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Sep 26, 2023: Killer song. Killer version of it. (With a tiny Phish tease in there too.) #Eggy - Letter to Myself - 9/15/23 - The Independent, San Francisco Listen …

Sep 26, 2023: iOS 17 still fails to let me put a double wide lock screen widget in the middle. Why not?! What is the actual reason? It makes no sense! flips desk

Sep 24, 2023: Vernissage for #PixelFed Now supports browsing for iPad.

Sep 23, 2023: One day I hope to grow up and have a stash as cool as Pete’s from #Goose. 🥸

Sep 23, 2023: Backyard 🦉

Sep 22, 2023: In the #Eggy way back machine today Eggy - 2/6/22 - Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI Listen here. (Yea I’m gonna say 2022 was way back. Feels like a …

Sep 22, 2023: Feds accuse Sen. Menendez of taking gold, car and cash for favors As a Democratic vote I say good. If they broke the law there should be consequences …

Sep 22, 2023: I will admit to you brothers and sisters: I am having a bit of iPhone FOMO today. 📱

Sep 21, 2023: I feel silly not using the iOS emoji wallpaper before as a makeshift Fishman donut. #Phish

Sep 21, 2023: Lord, Can I just be done with today? Been a long one at just 2pm. Ready for a nap that won’t happen. Thanks

Sep 20, 2023: If you are a #Mona user check out this account for new themes! ChaMona Themes This thread are some great ones. Currently, I am using Fiery for …

Sep 20, 2023: Did the #Facebook iOS app change to a darker blue today?

Sep 20, 2023: #Goose is not my normal first pick. Though this set is a killer IMO. Has been stuck in my head all week. Goose - 9/16/23 - Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI …

Sep 19, 2023: Interesting to see ads(?) for #Threads in my Instagram timeline.

Sep 19, 2023: If you are on an iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max on #iOS17, you may want to check out HEIF Max. Allows the main camera to capture 48MP photos with smaller file …

Sep 18, 2023: One final update - HomePods

Sep 16, 2023: 📺 Barry (2018) - ★★★★★ Regret it took me this long to watch Barry. I love the combination of comedy/drama. Sometimes off the wall goofy then peg to …

Sep 16, 2023: Insta-buy Trombone Champ for #Switch

Sep 16, 2023: People often overlook what we were working with at the time it was released. Imagine a 30pin today. MicroUSB? MiniUSB? Lightning changed the game. RIP …

Sep 15, 2023: Jumping on a trend here for iPhone 15 Preorders 📱 Apple Watch History: Series 0 Series 2 Series 4 Series 7 Ultra iPhone History: (15 will be the first …

Sep 15, 2023: Is there a term for when you’re stuck on a section in a video game for a full week, then put it down for a few days, only to finish it first pick up …

Sep 15, 2023: Let’s check in at AT&T for how the #iPhone15 preorders are looking. Oh god…

Sep 12, 2023: It’s finally back! #iOS17 you can set a max volume level for headphones. Missed this for the little one. Had to just buy a set for her thT had a limit …

Sep 12, 2023: This is a KILLER new cover from #Eggy. Even if you have yet to to listen to Eggy much this is a must stop to me. Just gave this back to listens going …

Sep 12, 2023: Exclusive watch faces on the #AppleWatch has always ticked me off. Is the Modular Ultra watch face going to be that way? Update: It’s not! h/t to …

Sep 12, 2023: We made it to #iOS17. Way to go team!

Sep 12, 2023: This is the first iPhone presentation I have not watched. Crazy how times change.

Sep 12, 2023: This is a huge, soaring All Wheels Turning! #Eggy 8/11/23 - All Wheels Turning - Elevation 27, Virginia Beach VA Listen here.

Sep 11, 2023: A month ago today #Eggy blessed us with this killer Apology. Woo buddy! 🤯 Eggy - Apology - 8/11/23 - Elevation 27, Virgina Beach , VA Listen here.

Sep 11, 2023: I’ve never heard this Beach Boys version of #GratefulDead Cold Rain and Snow until just recently. Kinda like hearing “fast” They Love Each Other for …

Sep 11, 2023: Welp, I know what will be stuck in my head the rest of the afternoon. 🎼🎶 Robin Williams in Flubber… #Eggy - Portable Air Scrubber - 9/1/23 Adirondack …

Sep 11, 2023: Speigen showing off new cases already with the action button for #iPhone 15 on Threads. Guess embargos are a thing of the past.

Sep 8, 2023: BMW Is Giving Up on Heated Seat Subscriptions Because People Hated Them File this under I told you this was to gauge outrage to see how far it can be …

Sep 6, 2023: I wonder what the story is behind my old #Twitter account is. Someone squatting on it? Used as a bot? Reactivated by Twitter because of old click …

Sep 6, 2023: My wife bought a tree from someone for the house. Except it never made it into the house after a few weeks. I spent Sunday giving the garage a much …

Sep 6, 2023: Am I the only one who reads these every morning like Stefon from #SNL?

Sep 6, 2023: Sun-par sleep last night 3/10 Wouldn’t recommend. 💤

Sep 5, 2023: Mitch McConnell: Doctor says no evidence of stroke or seizures in freezing spell From the people that brought you Trump is 215lbs and 6ft 3in…

Sep 5, 2023: Fun lil Shells jam here #Eggy - Shells - 8/25/23 Hookaville 57, Thronville, OH Listen here

Sep 2, 2023: Are they at least able to cancel their reservation. Yesh! #Cybertruck is entirely vaporware.

Sep 2, 2023: 📺 The Wire (2002) - ★★★★☆ HBO at its best. Four stars because it hit its stride at the end. Though always great. One large story line ends in the most …

Sep 2, 2023: 📺 Justified: City Primeval (2023) - ★★☆☆☆ I don’t want to spoil it. Though it’s the hands down, most anti-climatic ending ever. After the last 15 min …

Sep 1, 2023: I took the time to fully dig in and adjust everything I can to my liking in #Mona. Even signed up for the free DeepL translate. Because why not. It …

Sep 1, 2023: Teams and Outlook off for the weekend. I refuse to randomly peek.

Sep 1, 2023: If you want to listen to #Phish at Dicks this weekend. Sirius is having a promo with 3 months for $1. I am sure signup involved a credit card and …

Sep 1, 2023: Destiny Unbound tonight? #Phish #Dicks

Sep 1, 2023: If anyone complains about #Phish Dick’s night 1, disown them. You don’t need that energy in your life. New songs. Old songs. Heavy hitters. Moments of …

Sep 1, 2023: My iPhone 14 Pro Max battery health is frustrating to say the least. Down to 92% now and fell 2% in the past week. Hour of usage is a 100% to 85% …

Sep 1, 2023: All emails today will be signed with “Have a great weekend!”. a.k.a Do not follow up with anything else. This is our parting till Tuesday.

Aug 29, 2023: George Santos now claims he could beat Mitt Romney in a jiu-jitsu cage match - LGBTQ Nation Did not have that on the Bingo cards for today…

Aug 29, 2023: “I Am Ready To Go Home From Work” a story by me.

Aug 29, 2023: Another show cut short by new songs being removed. Missing Smile and A Moments Notice. Kinda stinks really. #Eggy - 8/20/23 - Catbird Music Festival, …

Aug 29, 2023: Time to listen to this monster. #Phish - 8/26/23 - Broadview Stage at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY Listen here

Aug 28, 2023: AllIn Fest in Indy is showing #Eggy for The Beatles Dreamset

Aug 27, 2023: Never heard off of #Khruangbin before today. It is definitely a mood to make a #SilentSunday. Watch their Tiny Desk here

Aug 27, 2023: Can we all just agree that a $39.99 game that is always discounted to $1.99 in the #Switch eStore is a $1.99 game? 🎮 Looking at you This War of Mine.

Aug 24, 2023: Max (formerly HBO Max) launching CNN Max (not actual CNN) streaming next month We have reached the non-sense portion of the streaming timeline. This …

Aug 24, 2023: Again I’m not a collector by any means. Though I could not pass these up! #Eggy #HollowKnight

Aug 24, 2023: I gotta say my local USPS does a killer job. I can have my mail for the day here before the email that tells me what is arriving. 📬

Aug 22, 2023: I really enjoy Oblivion from the new song lineup. Big fan of the vocal layers. #Phish - Oblivion - 7/29/23 - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY …

Aug 22, 2023: Man Who Shot Store Owner for Flying Pride Flag Was a Far-Right Conspiracist Ah. So more domestic terrorism…again. Also dots connect back to Twitter …

Aug 22, 2023: First order of business this morning is listening to this monster. #Umphreys is not letting Chris’ absence impact them at all.

Aug 21, 2023: Dear news sites of the world When I press back, I want to back to the last page I was on. Not spam about Backstreet Boys and pill scams. I understand …

Aug 20, 2023: Oh snap! Let’s go! #Eggy and #Trey tour. Both are playing All In also, though different days.

Aug 20, 2023: Kid logic Yesterday: Plays in pool for eight hours straight. Only stopping to eat. Most of it spent diving under water. - Zero complaints Today: OMG …

Aug 20, 2023: Twitter Deletes All User Photos And Links From 2011-2014 A reminder to self-host your own content. I use all of my posts originate there. …

Aug 20, 2023: My babies are coming back!

Aug 19, 2023: Picked up this #Eggy pin second hand. Very excited about it to come in. (These are from the seller.)

Aug 18, 2023: Listen, #Elon is only talking about removing blocks from #X because things have been quiet. He needs the outrage machine to drum up some attention …

Aug 18, 2023: Back to #Woolly as my daily driver. It’s great to have so many options for #Mastodon apps!

