhones and iPads in their respective protection that their home company offers. I was disappointed to discover Apple did not offer the iPad Pro in a leather Smart Case I have used in the past.  I was presented with a silicone back cover in either black or white with a Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard to protect the screen when closed. I have used the Smart Cover before with my original iPad Mini just to find the back Slate color significantly scratched after time. The silicone back case did not peek my interest unfortunately due to it being the similar version for my iPhone 6 Plus with tearing forming quickly around the Lightening port and always fighting with dust sticking to the outside. I thought the new Keyboard case was intriguing yet daily I did not have a need for it. So my mission had to look else where for a solution.

Google searches came up with the usual sleeves and tough cases which do not fit my style. Continuing my mission for protection I ran across the Logitech Create Keyboard which was featured on a number of sites due to its Smart Connector usage.

Enter the Logitech Create for the iPad Pro.

This is the same frame of the Create case Logitech offers just without the Smart Connector keyboard installed. It features an AnyAngle Stand that is a hinge to keep the iPad Pro in the angle you intend without it slipping and falling down. The angled hinge is great for watching videos and lowers down to an angle for typing with the on screen keyboard. The front cover of the case activates the auto on/off features of the iPad when closed saving battery life. Materials it has been made of are important for durability with the Create being covered in a woven premium fabric to ward off any liquids that may be spilled on it while exposed in the world. Naturally, bumps are prevented by the surrounding case covering the edges. All usable aspects of the iPad Pro are still functional with access to charging, headphones, speakers, and volume keys built into the Create. You have four color options for the Create: Classic Red on Gold, Classic Blue on Silver, Iris on Black and what I selected Black on Black. The retail price for this protection is $79.99 currently from Logitech.
With using the Logitech Create I have enjoyed the case. It protects my iPad while it is carried in my backpack from scratches to the it’s body and glass.  The hinge built into the back is a great feature to keep it where I want it to be angled depending on my task at the moment. I was afraid at first of the limits the hinge would have at lower angles though after a small prayer I pushed it down to where it would be usable for typing. My worries were casted aside as it went lower without any issue. The Create case is made with high quality materials that feel great in my hand with the body lines all matching up around the device. I have yet to spill anything on my iPad, and hope I never do, but the materials feel comparable to fabrics I have felt that will any deflect liquid away. The build quality is completely established from Logitech in the the Create.
I am very impressed with using it with the exception of a few minor items. Typing for a long period of time at the reclined angle causes for the iPad to bounce, so long documents may become tedious. I did discover that patience is key for getting my iPad installed. It was difficult for myself to align both sides to correctly fit in. The case installation is not a outstanding issue though as it has not left the case since it arrived. In regards to fit the volume buttons can take practice to hit exactly through the side of the Create. This is due to the case having two nubs where it meets the actual buttons that seem to miss their mark occasionally and require another press to adjust the volume.
Would I recommend the Logitech Create to protect your new iPad Pro? Yes I would. It does a great job of keeping your iPad Pro out of harm’s way. It is priced fairly with regards to Apple’s offerings of compatible protection as a complete unit. The Create offers function for what the iPad Pro is designed to do with light typing use and stands tall for easy content viewing.

The Logitech Create is available now for your iPad Pro directly here for $79.99.

Is 2016 the Year of Snapchat?

With a new year and new trends always emerge. Friendster gave to MySpace that turned into Facebook then evolved into Twitter as the space for social sharing on the Internet. It may not be the newest network on line being around for four years it is certainly gaining momentum since the holiday season ended.
Where is the new traffic coming from? The evolution of the demographic that uses the service. Normally, known for being used by those in college or younger, for better or worse reasons, Snapchat is now gaining popularity with those in the 25 and up age range. Many of these individuals are in the entrepreneurial segment wanting to connect with their audience directly via photos and videos than blasting their words on a Twitter page. Facebook has been taken over with meme based content that is just shared time and again which is losing its appeal for making a lasting impression.

Where has the popularity come from? Everyone has different reasons which run the scale as to why. I will give my personal reasoning. First, I have had an account for a few years though have never really found a need in posting photos that disappear. I have always wanted a log of photos I have shared online. I found it entertaining to see how others have used it daily. Often, I thought some went over board with using it. New features were added over time to add more utility to the platform. I began the deeper dive into it after seeing the unique motivational style of posts DJ Khaled. His post did not fully appeal to my taste so they became short lived for my interests. My attention was trapped again when Gary Vaynerchuk put his momentum into Snapchat. His attention to connecting by being so genuine to his audience gained my attention back to Snapchat. Have I fully gone all in to snapping 2016, not yet though I am getting there. I have never been a selfie person so I comfortable with putting my face out there. I will definitely say I have done more than ever before in this short time period of 2016.
Here is why 2016 to me is the year of Snapchat:

Personal connections via Snapchat are able to be made quickly via several different methods. Believe a person would prefer a text conversation. Do it. Think they want a simple photo with filter and writing on it? Get it done. Video chat a personalized message saying, “Thank you”. You are covered. Snapchat gives you this flexibility.

You must grow your network organically. You must either add friends to the network via username, address book, Snapcode or the nearby feature. So there is some hussle involed in getting your network setup. There is no auto invite feature for connecting it with an existing social network. You have to get your Snapcode out into the world by networking legitimately with people. Someone must find value enough in your content to be willing to put that effort in.

Snapchats are more candid that most other social networking platforms. No real editing can go into one. Yes, you can line up a photo perfectly but it will be gone in a day. No editing a video in iMovie before posting it. There are filters though nothing as elaborate as Instagram. Quick and efficent. Having fun with little risk of it being permanent allows for you to experiment with creating your own style.

Targeted messages for those that you wish to reach.