Does anyone else edit/trim screenshots so they look better? Or just me?

Happy #MemorialDay weekend Have fun! Be safe!

Ready to ride

Who knew a Toyota Camry has the same bolt patterns as a…forklift?

Matt Gaetz Openly Confirms Republicans See US Economy as ‘Our Hostage’

Again saying the quiet part outloud with zero consequences.

Pooch on a porch 🐶

Watching a new show with my wife.

Her: He must be important they’re spending a lot of time him.

Me: Tell that to Rob Stark. 😇

Love this new, little section change on this 12 Pounds of Pain. Regret missing theses shows but just poor timing to go.

#Eggy - 12 Pounds of Pain - 5/5/23 The Basement, Nashville, TN

Listen here.

Love an early morning ‘Necessary Evil’

#Eggy - Necessary Evil - 5/5/23 Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC

Listen here

Ever lose a follower and say, “Dang. I wonder what I did?”

A Sunday yard work photo dumb - With a new turtle friend

It should be a cardinal office sin to send a screenshot of an Excel sheet. What am I to do with this? Can’t edit. Can’t copy information off of it. Lord, it’s maddening!

Went to dinner with the lady tonight. Before we stopped at a vendor mall (“antiques” aka junk). Though left super excited! Found three new stickers for the water bottle. (All three for $2.25)

  1. Race car sloth - just cool
  2. Unintentional #Phish #Grogu - got me excited to keep looking
  3. Unintentional #Eggy Onisjka Tiger - it came from the shoes but made me super happy! Deal of the night.

🚨 Attention #Eggy friends 🚨

Fresh new music is up on for the weekend!

Since iOS 16.5 is now out. Time to update to the new Pride wallpaper!

#iOS #Wallpaper #Pride #screenshot #homescreen

#iOS 16.5 is out!

This is great. I have never heard it before until yesterday on Sirius. Album is so smooth.

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Jerry Garcia/David Grisman

Makes me upset for 30db (Brendan Bayliss and Jeff Austin) weren’t able to put out more music.

Listen here

Do I enjoy #TearsoftheKingdom?


Does it stress me out feeling stuck more than I should?

Yes. Holy crap it’s anxiety inducing. I feel lost so often with no where to go. 😵‍💫 I finished the third shine, took a wrong turn, then went down the mountain. Guess who has to go back up the hill…?

You’re right…it’s me.