Aug 17, 2023: Apple Vision Pro might have more storage than most iPhones For $3499 I surely hope so…

Aug 16, 2023: Shaba-shaba hey! Now he has a friend! “#Lego” #Zelda #Korok #TearsoftheKingdom #TotK #BreathoftheWild #BotW

Aug 15, 2023: Ya-ha-ha! You found me! “#Lego” #Zelda #Korok #TearsoftheKingdom #TotK #BotW

Aug 15, 2023: There was a guy on the Birdsite shilling for the Cybertruck a year ago telling me in my replies they would be all over the place in six months. …

Aug 15, 2023: Like if Time Escaping, Sussudio and reggae had a baby. I like it. Makes me miss the UM Halloween mashups. #Eggy - Escapping Sussudio - 8/11/23 - …

Aug 15, 2023: Shhhhhheeeeeesshhhhh - Killer jam here. #Eggy - Apology - 8/11/23 Elevation 27, Virginia Beach, VA Listen here

Aug 15, 2023: #Temu. You’re wild! What kinda car is this supposed to be? 🤔 Source

Aug 15, 2023: Dang! #Eggy has had some quickness this week with new shows. Eggy - 8/11/23 Elevation 27, Virginia Beach, VA Listen here

Aug 14, 2023: Ya’ll the best. #microdotblog

Aug 14, 2023: My lil girl is having a great day at school today! She’s done amazing with this next chapter among all the challenges she’s had.

Aug 14, 2023: #Ivory for iOS has added instance specific emoji in their latest update. Very cool new feature. Don’t recall seeing any other app do this yet.

Aug 14, 2023: Why I keep screen protectors on everything I use. Apple Watch caught a rock from the weed eater dead on. Saved me an insurance claim there. 😅 ⌚️

Aug 14, 2023: iPhone 14, 14 Pro owners complain about battery capacity that’s already falling off I am not one to wear a tinfoil hat, but glad I am not the only one …

Aug 14, 2023: 🎼 Tom is spending time in the cornfield Little Tom is spending little time in the cornfield Tom and Little Tom are spending time in the cornfield 🎵

Aug 14, 2023: First - New Eggy 🚨 Second - Hope it’s brought back into the rotation. It’s a great cover for Robby Robertson (RIP). Third time played last 2019 and …

Aug 13, 2023: #SilentSunday morning #Lego project.

Aug 11, 2023: Haven’t done a #homescreen in a while . On a boring call so why not? 📱 #iOS17beta

Aug 11, 2023: New pins. Not a collector but I couldn’t pass them up. Especially the Hollow Knight. 🎮

Aug 10, 2023: 📺 Under the Banner of Heaven (2022) - ★★★★☆ Starts off rather slow but does pick up by episode three. Insane the control people will allow religion to …

Aug 9, 2023: After being stuck in an airport or plane for the past three days this has been stuck in my head. I’ve been shook around enough for awhile. #Goose - …

Aug 9, 2023: Dear Apple. Why can I not move this widget to the middle or right? Odd the double space will always be locked to the left. Was hoping this would be …

Aug 8, 2023: After spending the entire day in an airport yesterday, having to book an extra night hotel room we finally get to go home today. Please hold out …

Aug 8, 2023: Cha-Cha Slide Creator Willie “DJ Casper” Perry, Jr. Has Passed Cha-Cha real sad ya’ll.

Aug 7, 2023: Now. It’s. Starting. To. Feel. Good.

Aug 6, 2023: Piper Piper the red red worm 🪱 #Phish

Aug 6, 2023: Cats down under the stars 🎶

Aug 5, 2023: Don’t forget that after #Phish tonight we get some late night #Eggy. 🥚

Aug 5, 2023: Lunch time with my wife’s aunt.

Aug 4, 2023: Oh yah! I’ve been so busy I let it slip my mind about mini-Link. Daughter insists his name is just Ink. “#Lego” #Zelda #Link #TearsoftheKingdom #TotK

Aug 4, 2023: Such a smooth segue #Phish - 8/2/23 Madison Square Garden - New York, NY Meatstick > It’s Ice Listen here

Aug 4, 2023: Struggle bus just pulled up for me today. Anyone else jumping on? 🚌

Aug 3, 2023: hello. #apple #macintosh #lego

Aug 3, 2023: If screenshots are able to be done in #visionOS is it just of the apps or include your living room? Just curious.

Aug 1, 2023: 512 miles today getting back home Four days home then flying back for the final doctors appointments for sis Now 😴

Aug 1, 2023: Momma and baby #Lego #Bonsai

Aug 1, 2023: iOS 17 beta 4 (2?) 🤔

Jul 31, 2023: 550 miles in the books today. Halfway home.

Jul 29, 2023: Fun little project from last night. Took about four hours on and odd. Not official Lego but 🤷 #Zelda #TearsoftheKingdom

Jul 29, 2023: iOS 17 drops support for iPhone 8 and iPhone X Wanna know how time flies? iOS 17 drops support for iPhone X. I feel this just came out a few years …

Jul 28, 2023: Twitter changes its official handle to X, Twitter Blue now called XBlue It is really called “X Blue” now? Truly, the lowest effort rebrand ever.

Jul 28, 2023: I understand that articles are probably sent from the publisher to Apple News in a feed. Then, they are sent to my app/notification automatically. No …

Jul 27, 2023: If you have not given #Woolly for Mastodon chance yet, give it a try! It very feels polished and clean. I hope that grouped notifications are included …

Jul 27, 2023: Well darn. I got a lil too excited there. The expansions are IAP. I already have them all on Switch so couldn’t reason with another $40 for the mobile …

Jul 27, 2023: Holy heck! The Binding of Isaac was updated to Repentance today for iOS. This game has not been updated in SIX YEARS!

Jul 27, 2023: George Santos was allegedly involved in “Nigerian prince”-esque con Only their best and brightest…. Is everyone over in the GOP camp a grifter/con?

Jul 27, 2023: Mastercard demands US cannabis shops stop accepting debit cards Until we are legalized at the federal level this will continue. I expect others to …

Jul 26, 2023: Suspected EV Fire Kills One And Burns 3,000 Cars On a Cargo Ship Headlines and tragedy aside for a moment. 3,000 cars on one ship blows my mind.

Jul 26, 2023: Samsung launches two new folding smartphones to fend off competition from rivals I swear Samsung releases a new foldable every few months.

Jul 25, 2023: Ya know. This show got some crap for not being jam heavy, but I love it. It’s what I need for a recent show to listen in the car with my non-Phish …

Jul 25, 2023: Someone posted (cannot find it sorry) about Trey singing McGrupp differently. I cannot unhear it now. Wonder why? #Phish - McGrupp and The Watchful …

Jul 25, 2023: Awyisss! It’s time. #iOS17Beta

Jul 25, 2023: Day three of casually working this puzzle with my wife. Tons of progress yesterday. Lost a piece yesterday but found it this morning. Inspired to …

Jul 24, 2023: Republicans Are Throwing Temper Tantrums Over ‘Barbie’ At some point aren’t they just tired of being upset all the time? Just pivoting …

Jul 23, 2023: Elon is transitioning #Twitter to #X. Goes to to see what’s up. Loads broken Twitter URL. Doesn’t resolve. Sounds ‘bout right. 🥴

Jul 22, 2023: A four song set is a legendary one. Phish tonight is on a kitchen sink set. 12 so far.

Jul 22, 2023: It’s amazing the swing in ads I see coming to Florida. From downright hateful and racist to this bonkers stuff

Jul 22, 2023: 🍿 Elemental (2023) - ★★★★☆ A cute movie about acceptance of others and yourself. Great animations per usual Pixar/Disney movie. Great to hear new …

Jul 22, 2023: Kinda find it entertaining when this other #Eggy drifts into my Apple Music for the real Eggy.

Jul 21, 2023: Judge Cannon schedules Trump’s classified documents trial for May 2024 I am glad this was not allowed to be pushed out indefinitely. Though May 2024 …

Jul 20, 2023: Neighborhood Watch 🦎

Jul 20, 2023: Oh man. I have been busy this week causing my show list to grow. Plenty to listen to now. I’ll get caught up soon.

Jul 20, 2023: Trump Threatens Would Be ‘Very Dangerous’ If Jack Smith Sends Him To Jail In New Interview At what point will something be done about these threats? …

Jul 20, 2023: Good morning. How are you today?

Jul 19, 2023: Do you think it is humid in Florida?

Jul 18, 2023: The ball is starting to quickly gain momentum. Michigan AG charges participants in 2020 fake elector plot The group of fake electors from Michigan …

Jul 18, 2023: Are more people at #Phish tonight than usual? Seems quieter around here.

Jul 18, 2023: Trump notified he is target in DOJ’s Jan. 6 investigation Holy crap! It’s happening again.

Jul 16, 2023: Wonder how will do with the influx for Dead & Co set two after Phish ending. 🤔

Jul 16, 2023: Looks like Set 2 of #Phish tonight is to let Mike shine this far.

Jul 16, 2023: Gotta love Sirius. Leaving to get some late night food after ending travel for the day. Sneaking in a lil #Phish while I do it.

Jul 16, 2023: Ah crap! I called right song wrong night! Buried Alive

Jul 16, 2023: I did this earlier, but was wrong. Here I go again… What song will #Phish close the Alpharetta run with? And why will it be more?

Jul 16, 2023: Dear fellow travelers: Back up. No need to tailgate someone. If you’re upset about phantom traffic jams for no reason. This is why!

