Vernissage for #PixelFed

Now supports browsing for iPad.

One day I hope to grow up and have a stash as cool as Pete’s from #Goose.


Backyard 🦉

In the #Eggy way back machine today

Eggy - 2/6/22 - Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI

Listen here.

(Yea I’m gonna say 2022 was way back. Feels like a lifetime ago…)

Feds accuse Sen. Menendez of taking gold, car and cash for favors

As a Democratic vote I say good.

If they broke the law there should be consequences like anyone else.

That’s the difference. I won’t make excuses for poor behavior simply because of party affiliation.

I will admit to you brothers and sisters:

I am having a bit of iPhone FOMO today. 📱

I feel silly not using the iOS emoji wallpaper before as a makeshift Fishman donut. #Phish


Can I just be done with today? Been a long one at just 2pm. Ready for a nap that won’t happen.


If you are a #Mona user check out this account for new themes!

ChaMona Themes

This thread are some great ones. Currently, I am using Fiery for light/dark combo.

Did the #Facebook iOS app change to a darker blue today?

#Goose is not my normal first pick. Though this set is a killer IMO. Has been stuck in my head all week.

Goose - 9/16/23 - Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

Listen here

Setlist: T&NR, The Whales, Wysteria Lane, Electric Ave, Red Bird

Interesting to see ads(?) for #Threads in my Instagram timeline.

If you are on an iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max on #iOS17, you may want to check out HEIF Max. Allows the main camera to capture 48MP photos with smaller file sizes than ProRAW Max. Certainly going to see how it works out for myself.

Find it here: Settings > Camera > Formats > Photo Capture > Pro Default > HEIF Max

One final update - HomePods

📺 Barry (2018) - ★★★★★

Barry poster

Regret it took me this long to watch Barry. I love the combination of comedy/drama. Sometimes off the wall goofy then peg to the other side of serious.

Season 2 Episode 5 - ron/lilly is one of the funniest things I have seen in my life.

People often overlook what we were working with at the time it was released.

Imagine a 30pin today. MicroUSB? MiniUSB?

Lightning changed the game.

RIP sweet prince.

Lightning was great, actually

Jumping on a trend here for iPhone 15 Preorders 📱

Apple Watch History: Series 0 Series 2 Series 4 Series 7 Ultra

iPhone History: (15 will be the first skipped) iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5s iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 7 Plus iPhone X iPhone XS Max iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 13 Pro 14 Pro Max

iPad History: iPad iPad 2 iPad mini iPad mini 2 Air Air 2 iPad Pro 12.9” iPad Pro 2018 11” (GOAT 🐐)

Mac: MacBook Pro 13” mid-2010 MacBook Air 11” 2011

Is there a term for when you’re stuck on a section in a video game for a full week, then put it down for a few days, only to finish it first pick up without hesitation when you return?

Asking for a myself.

Let’s check in at AT&T for how the #iPhone15 preorders are looking.

Oh god…

Screen showing iPhone 14 Pro not 15