A promotional photo for a musical performance featuring a bass guitarist on stage, with the text “Eggy” at the top, and information about the venue “The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS” and the date “4.10.24”

Good morning! 🌞

Another gem from 4/10/24 in Lawrence, Kansas - A 23:28 Farthest Step is a dance party with teases thrown in for Star Wars fans and Barabajagal by Donovan.

Listen here

Concert poster of the band Eggy performing at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, on April 12, 2024. Features a photograph of band members playing on stage with colorful stage lighting.

#Eggy - Today and Tomorrow - 4/12/24 - The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Love the ending of Today and Tomorrow! Really pretty return to Earth in this medley with Tomorrow Never Knows.

Listen here

You react to ONE Andy Frasco video now my whole feed is for nitrous. 🙄

A man with tattoos on his arms holding a canister labeled “INFUSION XLS™” with a nozzle attachment, indicating the product is possibly a sort of flavored gas for tanks, accompanied by text promoting a discount.

A promotional photo for a musical performance featuring a bass guitarist on stage, with the text “Eggy” at the top, and information about the venue “The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS” and the date “4.10.24”

#Eggy - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - 4/10/24 The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS

If you were a big fan of the Ardmore Feral Backyard Bear this one is up your alley too.

Dark. Low. Alex pounding away like a caveman with little cymbals. Dani has phasers set to stun.

Listen here

Of the new #Umphreys songs Hiccup is on the top of my list. This version has an uncommon jam with it too for an extra bonus.

Watch Hiccup 2/17/24 Philadelphia, PA here


I dunno what it is about Thursday lately but it has kicked my butt at work! 😰


The Delta emulator is going to be nice! Already went to find my iOS controller!

A promotional image for a music performance by a band named Eggy at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO, on April 12, 2024. The image shows two musicians on stage with guitars, microphones, and amplifiers, lit by

New #Eggy music from Fridays stream on Nugs!

Was a late night but worth it! 🥱

Unique medley of Today and Tomorrow into Tomorrow Never Knows back to Today and Tomorrow. Nice to see the Purim covers begin to make their way in the mix!

Big Boom or Bust with the Golden Gate Dancer encore that were both dance parties.

Listen here

Azaleas and bee butts outside on a #silentSunday.

A close-up of vibrant pink azalea flowers in bloom with a soft-focus background of greenery and a bright, sunlit setting.

A bumblebee on pink azalea flowers with green foliage in the background.

A bumblebee on a bright pink azalea flower with green leaves in the background.

#Eggy 4/12/24 - Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Set 1: Last of Kin, Atomic Age, Backyard Bear > Sweaters for Strawmen, Today and Tomorrow > Tomorow Never Knows* >Today and Tomorrow

Set 2: Apology

  • Beatles cover

Also to note all of set 1 will be in Nugs. There were no “unreleased” songs

A promotional band poster featuring the band “Eggy” onstage with musical instruments, illuminated by stage lights, for a Mental Awakening event in Atlanta, GA on 4.6.24.

Fresh Eggs in the carton!

#Eggy - 4/6/24 from Mental Awakening in Atlanta, GA is up on Nugs!

Also Night one of the #Goose Cap run is up too for those waiting!

Looking for some games to play this weekend on #Nintendo #Switch?

Two of my favorites are on sale this week.

Spelunky for $4.99

Spelunky 2 for $9.99

A notification on a smartphone screen from “Eyewitness News” with the text “BREAKING: Pope named UK head men’s basketball coach.

Times are really tough if the Pope is picking up a second gig as an NCAA basketball coach.

A screenshot displaying a setlist for a performance by the band EGGY on April 10, 2024, at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS, USA. The setlist includes various song titles such as “Come Up Slow” and

Setlist from last night in Lawrence, Kansas. I was unaware this was just a one set show. Though looks like a long one!

Interested in the Tangerine Tree teases (Eggy and The Delegates). Never heard it before. Per Al W and Michael Rothschild the Delegates is the original band name circa 2011; Dani Battat, Jake Brownstein, Cory Shea, Gabe Nudel and Adam Soltis.

It’s official #Eggy stream for Friday night (4/12) on Nugs from the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO with Neighbor.

Promotional flyer for a livestream concert featuring the band Eggy with Neighbor at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO on April 12, 2024, at 9:00 PM, exclusive to subscribers. There is a photor

With Fallout releasing earlier tonight I just want to say:

With all of the other collection games (GTA, Boarderlands, Bioshock, MGS) it’s criminal that the #Nintendo #Switch has yet to get the Fallout games.

Promotional artwork for the video game “Fallout” featuring various characters, including a man in armor, a woman in a blue jumpsuit holding a gun and shielding her eyes, a dog, and a person in a hat in the background, set

Devs please do not fall of this again. It’s a matter of time before they pull the rug out again from under you.

Meta shares more details on Threads API ahead of June release

My favorite #Eclipse was the GSX naturally. I’ve always preferred an AWD car. Though any of the DSM variants are nice.

A white Mitsubishi Eclipse sports car parked on a suburban street with a large house and trees in the background.

A road curving to the right with vehicles in the distance and a faint rainbow appearing in the partial cloud cover against a blue sky.


Weather service: April 2 tornado outbreak was biggest here in more than a decade

Just a casual seventeen tornados in a single day last week in my area…

Took a photo of my head laying on our old man Goldendoodle.

Which do you think is mine? A or B?

Close-up of curly, dark fur with sections labeled A and B.

How are things going in my town being in the path of totality for the #eclipse?

80,000 extra people and prices went through the roof.

A screenshot of a hotel booking page for Holiday Inn Express Henderson N Evansville South, an IHG Hotel showing a room with two beds, a rating of 8.4 labeled “Very Good,” 192 reviews, and only one room left at

A screenshot displaying information about a Marathon gas station, including its logo, a four-star rating with 41 reviews, its address at 4055 Grimm Rd, Newburgh, IN, and a price update showing $3.69 for gas reported by

Weather forecast application interface showing conditions for Saturday, April 6, 2024, with a high of 59°F, a low of 33°F, clear skies, and hourly temperature progression graph.

I’m thankful for this cold snap for this evening. Think my wasps were frozen out. Saw a few out struggling when I mowed.

At least I hope.

Instagram makes more money from ads than YouTube does, and it has for years - The Verge

At $32.4 billion for 2021 alone, that’s even more than YouTube, which pulled in $28.8 billion in the same year

Good for them….

New York AG Questions if $175 Million Bond Insurer Can Save Trump

In a midday court filing, the Knight Speciality Insurance Company revealed that it currently only has $138 million in “surplus.” That means the bond it has decided to post for Trump smashes through the 10 percent barrier, topping a whopping 127 percent of the company’s dedicated reserves.