Jul 15, 2023: 508 miles down today. Then to get up and do it again tomorrow. At least this hotel has been a solid halfway point with an amazing breakfast. Alarm is …

Jul 15, 2023: #Eggy fans know about Backyard Bear. Though what about a Frontyard Deer?

Jul 14, 2023: New profile photo. Who dis?

Jul 14, 2023: Let’s see how things are going over at #BlueSky. Opens door. 🔥 🔥 🔥 Oh my…. Not so great.

Jul 14, 2023: Mood:

Jul 14, 2023: Oooooh today is gonna be a struggle bus on a few levels. Definitely not when I need it to be.

Jul 13, 2023: Most of the time in Tears of the Kingdom is me going, “I dunno if this is right, but I am going with it.”

Jul 13, 2023: I can see Oblivion becoming a new dark jam gateway. New Carini? #Phish - 7/11/23 - Oblivion - Orion Amphitheater, Huntsville, AL Listen here

Jul 13, 2023: Lonely Trip is also a melodramatic vibe. A slow song I enjoy to see/hear. #Phish - Lonely Trip - 7/11/23 Orion Amphitheater, Huntsville, AL Listen …

Jul 12, 2023: I hate to admit that I may have been sleeping on #Wooly for iOS. It was just updated a few hours ago so I thought I would give it a spin. Get it here

Jul 12, 2023: #PrimeDay deals are not news. Stories about them with affiliate links are ads. Stop it!

Jul 12, 2023: Is #Reddit only allowing posts to be seen in app? Before I would get an option for open browser.

Jul 11, 2023: 🍿 Uncle Buck (1989) - ★★★★★ I mean come on… it’s Uncle Buck. John Candy and Hughes classic! What’s not to love? Bug…gnat…bug…gnat 🤔

Jul 11, 2023: Love the slow Cats Under the Stars teases 🐈 ⭐️ #Eggy - Burritos el Chavo 2 - 5/18/23 The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA Listen here

Jul 10, 2023: What song will #Phish open the tour with? And why will it be Buried Alive?

Jul 10, 2023: It is that time again. Time to fire up the ol’ #LivePhish app.

Jul 10, 2023: To celebrate the #AppStore being released 15 years ago today. Here are the first ten app I purchased. One still used today - Facebook Two are non …

Jul 10, 2023: Look up: Northern Lights could be visible in 17 states this week Definitely a Northern Lights kinda day. #Eggy

Jul 10, 2023: How Republicans are engineering ‘a flood of conspiracy theories’ ahead of 2024: report Makes sense now that a judge ruled the Biden …

Jul 10, 2023: Have to trust me here the new Pallete watch face is a pretty one. The blown out screenshot does not do it justice #watchOS10

Jul 10, 2023: Of their catalog, I feel NL is underrated. Harmonies. Double entendres. Either jammed or quick and to the point like this one. Just a beau all around. …

Jul 9, 2023: #SilentSunday projects: New brakes for Van Lyfe Yard mowed Van Lyfe Washed Hooked the kids stereo from his grandparents up to his phone with …

Jul 8, 2023: The worse the takeout box. The better the food. Latergram from last night.

Jul 8, 2023: Did a deep cabinet clean up the other day. Somehow these coffee pods I found are older than my daughter born in 2018. Also it survived a move in early …

Jul 8, 2023: It…is…beautiful. Credit: ncxaesthetic

Jul 8, 2023: The Eagles announce ‘final’ tour dates after 52 years as a band I cannot wait for Don Henley and Friends or Eagles & Company to tour.

Jul 7, 2023: First app I met with crashing issues using iOS 17 beta? Threads

Jul 7, 2023: Weather is now pretty. 😯 #watchOS10

Jul 7, 2023: Safari searching is prettier too. #iOS17beta

Jul 7, 2023: What Is Only Up - Frustrating Climbing Game Is Causing Twitch Streamers to “Rage Quit” These people obviously have never played The Binding of Isaac …

Jul 7, 2023: This looks amazing!!! 🤩

Jul 7, 2023: It’s so much cleaner!!!! 🙌 🥲

Jul 7, 2023: Listen, I just wanna shake things up alright? #iOS17beta

Jul 6, 2023: 🍿 Like Father (2018) - ★★☆☆☆ It’s a cutesie movie. There are some funny moments of course. Though you know how exactly how it will go. Workaholic …

Jul 6, 2023: This seems problematic. #Threads

Jul 6, 2023: picture-in-picture is a lovely multi tasking gem. 💎

Jul 6, 2023: Check my understanding please: #Threads will include #ActivityPub shortly. This means those post will not be included in the #federated timeline, but …

Jul 5, 2023: Kinda interesting I am in one of the first million to join #Threads. Still not in my plant to use it. Though I am there.

Jul 5, 2023: My take: Avoid Threads. Not for any nefarious truly, you are already on Facebook/Instagram. Simply, just because the data you create is better on a …

Jul 5, 2023: I wonder at what point #ads will be injected to the #Threads timeline. 🧐

Jul 5, 2023: Can we as a generation just end physical junk mail? Seriously, a local ISP mails me a flier weekly about switching. It’s junk. Straight to the bin …

Jul 5, 2023: The first time in a long time all of my Eve door sensors are working. I had a fierce battle with some cheap 1/2AA Amazon Basics batteries. Then, …

Jul 5, 2023: I really want to start being conscious making posts with alt text. I apologize for not starting sooner. I have found this alt text generator to …

Jul 5, 2023: This song is a lesser know gem. 💎 #Eggy - Leatherback - 6/1/23 - Portland House of Music - Portland, ME Listen here

Jul 5, 2023: To iOS 17? Or to not? First year I have not jumped on it right away for daily phone. Guess I have grown up since iOS 3. The third release is tempting …

Jul 5, 2023: I love the Dani and Jake tag team on keys in Broken Bluff. #Eggy - Broken Bluff - 6/10/23 - Portland House of Music - Portland, ME Listen here

Jul 5, 2023: Some mental health days are better than others. Today is not that day.

Jul 4, 2023: Today we celebrate the United States #defederating from England. Happy July 4th (again).

Jul 4, 2023: Tonight’s #Goose show: Brought to you by ‘Merica and Mountain Dew.

Jul 4, 2023: I will give it to them. The #Mastodon official app after yesterday’s update is very solid. 🎉

Jul 4, 2023: Whatever you I do today, I hope you come home with ten fingers. 🇺🇸 🧨 #FourthofJuly

Jul 4, 2023: Type of weather that when you just open the door say “ugh” and close it.

Jul 3, 2023: To everyone forced to work today: Let’s all have a pact we don’t send each other anything to do. Then, we deal with it on Wednesday. Deal? Deal!

Jul 3, 2023: Twitter is the McDonald’s ice cream machine of the internet.

Jun 29, 2023: Things Have Been Pretty Stormy Today 30 second #audio of when it was #hailing earlier - Newburgh, IN #weather #storm #rain Transcript

Jun 29, 2023: Dear Apple I have said this before, though I’d like it discussed again amongst the board of directors iPhone 15 Pro mini Pro Camera system Promotion …

Jun 29, 2023: Our dog in a nutshell: If anyone comes to our door or down our driveway I will use my loud bark and large teeth to scare them away. Friend or foe. But …

Jun 29, 2023: Tears of the Kingdom Update: Hyrule is still burning, but I filled up all of my stamina circles! Also I rode a bear. 🐻

Jun 29, 2023: Don’t mind me. Just forgetting the storm knocked the power out while I troubleshoot why my charger doesn’t work on my phone. ⛈️ Photo for current …

Jun 29, 2023: Shadow has become a nice jam vehicle too! #Eggy - Shadow - 6/9/23 - Nectar’s Burlington, VT Listen here.

Jun 29, 2023: Man, All Wheels Turning never disappoints. #Eggy - All Wheels Turning - 6/9/23 - Nectar’s Burlington, VT Listen here

Jun 28, 2023: Dinner Verdict It was really good. We will be making it again tonight. Be sure prep ahead and can be done with one person. Wife and I chose to do it …

Jun 28, 2023: Update 2:

Jun 28, 2023: Kitchen update:

Jun 28, 2023: Making “The Easiest Chow Mein” for dinner tonight. Will report back soon.

Jun 28, 2023: rubs eyes Oh man… Can we just stop the internet from posting reply videos? No one should want to see you eat Cheetos, nod your head, then point at it …

Jun 28, 2023: If you use #Eve HomeKit door sensors, I would advise to avoid updating to 2.1.3. After update none of them are responsive. It’s frustrating. …

Jun 28, 2023: #Eggy needs to give some Midwest love. Feels like tours are always coastal. New England is spoilt. Still love ya tho.

Jun 27, 2023: The hottest club in GOP politics right now is the party’s presidential primary. I couldn’t help but read this in Stefon’s voice. Wonder if it will …

Jun 27, 2023: Trying to test out the new Mastodon app on iOS Radiant. First thing that jumps out is trying to open images/links from the main timeline. I cant do it …

Jun 26, 2023: Mammoth for iOS just updated with a changed profile view. I much prefer it to the past version.

Jun 26, 2023: Look ya’ll can judge all you want on this one… Little girl has been watching these teen musicals. This one is probably the cream of the crop from the …

Jun 26, 2023: Welp, back to the real world today. Time to organize all the emails from while I was gone. Should be a fun activity. Was hard to send the little one …

Jun 25, 2023: I have to go back to work tomorrow after a weeks long vacation. I am really putting off going to sleep as long as I can tonight. I need as much time …

Jun 25, 2023: Little one: Dad there is a frog in the kitchen? Me: A what? Really? Her: 👇 (It is now resting in mom’s garden.)

