• Finished Super Mario Bros 3 last night via the Super Mario Advance 4 version for Switch Online. I just put it like this for how silly sounding it is.

    Not a big feat but, it was a fun play through again of all three original games. 🎮🕹️

  • The Mario Bros Have a Working Phone Number

    It does work. I tried for science.

  • Continuing my Super Mario Bros play through. Number 2 is off the list!

    Woke non-damsel in distress Peach doing the heavy lifting this round.


  • In honor of the new Super Mario Bros Movie I am playing through the first three games. First is done.

    ✅ 🎮

  • Took the oldest to see Super Mario Bros The Movie not because I was expecting a cinema master piece.

    But to make it up to my younger self who only got the turd 1993 Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo movie growing up. 🎮

  • Wait… Breathe of the Wild is a Wii U game?

    Tears of the Kingdom will be the first Switch exclusive on the six year old system.

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last Nintendo game for Wii U

  • My Nintendo Platinum Point and Gold Point Coins Pin Set

    I am a sucker for exclusive sets like these.

  • I am beyond guilty of this…


  • 🎮 Fun fact: Of the original Mario games for NES, Mario only has one adventure.

    Super Mario Bros

    Super Mario Bros 2 - A Dream

    Super Mario Bros 3 - A Play