Threads API coming in June

It is encouraging to see them open an API with upcoming federation.

Though on the other hand: Ah heck. Here we go again…

Borderlands Legendary Collection is on sale for #Nintendo #Switch for $9.99.

Not a new sale by any means. Though is a heck of a lot of game for $10.

If you think this set looks crazy on paper. It is crazier to listen to.

Back and forth with up and down mixed in.

#Eggy - 2/22/24 - Proud Larry’s, Oxford, MS

Listen here

Alright team!

We got this. Just have to push through the day.

Twitter is becoming a ‘ghost town’ of bots as AI-generated spam content floods the internet

_ “It’s hard to remove Twitter bots from Twitter because Twitter is mostly bot."_

So what keeps people there still? It is mind boggling how someone would rationalize staying.

Here’s a Switch 2 idea. Take it for free.

When new icons become available let me just download them all in one swoop. It’s tedious to click through them all. Please. Thanks. 👍🏻

#Nintendo Releases Nee Earthbound Beginnings #Switch Online Icons

The image shows a graphic design with the text “Eggy Cover Originals” overlaying a background consisting of white and light blue curved lines creating a three-dimensional wave effect. The design is enclosed within a rounded rectangle shape.

Made a quick playlist today on Apple Music of the original songs #Eggy covers. (Though I did not include Dead/JGB covers since many know those already.)

Eggy Cover Originals

Nice little write up about the two shows last week.

#Eggy Conquers the Mid-South__

A sign of the times. This is the third local brush fire incident in this past week. It is way to dry already in the year. Today was 75° breaking the highest temp ever locally. #ClimateChange

Social media post from EvansvilleWatch reporting several brush/grass fires, advising against burning due to very dry conditions and gusty winds, with hashtags #tristatewx and #ewatch. The service is powered by K & W Premier Heating and

Stardew Valley is on sale for #Nintendo #Switch for $7.49. Matching previous lowest price ever.

A steal at twice the cost.

#Eggy - Let It Rock - 2/18/24 HiFi, Indianapolis, Indiana

Starts at 4:10 with a standard Eggy jam. Mike with a bouncy bass line. Jake solos over top with Alex/Dani tying together. 8min peak with Dani keyboard till creeping into Finding and Losing

Listen here

A performer is jumping energetically on stage in front of an excited crowd at a concert venue called Hi-Fi in Indianapolis, IN, with the date 2.18.24 indicated. The band’s name, “Eggy,” is displayed

Good Monday morning.

Hope you had a great weekend! Back at it today.


Not the #Eggy party I wanted.

Promotional graphic for “Eggy Party,” a multiplayer racing game app, featuring cartoonish egg characters in various costumes flying through a colorful, game-themed sky. A button labeled “Get” indicates the app is available for download, and text mentions

Another ducking and weaving second set from #Eggy in Athens.

Setlist details for a concert by the band Eggy on February 23, 2024, in Athens, GA, including song titles, medleys, and cover songs with footnotes citing original artists and teases.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition

Down to $14.99 on #Nintendo #Switch

#Eggy - Second Step - 2/17/24 - Madison Live!, Covington, KY

Very unique keyboard version of the song due to Jake’s amp blowing. (Second night in a row.) Love small song changes like this.

Listen here.

A promotional music player interface for the band Eggy, featuring an image of two musicians on stage, with one playing the guitar and the other on keyboards. Below the image, text indicates the song title “Farthest Step” by Eggy

Oh for the love of all that good and holy, please make today be an easy one at work…

Bluesky having a big month. First opening up to all. Now allowing self hosting.

Bluesky starts letting users host their own servers - The Verge

I know the AT&T outage today was a pain. Though I post this to save your mental sanity in dealing with customer care. It most likely will not be worth calling for an adjustment.

Let’s say the bill is $100 for service they will divide that by $30 days of the cycle. So $3.33 credit. Even high end $60 per line x 10 lines = $600 / 30 days = $20.

It won’t factor in insurance/installment cost/tax most likely. (Tax adjusted on the amount. Insurance you were still covered. Installment you still had the phone.)

Not a post as a carrier defense. Just to save your evening from being on hold. The best case they do an automatic credit for those impacted for $25. (Probably won’t) Reps are limited on credits/account/day.

#Eggy - Bobcat Flow - 2/16/24 The Burl, Lexington, KY

Excellent driving full band jam.

Listen here

Black and white photo of a band performing on stage with an audience in the foreground, featuring the band name “Eggy” and the venue “The Burl, Lexington, KY” dated February 16, 2024

Looking for #Eggy merch?

Quite a bit is on sale now!

Phone calls on AT&T - Nope! SMS on AT&T - Nope! Data on AT&T - Nope!

Bill reminders? No problem! Screenshot of a smartphone displaying a text message from the number 7535. The message reads “AT&T Free Msg: You have one or more bill alerts for your wireless account. Log in to to view your alerts.

Good morning!

#Eggy setlist from last night from Stickyz

Remind Me makes a return. So does Elmira with its fifth time played (LTP 5/7/23)

Sadly does not look like the show was recorded by the band. Though we have some aud love!

The image is a text-based setlist for a band called Eggy for their concert at Stickyz Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken Shack in Little Rock, AR, USA, on February 21, 2024. It lists two sets of songs

Speaking of posters. It always bummed me that’s got creased at some point in time. Always thought it was a sweet #Phish lot poster.

A poster for an event titled “Welcome to Deer Creek,” mimicking a “Friday the 13th” horror movie theme, featuring a person in the center dressed as the iconic character Jason Voorhees standing in a misty, wooded area.