Jun 25, 2023: Remember to drink some water today. 🚰

Jun 24, 2023: Because some of you find this kinda thing oddly satisfying.

Jun 24, 2023: One Two Three Fixed! (Lucky I just busted the $45 inner tail light.

Jun 24, 2023: Sorry, #Goose but #Umphreys does it better.

Jun 24, 2023: I am not the largest #Goose listener by far…but Bob Don is a vibe.

Jun 23, 2023: Glitch in the Matrix.

Jun 22, 2023: I am glad that Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Bros Wonder made it to the game vouchers. Though I hope they the program going through the end of the …

Jun 22, 2023: We have reached that point in vacation where I could just pack up and go home. Not even finish out the rest. Ready for my bed, shower, dog to be back. …

Jun 21, 2023: I am super excited for Super Mario RPG to get a remake!

Jun 18, 2023: Happy Father’s Day from the Orange Beach, Alabama.

Jun 17, 2023: What did Dad pick next? Why it’s the next day’s show! #Eggy - Summer Camp - 5/28/23 - Chillicothe, IL Listen here.

Jun 17, 2023: My turn to drive so ya know what that means…. First up, #Eggy at Summer Camp - 5/27/23 - Chillicothe, IL Listen here.

Jun 17, 2023: I have five Mastodon apps on my phone. Thing is I love them each in their own way. Just cycle through when I want something different. Ivory Mona Ice …

Jun 17, 2023: Welcome to Alabama.

Jun 17, 2023: Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee - Home of the worst traffic in the Midwest.

Jun 17, 2023: Traffic is “ruff”, huh?

Jun 16, 2023: #Reddit CEO praises #Elon #Musk’s cost-cutting as protests rock the platform Annnnnnd boom goes the dynamite.

Jun 16, 2023: #Vacation mode. 🏝️ 🍹

Jun 16, 2023: 🍿 Don’t Look Up (2021) - ★★★☆☆ Don’t Look Up another version of Idiocracy in a less cartoony environment. The main scientist is ignored. The …

Jun 15, 2023: The President Hudson sign puzzles are fun little breaks in #Zelda do not get me wrong. Though why does this guy act surprised anymore when I get the …

Jun 14, 2023: How’s your #Wednesday world? 🌎

Jun 14, 2023: My classic blue #Eggy shirt is at its end of life. Worn so much I was worried I would become “that guy”. Time to look for a replacement with this one …

Jun 14, 2023: Have issues searching Google / DuckDuckGo showing to many results from now private sub-reddits? Meet - ! Simply add at the end of your …

Jun 13, 2023: Wait….what? AAAA Batteries

Jun 13, 2023: My wife is still on Twitter to follow celebs and cute animals only. (We will move her one day.) Her account was suspended without any reason. Just …

Jun 12, 2023: On off my favorite sling bags of all time is on sale currently at #Amazon. (No affiliate link. Just to share the deal.) tomtoc 4.5L Minimalist Sling …

Jun 12, 2023: It is a bummer the #AppleCard does not have FindMy built in. I think there is a missed opportunity there.

Jun 12, 2023: If you’re like me and used r/nintendoswitchdeals on #Reddit to find low cost games there is hope. DekuDeals shows the same information on promos with …

Jun 12, 2023: Interesting that today #Reddit seems to be having an #outage? Can’t make the sub private if the site won’t load. 🤔

Jun 12, 2023: Calm down Siri… No home projects today. 🎶Save big money at Menards.

Jun 12, 2023: These are always fun. An updated #homescreen layout. I made a folder of #Fediverse services/apps for easy access.

Jun 12, 2023: Holy heck, that is impressive! As of 5:30am 6/12, 6,292 out of 7,265 #subreddits have gone dark in #protest. #Reddit users really are showing their …

Jun 11, 2023: With my #Reddit account gone it has opened up time to try other sites: Lemmy kbin CalcKey Just playing with each of them to see how they drive. We …

Jun 11, 2023: McDonald’s bring back the breakfast bagels you cowards!

Jun 10, 2023: Well, I don’t foresee things changing at #Reddit after the botched AMA yesterday. So today I deleted my 11 year old account after purging anything …

Jun 9, 2023: We had some woodland visitors come up the driveway today.

Jun 8, 2023: Breaking: #Trump says on Truth Social he’s been #indicted in classified docs probe Things begin to get interesting.

Jun 8, 2023: I am honestly counting down until #Reddit pulls the #Apollo is closing post. Only a matter of time because it contains the links to the convo proof of …

Jun 8, 2023: Apollo will shut down on June 30th #Apollo has been amazing since I began using it years ago. After 6/30 (or before) I will close out my 10 year …

Jun 7, 2023: Holy hell how’s it only Wednesday

Jun 6, 2023: If you’re a parent and your child does LOL Dolls. They are now coming with a paper ball! Finally, I am so tired of the wasted plastic for the package.

Jun 6, 2023: One thought I had one the #VisionPro was that it is $3,499 plus tax. Meaning youll have to add on upwards of $335 (highest state tax I found LA with …

Jun 6, 2023: is asking to spread the love around due to overwhelming interest as a Reddit alternative and to check out other instances to keep things …

Jun 6, 2023: It really just is all your circus now. Has always been a fav UM song that I have been yet to see. #Umphreys McGee - 6/2/23 - Hampton Beach Casino …

Jun 5, 2023: Honestly, I never knew this was a game. Super Princess Peach

Jun 5, 2023: #Umphreys Day Nurse is great. Night Nurse is cool. But Afternoon Nurse has a diff vibe. Listen here

Jun 5, 2023: The ending of Synco has been, and always will be a delight. #Umphreys McGee - 6/1/23 - The Great Cedar Showroom at Foxwoods, Mashantucket, CT Listen …

Jun 5, 2023: Wonder if #LiveVoicemail will require carrier support or done on device. #iOS17 #WWDC

Jun 5, 2023: For #WWDC keeps saying #M2Ultra all I hear is MK Ultra.

Jun 5, 2023: I know there is a ton of #Goose love on here. Understandably so. Though I think more need to check out #Eggy. These guys are killing it every show! …

Jun 5, 2023: Todays the yearly holiday for those that celebrate where we fight the urge to install #iOS betas after #WWDC. I honestly think this is the year I …

Jun 4, 2023: I made an account for the Reddit alternative Lemmy! I have made a few communities to start off. Brian on Lemmy

Jun 3, 2023: #Dinner from tonight’s #grill

May 31, 2023: Without #Apollo I will probably delete my #Reddit account. Can this switch be made to #Fediverse like we did with Twitter? Hosted link/media ranking …

May 30, 2023: Water bottle related with #Eggy on the drive home. Still super excited for stumbling on this one.

May 30, 2023: Ordered a #Deadhead sticker for my #Cadillac. (No really.) Came with a lil freebie bear sticker. So on the bottle it goes.

May 30, 2023: AOC threatens to leave Twitter after Elon Musk promotes ‘disgusting’ account impersonating her Do eeeeettttt! AOC could lead a charge to the …

May 30, 2023: Apple’s original cloud photo sync service shuts down this summer Jesus Pete. Who is still using Photo Stream?

May 30, 2023: Relistening to #Eggy - 5/5/23 Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC again this morning. Heck of a setlist here. Tons of my favorites on it: Figure It …

May 30, 2023: Mike the Goodman slapping away on this Buying Time jam. #Eggy - 5/12/23 Growlers, Memphis, TN - Buying Time

May 29, 2023: I am a man of many bags. Gotta regroup after the weekend. 😵‍💫😬

May 29, 2023: Knocked out another weekend project today. We have lived here two years now. It’s nice to finally have it off the list. (When we moved in we noticed …

May 27, 2023: Does anyone else edit/trim screenshots so they look better? Or just me?

May 27, 2023: Happy #MemorialDay weekend Have fun! Be safe!

May 27, 2023: Ready to ride

May 24, 2023: Who knew a Toyota Camry has the same bolt patterns as a…forklift?

May 24, 2023: Matt Gaetz Openly Confirms Republicans See US Economy as ‘Our Hostage’ Again saying the quiet part outloud with zero consequences.

May 24, 2023: Pooch on a porch 🐶

May 24, 2023: Watching a new show with my wife. Her: He must be important they’re spending a lot of time him. Me: Tell that to Rob Stark. 😇

May 23, 2023: Driver who crashed near White House told officials he was prepared to kill Biden and ‘seize power’ Queue Dr Evil ”riiiiiiight….

May 23, 2023: Love this new, little section change on this 12 Pounds of Pain. Regret missing theses shows but just poor timing to go. #Eggy - 12 Pounds of Pain - …

May 23, 2023: 19-year-old arrested on multiple charges after crashing into barriers near the White House sigh Domestic terrorism at it again.

May 23, 2023: Love an early morning ‘Necessary Evil’ #Eggy - Necessary Evil - 5/5/23 Asheville Music Hall, Asheville, NC Listen here

May 22, 2023: Ever lose a follower and say, “Dang. I wonder what I did?”

May 22, 2023: A Sunday yard work photo dumb - With a new turtle friend

May 19, 2023: It should be a cardinal office sin to send a screenshot of an Excel sheet. What am I to do with this? Can’t edit. Can’t copy information off of it. …

May 18, 2023: Went to dinner with the lady tonight. Before we stopped at a vendor mall (“antiques” aka junk). Though left super excited! Found three new stickers …

May 18, 2023: 🚨 Attention #Eggy friends 🚨 Fresh new music is up on for the weekend!

May 18, 2023: Since iOS 16.5 is now out. Time to update to the new Pride wallpaper! #iOS #Wallpaper #Pride #screenshot #homescreen

May 18, 2023: #iOS 16.5 is out!

May 18, 2023: Today’s desk space #wfh #desktop #desk

May 17, 2023: Has anyone ever purchased the third party #JoyCons off Amazon? If so, what was your experience? I don’t use Amiibo/IR so that loss is not a big deal …

May 17, 2023: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Players Are Taking Forever In The Massive Tutorial Area Yes! I am so happy I am not the only one. I don’t mind the length …

May 16, 2023: Ah, hell… Gotta forward think sometimes, eh? #Zelda #TearsoftheKingdom 🎮🕹️

May 16, 2023: This is great. I have never heard it before until yesterday on Sirius. Album is so smooth. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - Jerry Garcia/David …

May 15, 2023: Do I enjoy #TearsoftheKingdom? Yes. Does it stress me out feeling stuck more than I should? Yes. Holy crap it’s anxiety inducing. I feel lost so often …

May 15, 2023: Not very often I can share a show that happened in my own backyard. (Even though I did not make it this time.) #GovtMule - 5/7/23 - The Victory …

May 15, 2023: Well, in the office today. I can already tell I regret not bringing the #Switch to play #TearsoftheKingdom in my downtime. 🕹️🎮

May 13, 2023: Unsure how other teams do it this year. The upcoming St Louis Cardinals give away for #GratefulDead night is a jaw dropper!

May 12, 2023: Super excited for the new site themes on! Thanks for adding them team!

May 12, 2023: I had heard rumors. They are true. This Burritos is the stuff of legends. Holy hell! Then just smoothly into Shells is muah. 🤌 #Eggy - Burritos El …

May 12, 2023: Mike is a shining star on this All Wheels Turnin’ 🤩 #Eggy - 4/27/23 Pearl Street Warehouse, Washington DC Listen here.

May 11, 2023: Nintendo will produce its next films under the #Nintendo Pictures label #Movies incoming! What will be next? SMB 2? #Zelda? #Metroid? Donkey Kong?

May 11, 2023: Saw my first #Lucid in the wild today too. Nice to see more variety in EV locally. (Saw being used loosely because I was behind it then it took off. 🚗 …

May 11, 2023: Bruce Li for my belly! Facebook Page

May 11, 2023: Feeling reeeaaaallllly tempted to pre-order Tears of Kingdom for tomorrow… 🕹️ 🎮 #Zelda #Switch #Nintendo

May 11, 2023: Excuse me sir. Your hotspot is showing.

May 10, 2023: Ever have a day you just look up an it’s 10pm. Yep. That was today.

May 9, 2023: It is a tragedy this show had audio issues because it is killer! I say that without even finishing it yet. Wayless 🤯 Anyone know of an Aud recording? …

May 9, 2023: There’s about 45 min of gold here, and I’ve yet to get to the 16 min Buying Time! #Eggy - 4/29/23 - The Wonder Bar - Ashbury Park, NJ Listen here.

May 9, 2023: Is down for anyone else? Or just me? 🤔

May 9, 2023: Lil lunchtime Tube to carry me into the second half of the day. 12.30.03 - Phish Radio

May 9, 2023: Being in the office two days a week is a soul suck. Why is everything so bright?! hissss

May 8, 2023: New #Eggy on Nugs! This is going to make being stuck at my desk tolerable tomorrow. 🥚 💜

May 8, 2023: Another on paper review of #Eggy from last night. Makes don’t miss a Sunday show rule apply again. Set 1 - Pretty standard set. Would have love to see …

May 7, 2023: Can’t wait to hear this soon! On paper a solid setlist from #Eggy. Did they even stop in set 1? Big time FOMO here. Can’t wait to see tonight’s too.

May 6, 2023: Has anyone made an iOS Shortcut before with Humboldt for

May 6, 2023: Nice day out at the car show.

May 6, 2023: I did migrate Mastodon instances last night. It was over all really easy just took time to reset up apps/cross posting/2FA again. Losing my posts …

May 6, 2023: Huge phallic likeness mowed into lawn at King Charles’ coronation event site Now this is news.

May 6, 2023: Everyone venturing to #Eggy tonight in Nashville be safe.

May 5, 2023: I keep reading these headlines as a question. WHO downgrades Covid-19?

May 4, 2023: Debating on changing my #instance on Mastodon. The loss of posts is what really holds me back from jumping off What are you thoughts …

May 3, 2023: What is reheated in a toaster?

May 2, 2023: Time to clear out! More backyard updates. This time the back back. 🌳🍃

May 2, 2023: Starting off the morning right. Jack Black - Peaches Listen here.

May 1, 2023: It has been awhile since I have shared a #screenshot from my #iPhone. 📱 Here is today’s view:

May 1, 2023: Dani is the highlight of this All Wheels Turning 🎹 🎶 #Eggy - 3/4/23 - The Olympic - Boise, ID Listen here.

May 1, 2023: Hey! Look it there! I am in the #Mona AppStore screen shots.

Apr 28, 2023: Finished Super Mario Bros 3 last night via the Super Mario Advance 4 version for Switch Online. I just put it like this for how silly sounding it is. …

Apr 28, 2023: Listening to what I missed with Spafford while I was in Florida Spafford - 4/15/23 - Terra Fermata, Stuart, FL Listen here.

Apr 28, 2023: I need Ivory to just add the ability to pin other timelines it would be 🤌 for me.

Apr 27, 2023: Password change day and I’ve only locked myself out twice. 😬

Apr 27, 2023: I am on #PixelFed also. Maybe if I knew more over there I would use it too. PixelFed

Apr 26, 2023: Of all my subscriptions I pay is above and beyond my favorite. Priceless honestly.

Apr 26, 2023: Is anyone else’s dogs terrified of their HomePods? Our’s won’t even be in the room if it’s playing? Ghosts?

Apr 26, 2023: It’s just stuck in my head so I had to listen to it. #moe. - Plain Crash 4/15/23 - Higher Ground Burlington, VT Listen here.

Apr 25, 2023: Working the the office is to people-y. That simple. 🥲

Apr 24, 2023: Don Lemon and CNN part ways Another anchor has become a free agent.

Apr 24, 2023: Tucker Carlson and Fox News part ways I did not have that on my bingo card for Monday. This should be interesting. 🍿

Apr 23, 2023: With all the #Goose and #Phish talk don’t sleep on the McGee. This Floor is killer. So clean. Crisp. #Umphrey’s McGee - The Floor - 4/22/23 House of …

Apr 23, 2023: I like this. It’s smooth. #Goose - Bob Don - 4/21/23 Knitting Factory, Boise, ID

Apr 23, 2023: Big work day outside today. Yard. Detail car. Yard barn clean up. At least there are plenty of shows I need to get caught up on.

Apr 21, 2023: 🤠

Apr 20, 2023: Does anyone using Ivory know if you can pin other instance’s timelines to find easily? Thank you 💜

Apr 19, 2023: Interesting that my #Twitter account was turned over in March. It is now protected with zero followers/following. @brian_wolf on Twitter

Apr 18, 2023: What am I listening to today? Why the 45-min #Tweezer of course! 🐠 ⭕️

Apr 17, 2023: The Mario Bros Have a Working Phone Number It does work. I tried for science.

Apr 16, 2023: Out with the girls @ Juno Beach Pier, Flordia 4/16/2023 #silentsunday 📷📸

Apr 16, 2023: Continuing my Super Mario Bros play through. Number 2 is off the list! Woke non-damsel in distress Peach doing the heavy lifting this round. 🎮🕹️

Apr 16, 2023: Looks like Spafford played last night where I am. If I knew in advance I would have tried to make it there.

Apr 14, 2023: My #Introduction Post Hi This is my “formal” Mastodon introduction I promised. I did not think it would all fit in a single toot so I made it a blog post. I post through …

Apr 14, 2023: MAGA Attack Ad Hits DeSantis for Alleged Pudding Habit 2024 is going to be a sh*t show. This is the dumbest timeline.

Apr 13, 2023: In honor of the new Super Mario Bros Movie I am playing through the first three games. First is done. ✅ 🎮

Apr 13, 2023: Indiana police will no longer be able to lie to children to gain confessions Not The Onion

Apr 12, 2023: This trend on news sites of hitting back in your browser, only to be given a page of “oh before you go read these…” rather than back has to stop.

Apr 11, 2023: Feels like a sin that I don’t have a picture of my wife and I that doesn’t say Olan Mills down in the corner.

Apr 11, 2023: Hey #Eggy fans! If the new shows do no appear on your Nugs For You page visit their profile to find them. 🥚

Apr 10, 2023: Truck carrying toxic soil from East Palestine overturns in Columbiana County Can we catch some sort of a break on this situation?

Apr 10, 2023: Happy Monday everyone! We made it through. Cheers! 🍻 😉

Apr 10, 2023: Twitter Isn’t a Company Anymore It’s been merged into a new entity called X Corp. Today’s Soup Du Jour: Word These articles force a guy to just laugh …

Apr 9, 2023: Jon Rahm explains short backswing due to adjustments after being born with clubfoot John Rahm has won the 2023 PGA Master My daughter and John have …

Apr 9, 2023: [Easter] Sundays are for the Dead. The Grateful Dead - 12/10/71 The Fox Theatre St Louis, MO Listen here

Apr 7, 2023: Caitlyn Jenner slams ‘woke’ Nike for partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney This timeline is beyond parody.

Apr 7, 2023: Took the oldest to see Super Mario Bros The Movie not because I was expecting a cinema master piece. But to make it up to my younger self who only got …

Apr 7, 2023: We really need to get our act together and finally watch Ted Lasso Season 3.

Apr 7, 2023: Today is revenge of the parents. Wife and I are off. Kids are in school. 😎

Apr 4, 2023: Trump’s next court date pushes up against 2024 primaries The next court appearance is December 4th. (My b-day by the way. 🎉) This is going to be a …

Apr 4, 2023: Have a Nice Death updated with performance issues Finally! I am excited to play this again. The time between loading screens really killed the …

Apr 4, 2023: Apple Weather App Data Not Loading for Many Users Glad it is not just me. Though their five hours ago line is bs. Mine has not worked since Friday …

Apr 4, 2023: One of my top favorite Eggy songs hands down. Harmonies ✅ Lyrics ✅ Effects ✅ #Eggy - Solid Ground - 2/25/22 Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY

Apr 2, 2023: Lazy Sundays are for The Dead. The Grateful Dead - 4/30/77 The Palladium

Mar 31, 2023: Lindsey Graham says Trump should ‘smash some windows’ and ‘punch a cop’ on his way to being booked Just class. Class. Class. …

Mar 31, 2023: Jake and Dani tearing it up. #Eggy - 3/4/23 The Olympic, Boise, ID - All Wheels Turning Listen here.

Mar 31, 2023: Love this damn #Eggy sweater.

Mar 31, 2023: I miss my girls while they’re away for sis’s follow up in Florida. 😕

Mar 31, 2023: Though some changes I have now started driving out Cadillac. Which Deadhead sticker should go on it? Cats or Bolts? (Not wanting to draw to much …

Mar 30, 2023: Grand Jury Votes to Indict Donald Trump Now do it again!

Mar 30, 2023: Today in holy sh*t news. Since 2015 has been importing opioids and fentanyl. ‘I’ll get them shipped’: California police union …

Mar 28, 2023: Wait… Breathe of the Wild is a Wii U game? Tears of the Kingdom will be the first Switch exclusive on the six year old system. Legend of Zelda: Breath …

Mar 28, 2023: We don’t deserve the good bois

Mar 28, 2023: As a new #Goose listener I will call Time to Flee “Lil Slipknot” till I remember it correctly. Goose - 3/12/23 The Capital Theatre Port Chester, NY - …

Mar 28, 2023: Tweet replies no longer show who users are replying to Twitter is about to look like the stream of consciousness from an insane person. How does …

Mar 28, 2023: Oh, the irony. Reddit

Mar 28, 2023: A very relaxed, slow #Eggy show. 🫠 Eggy - 3/16/23 Bell’s Eccentric Cafe Listen here.

Mar 27, 2023: Makes me laugh almost every time.

Mar 27, 2023: Never been more upset with Apple then when they removed max volume from parental controls.

Mar 26, 2023: Update on Life Part 4 What did I do today? Nothing more than recreate the house in landscape software. My wife and daughter are going back to Florida for a follow up or …


Mar 24, 2023: Modern cinema Reddit

Mar 23, 2023: Afroman sued by law enforcement officers who raided his home Honestly, this could be an article from The Onion.

Mar 23, 2023: Because y’all keep talking about them I’m digging into Goose more. Goose - 3/9/23 - The Capital Theater Port Chester, NY - Elizabeth Listen Here

Mar 23, 2023: One of top, favorite new UM songs. (I have probably posted this before.) Umphrey’s McGee - 3/12/23 Belly Up Aspen Aspen, CO- Hiccup Listen here

Mar 23, 2023: Umm Joel’s key break is smooth here. Umphrey’s McGee - 3/12/23 Belly Up Aspin Apsin,CO - Prowler Listen Here

Mar 23, 2023: Listening to Utopian Fir to make sending my stupid lil emails easier. Easily one of my fav from UM Umphrey’s McGee - 3/12/23 Belly Up Aspen, CO - …

Mar 23, 2023: That time of the day. Time to send my stupid lil emails

Mar 21, 2023: Interesting Weather update today. Never seen this one before.

Mar 21, 2023: Bomb Threat Called In to New York Court Where Trump Hearing Held Have to say it again. Domestic terrorist.

Mar 20, 2023: Our #Mondog keeping watch.

Mar 19, 2023: Holy crap. After being back I finally was ready to reclaim our home today. Full top to bottom clean. 🪣 🧽 Now time for Alone. These guys do not play. 🐻 …

Mar 19, 2023: #Eggy and #Goose should go on tour together. Then, every night not announce who will open. So everyone can wonder who came first. Goose or the Egg(y).

Mar 18, 2023: And she’s sold.

Mar 17, 2023: Just learned of the metric bears/sq mile.

Mar 17, 2023: Law enforcement agencies are prepping for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week When I see cuffs I’ll believe it.

Mar 17, 2023: Umphrey’s needs to bring back In Violation of Yes. Seen it just once but has not been played since 2011. Listen here

Mar 17, 2023: A One More Dance party here. 💃 🕺 🪩 #Eggy - 3/5/23 The Elm Bozeman, MT - One More Dance Listen Here

Mar 16, 2023: Kid is paying the Dunkaroo tax tonight. This is just fancy eating straight icing.

Mar 16, 2023: Nice.

Mar 16, 2023: #Eggy - 2/25/23 The Independent San Francisco - Mission in the Rain Another heater here! Song - Listen here Just listen to the whole set here

Mar 16, 2023: #Eggy - 2/25/23 The Independent San Francisco - Burritos El Chavos 2 This may be the strongest, stand out Burritos I have heard. 🌯 💜 Listen here on …

Mar 15, 2023: Why Apple and the Carriers Want Your Old iPhone Why Apple and the Carriers Want Your Old iPhone A fun little read about what happens when your device is traded in at the carrier. TL:DR They’re …

Mar 15, 2023: Lil working music today for motivation as the kiddo naps Eggy - 3/2/23 The Crocodile, Seattle WA

Mar 14, 2023: Guess I should give #Goose a fair shot.

Mar 13, 2023: “Dad look booger car!”

Mar 12, 2023: A little #iOS #screenshot since I have not done one forever. Trying out #Vernissage for #PixelFed at the moment. I like the Minimal UI to just view …

Mar 12, 2023: An Update on Life - Part 3 After three week 1,000 miles from home living in a 15’ x10’, doctor appointments, still working remotely, a child fully dependent on us to get around, …

Mar 12, 2023: With all the stuff going on with the lil one we have not see past episode 3 of #TheLastofUs. Tonight is going to be like walking in a minefield of …

Mar 12, 2023: Waking up at 9am today… Heck ya I got to sleep in! Didn’t even feel like it! Wait…oh yea….😒

Mar 10, 2023: My Mastodon time line is two things right now: #Goose and #Meta

Mar 8, 2023: My Nintendo Platinum Point and Gold Point Coins Pin Set I am a sucker for exclusive sets like these.

Mar 8, 2023: I am beyond guilty of this… Source

Mar 4, 2023: Eggy - Portable Air Scrubber - Live From The Egg Crate - 2.11.21 It’s stuck in my head. So now, I offer to pass it on to you.

Mar 4, 2023: An Update on Life - Part 2 Hi everyone! We have made it through another night, though slightly rough with taking meds again. Though this morning we did really well both times we …

Mar 4, 2023: This is going to end well. 🤦 Amazon Link

Mar 3, 2023: I dunno which is worse, this or a reverse centaur. Source.

Mar 3, 2023: Always a little fun for an errand. Listen Here.

Mar 3, 2023: Always a fun time for a lil errand. Listen here.

Mar 2, 2023: Ford Files Deranged Patent For Self-Driving Cars That Repossess Themselves Well, this sounds terrible. But again, one of the things done to a) see how …

Mar 2, 2023: StarFox has lied to you! Source 🕹️ 👾🎮

Feb 28, 2023: I am ready for this “season” to be over with.

Feb 28, 2023: Sometimes nostalgia should stay there. This was not as good as I remembered. 🤢

Feb 26, 2023: Here’s what it is! 🧱 Lego Speed Champions Lotus Evija 76907 #Legos

Feb 26, 2023: Well, what do you it will be? 🧱 #Lego

Feb 26, 2023: Replayed Kirby’s Dream Land on Switch Game Boy, and after all these years these two faces still stick with me. 🎮 🕹️

Feb 26, 2023: Orchids on #SilentSunday 📷

Feb 26, 2023: Under the sun on a #SilentSunday ☀️

Feb 26, 2023: Photo from the #SilentSunday walk.

Feb 26, 2023: Daughter has been playing the Toca World games this past week. We decided to recreate me. What do you think?

Feb 24, 2023: “It’s so much fun eating candy.” Zoe - Age 5

Feb 24, 2023: Hi 👋 I hope if you see this you have a great day! Pass it along! 💜

Feb 23, 2023: Hey lil buddy. How ya doing this #Thursday?

Feb 23, 2023: I’ve never seen a longboi toaster like this before.. Pop Tart for scale Is it for a smaller baguette? 🥖

Feb 22, 2023: Custom Sling Bag | tomtoc × U If I didn’t have one already, I would be all over making my own custom colors.

Feb 22, 2023: If you look up tonight at the moon you will see Jupiter(top) and Venus(bottom). 🔭

Feb 21, 2023: This is the most unique #thicktrunktuesday I have ever seen. 🌳

Feb 21, 2023: Just crabbin’ along. 🦀 Singin’ a song. 🎶

Feb 21, 2023: Garden office view

Feb 21, 2023: My causal #Lego project for past two days. 🧱 Lego Toyota GR Supra 76901

Feb 21, 2023: Things are going just swimmingly. #PhotoMonday

Feb 20, 2023: An update about life. I thought I could give an update for those who know me, but are unaware of our situation. Or those who simply don’t know us at all and are just …

Feb 19, 2023: Under the bridge #silentsunday

Feb 17, 2023: I now present you with this…

Feb 16, 2023: How to Take Instagram-Worthy Food Photos ahem Best Robin Williams voice: “What year is it?!”

Feb 16, 2023: Ann Coulter tells Nikki Haley to ‘go back to your own country’ in racist rant against new GOP presidential candidate First, Haley was born on South …

Feb 16, 2023: iOS 16.4: iMessage now supports rich content previews for Mastodon posts Hard to ignore #Mastodon’s impact now.

Feb 16, 2023: Georgia grand jury recommends perjury indictments in Trump election meddling probe Give me the part about about who they think lied!

Feb 15, 2023: Michael Jordan donates $10M to Make-A-Wish for 60th birthday This is the kind of wealthy I want to be. Meet my needs then fill other’s cup.

Feb 15, 2023: Leaked Super Mario Bros scene This. Is. Gold.

Feb 15, 2023: Just to let you know if I ever die it was due to drowning in a sea of cables.

Feb 15, 2023: Yes, Elon Musk created a special system for showing you all his tweets first Free speech “absolutist” makes his priority over everyone else after …

Feb 14, 2023: Feels like a Dead day. Back to work 1,000 miles from home. The Grateful Dead - 3/9/81 - Madison Square Garden

Feb 13, 2023: Dunno. Might learn some light polish (?) on this trip.

Feb 11, 2023: Made it to our halfway stop for the night. Time for R and R.

Feb 11, 2023: Progress pic of Nashville. 😅

Feb 11, 2023: Well we are packed and ready to go. First stop food. Next, Atlanta, GA

Feb 11, 2023: Didn’t get a chance to watch #TheLastofUs last night. So now the fun part of avoiding spoilers on accident.

Feb 10, 2023: US shoots down unknown ‘high-altitude object’ over Alaska, White House says Alright. You gotta keep your party favors over on that side of …

Feb 10, 2023: Seems Solid Ground is more uncommon than most Eggy songs. It’s a fun one too. Eggy - 1/28/23 SnowStalk, Frisco, CO - Solid Ground

Feb 9, 2023: Rep. George Santos was charged with theft in since-dismissed 2017 dog breeder case But Bogosian provided CNBC with a screenshot showing a November …

Feb 9, 2023: Packing for our upcoming trip and I get to play everyone’s favorite game. Where is That Thing I’ve Seen a Million Times, but Now is No Where to be …

Feb 9, 2023: Trump Put Nearly $1 Million Of Donor Money Into His Own Pockets Since Leaving Office Today’s most unsurprising headline

Feb 9, 2023: Gotta keep ’em all? Nintendo raising wages 10% to secure workforce as profit slumps Thank you Nintendo for setting an example when so many are being …

Feb 9, 2023: This is one of my favorite #Gluon features in the Nit Picky section. Love to read everyone’s content but sometimes I just need to get in, say my piece …

Feb 9, 2023: Of the new Umphrey’s McGee that has come out recently, my favorite simple song is Hiccup. Just fun all around. Light airy.

Feb 9, 2023: FBI charges neo-Nazi leader in plot to attack Baltimore power grid Look at that, more right-wing, domestic terrorists.

Feb 9, 2023: Going to start tracking how many calls I get a day that could be done much easier via email….

Feb 9, 2023: Don’t mind me over here. Just working from home alone today and taking advantage of it!

Feb 8, 2023: The 14 Rarest Classic Gameboy Games (& How Much They’re Worth) Woah! Apparently, I had the third rarest GBA game according to this list. …

Feb 8, 2023: If there was an Eggy must listen show - This would make the list. Eggy - 10/13/22 - The Met Pawtucket, RI

Feb 8, 2023: Twofer this morning from the same Show/Set. Eggy - 10/13/2023 - The Met, Pawtucket, RI Backyard Bear - wish I could sing in the office without …

Feb 7, 2023: Does this make #Google + and it’s content officially dead dead?

Feb 7, 2023: Ordered an updated car chargers for the upcoming trip. This was in the back, and I don’t know why it makes me laugh.

Feb 7, 2023: Back in the office today, so you know what that means?! Sharing what my favorite music of the day. Start off with Eggy - 12/7/22 - Acme Seed and Feed …

Feb 6, 2023: Woman plotted to destroy energy substations with neo-Nazi leader, FBI says Now say it with me class. What are these individuals called? “Domestic …

Feb 6, 2023: Okay, so this is my new favorite #IceCubesApp icon.

Feb 6, 2023: Getting back in the swing of thing. Finding it harder to stay focused today. 😵‍💫

Feb 4, 2023: Indiana Senate passes bill to legalize throwing stars We are going to the flea market boys! Indiana out here putting citizen’s concerns first.

Feb 4, 2023: She was a real beaut. Sometimes I miss her. #Subaru #LegacyGT

Feb 3, 2023: Okay, so where did the ‘Didn’t I do it for you, Kermit?’ TikTok sound come from? I wanted to find out where this was from. It was a short ride but …

Feb 3, 2023: Looking forward to spending our last weekend at home for a while. Today we booked our hotel to stop at the halfway point on Saturday 2/11. Felt very …

Feb 3, 2023: Elon Musk’s Twitter ordered by officials to properly label bedrooms in San Francisco HQ as sleeping areas — or convert them back to offices …

Feb 3, 2023: Problem I have with Mastodon apps is honestly, I want to use them all. See is what having an open API gives you. More options then you know what to do …

Feb 3, 2023: Friday fun! Someone sent an email to the entire department. So my inbox is guaranteed to be a log jam today with reply-all responses. 🙄

Feb 2, 2023: Twitter replaces its free API with a paid tier in quest to make more money I imagine this will be the next cause for Twitter exodus for those with bot …

Feb 2, 2023: What are Netflix limits? Netflix’s US Password-Sharing Crackdown Isn’t Happening—Yet - Wired Yet is the word here. The death knell for password sharing is still tolling, …

Feb 2, 2023: Fancy restaurant which serves $2,000 steaks wants $16-an-hour chef Not the Onion - And I am sure the owner sees no problem with this situation

Feb 1, 2023: Please read - My daughter’s upcoming surgery Hi. I have posted this before, and trust me it’s not easy to do again. My daughter has an upcoming procedure in the next two weeks. This involved …

Feb 1, 2023: #WaterfallWednesday - Nashville, TN

Feb 1, 2023: Facebook secretly killed users batteries, worker claims in lawsuit - NYP The practice, known as “negative testing,” allows tech companies to …

Feb 1, 2023: Dangerous Fungi Are Spreading Across U.S. as Temperatures Rise - WSJ Is The Last of Us to entertain or prep us? 🍄

Jan 31, 2023: Mystery solved! They match the Twitter follower counts.

Jan 31, 2023: The Carolina Hurricanes have 553k? What’s going on over at

Jan 31, 2023: Wait… what…? Miami Heat have five million Mastodon followers? Spoofed? Profile

Jan 31, 2023: Trump and the Fifth Amendment How it started Vs How it’s going

Jan 31, 2023: Eggy - Broken Bluff (Nashville Sessions) YouTube

Jan 31, 2023: I cannot WAIT until my Eggy sweatshirt comes in! Get your own here!

Jan 31, 2023: Going a different direction for my #homescreen. I have use the original widget area heavier to clean things up. Wallpaper from AR2017

Jan 30, 2023: Appears may be under a DDoS attack. Link to Mastodon

Jan 30, 2023: Anyone else still kinda shook from #LastOfUs last night?

Jan 30, 2023: The Last of Us Episode 3 Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ HBO Three episodes. Three tragedies. Though this episode it was bittersweet. It was redeeming to find out that even during an apocalypse …

Jan 30, 2023: Always makes for a happy Monday with new Eggy.

Jan 29, 2023: Thank you Mastodon for the content warning tonight. #LastofUs

Jan 29, 2023: This really is the best IceCubes app icons so far.

Jan 29, 2023: Question for IceCube users: What does this do? I tap it and nothing appears to note. On or off.

Jan 29, 2023: When all the green lines up.

Jan 29, 2023: Though I am not an avid sports watcher, but it’s fun to see the #Federated time line focused on the #Eagles vs #49ers. 🏈

Jan 29, 2023: Less the 24 hours until #TheLastofUs 📺 🍄 Who’s ready!?

Jan 28, 2023: My Twitter Account… I set my Twitter account for deletion. Then, I reactivated it just in case the tides would turn. (Mostly to remove the possibility of it being reused …

Jan 28, 2023: It’s official. There is nothing going on in the news today. Third ad from Apple News.

Jan 28, 2023: The Saturday morning Holy Trinity 😇

Jan 28, 2023: And again! News. Not ads please.

Jan 28, 2023: Apple I would like News alerts. Not ads!

Jan 28, 2023: Oof… Really hurts when you make a post just to see you biffed the Markdown.. 😅

Jan 28, 2023: Twitter’s Trust and Safety Head Ditches Protocol for Musk Whims In late November, an account belonging to the leftist activist Chad Loder was banned …

Jan 27, 2023: Review: Samsung Galaxy A14 5G This is easily the best phone you can buy for $200. - Wired When compared to a typical $200 tier phone, it is nice to …

Jan 27, 2023: 10 years of iPhone camera progress 📱 📸 Source Reddit u/AdzSenior

Jan 27, 2023: I wish the red night time filter for the Wayfinder would be great to apply across the entire Apple Watch Ultra. If it only on for the watch face would …

Jan 27, 2023: HBO Renews The Last of Us for Season 2 Exciting to see this happen. Exciting to know there will be a ton of new areas to explore. 🍄

Jan 27, 2023: “Dad, I got you something!” A head in a box. 😐

Jan 27, 2023: Nothing grinds my gears like the insincerity of having “Thank you” in a signature as a close prefilled. Then there are those I loathe that use it as a …

Jan 26, 2023: TIL you can adjust the tile height in the Home app 🤯 I had no clue this was possible.

Jan 26, 2023: Good #Thursday morning to ya! How are you? Hope it’s a great day. ☀️

Jan 25, 2023: Excited to hear this. Kris Myers’ first show with Umphrey’s. Umphrey’s McGee - 1/23/2003 - Buskirk-Chumley Theater- Bloomington, Indiana

Jan 24, 2023: If you have questions about home humidity after iOS 16.3 was released for the HomePod today, like I did, here is what Bob Vila has to say about it.

Jan 24, 2023: Now what I would really like is an Mastodon client for my Apple Watch. While Mast has one it has not been updated in two years and did not work last I …

Jan 24, 2023: Taking requests from the sick lil one.

Jan 23, 2023: The translate feature on for #Mastodon is great! 📱 Really gives more life to the federated feed.

Jan 23, 2023: Long Monday for us all. Sick kids. Doctors appointments. Back and forth to school. Late evening tutoring still to go. At least the dog gets a nap.

Jan 23, 2023: iOS and iPadOS 16.3 are out! WatchOS 9.3 is out too! I am really excited for the unlocked humidity sensor in the HomePod mini!

Jan 23, 2023: The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ HBO Spoilers Ahead Episode two was exciting for me. It was the first glimpse outside the QZ to see what the new world looks like. Also to see …

Jan 22, 2023: Bonsai green

Jan 22, 2023: Spring has sprung.

Jan 22, 2023: Now for some leaves. #silentsunday #lego 🧱

Jan 22, 2023: Woke up. 🥱 Cleaned the house. 🧹 🧽 Did the dishes. 🍽️ 🥛 About to nap. 😴 Be a lump the rest of the day. 📱 🕹️ 📺

Jan 22, 2023: Yay! Ice Cubes 🧊 just added system match themes!

Jan 22, 2023: Am I to late for #screenshotsaturday? Or to early for next weeks!

Jan 21, 2023: Pink Floyd fans hit out at criticism of “woke” ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ rainbow logo Dumbest thing I’ve seen in awhile. These people have lost their …

Jan 20, 2023: Trump ordered to pay Hillary Clinton $171,631 in legal fees over bogus lawsuit Ooooo that right there is a chef’s kiss. 🤌

Jan 19, 2023: How interesting is it that the web version of #Twitter shows a banner to get their app after today’s news?

Jan 19, 2023: Twitter Bans Third Party Devs Twitter Bans Third Party Apps - Engadget The “restrictions” section of Twitter’s developer agreement was updated Thursday with a clause banning “use …

Jan 19, 2023: $100,000 for a bird statue: the results of the Twitter office auction are in This story is a duality of pathetic and sad.

Jan 19, 2023: 🎮 Fun fact: Of the original Mario games for NES, Mario only has one adventure. Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2 - A Dream Super Mario Bros 3 - A …

Jan 19, 2023: I am not a public person, but my family has some upcoming medical expenses next month for our daughter. Any support is appreciated. Please about it …

Jan 18, 2023: Think we are finally going to watch The Last of Us tonight. 📺 Excited for a series to watch week to see again. Feels like forever since my wife and I …

Jan 18, 2023: Apple unveils new full-size HomePod - 9to5Mac This makes me happy. They should not have discontinued it in the first place.

Jan 17, 2023: Umphrey’s McGee - 1/12/23 - 9:30 Club, Washington DC Kimble is always a great time. So glad I’ve had the pleasure to see it before live. [Listen here …

Jan 17, 2023: Now for something completely different. moe. - NYE 12.31.22 - The Fillmore Philadelphia

Jan 17, 2023: Oh, Skyrim. Never change.

Jan 16, 2023: Umphrey’s McGee - NYE 12.31.22 - Coca Cola Roxy Atlanta, GA Attachment’s harmonies always get me.

Jan 16, 2023: Umphrey’s McGee - NYE 12.31.22 - Coca Cola Roxy - The Floor Nice little All in Time jam there boys!

Jan 16, 2023: No idea why he chose to lay here. This was his first time just on a foot rest. #DogsofMastodon #DogsofMicroBlog

Jan 16, 2023: Umphrey’s McGee - NYE 12.31.22 - Coca Cola Roxy - Hiccup The horn addition is just muah. 🤌

Jan 16, 2023: Sunday Funday! What did your weekend hold? I’ll tell you what I’m tired of spending money on cars and other broken items lately.

Jan 16, 2023: Ashamed it’s taken me this long to listen to this… Umphrey’s McGee - 12.31.22 Coca Cola Roxy, Atlanta, GA

Jan 16, 2023: Phish - 12.31.22 MSG - Crosseyed and Painless Can you ever go wrong with a C&P? 10/31/96 is always a must listen.

Jan 16, 2023: Really thought the killing of third-party API would have lead to a large push. Unless those savy to use them already made the jump before. Mastodon …

Jan 13, 2023: I know I did one of these yesterday, but changes were made. #homescreen📱

Jan 13, 2023: I have never used Notion before. I think I can use this as a fun little tool for writing and keeping track of reviews.

Jan 13, 2023: Tunic Review 🎮 2022 Website Rating ⭐️⭐️ It honestly upsets me a bit to give this game a lower review. I wanted to like it way more then I actually did. The idea of a …

Jan 13, 2023: I really have enjoyed using IceCubes today for Mastodon. Very clean and easy to use. Plenty of customization options. Ice Cubes: for Mastodon

Jan 13, 2023: Umphrey’s McGee - 12.31.22 - Partyin’ Peeps, Auld Lang Syne Giving something a test. So as your reward for tolerating it here is a lil video. 🎥

Jan 13, 2023: Does anyone’s Apple Watch Ultra charge above 80% on its own? Optimized charging daily has it always stopping short. No issues. I appreciate making it …

Jan 13, 2023: The worst (sarcastic best?) about the killing off of Twitter API is no one knows if it’s policy or just broken… 🤷 Unorganized chaos in the nest.

Jan 13, 2023: Goodness gracious! Phish - 12.30.22 - MSG - Sand This is a dream set of mine. No Men, Golden Age, Sand 🫠

Jan 13, 2023: Phish 12.30.22 - MSG - Golden Age Tasty! A must hear of the run so far.

Jan 13, 2023: I hope this closure of third party API on Twitter is the final straw for many. This is the next scandal that will bolster Mastodon’s new sign ups. …

Jan 13, 2023: Ice Cubes: for Mastodon I have never heard of this new Mastodon app until this morning. It looks great! Really liking it so far. If anything this …

Jan 12, 2023: Are Stanley mugs the new Yeti that are the new Bubba Keg? 🤔

Jan 12, 2023: Two for one #iOS #HomeScreen 📱

Jan 12, 2023: Home Inventory Golden Squirrel Currently free on iOS AppStore. Normally $29.99 No affiliation. Sharing the deal.

Jan 12, 2023: #Mastodon question: Does the federated time line on an app pull from the app instances or the instance I am on? Seems the content I can get from them …

Jan 12, 2023: Fan request: For all Phish official video to be released to streaming. I no longer have a DVD setup at home. It would be great to watch this in a …

Jan 11, 2023: Found this crusty guy in work storage today. A dial for each specific iPod? What crazy things we had to deal with back then.

Jan 10, 2023: I will never understand corporate America’s use of heat in offices. Oh?! It’s mid-December and -3 outside? Here have some AC. Now it’s 60 degrees …

Jan 9, 2023: Eggy - Shadow (12/11/2022 Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH) Top tier Shadow with Mike killing the jam bass line through the whole thing.

Jan 8, 2023: SNES Restore Testing

Jan 7, 2023: Face off

Jan 7, 2023: Parenthood Review Parenthood TV Series 2010-2015 IMDB ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Can be corny at times, but over all really good. I enjoyed the characters. Fun thing to do is guess based …

Jan 4, 2023: Tunic follow up: I beat it after trying all day, but it was a close one! 1v1 at the end.

Jan 3, 2023: Mastodon to hit 9 mil users today Feels good!

Jan 3, 2023: Tunic Cathedral Boss Rush… The Cathedral boss rush in Tunic is major bs… It reduces you down to no perks you have been working on since the beginning of the game. Then, your …

Jan 2, 2023: Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership 12 Month - Nintendo Switch & SanDisk 256GB microSDXC-Card, Licensed for Nintendo Great deal if you are in …

Jan 1, 2023: One thing I do miss from Twitter are the band accounts posting set lists as they happen. Someone on Mastodon needs to get on that ASAP. 😇 Please?

Dec 31, 2022: NYE 2023

Dec 30, 2022: The little one has plans for the left over holiday decorations.

Dec 30, 2022: Barbara Walters Dies at 93 New Years Eve does not take it easy on main, female personalities. Last year Betty White. Today Barbara Walters. Rest in …

Dec 30, 2022: Last #homescreen layout for 2022.

Dec 30, 2022: Evansville skyline (This building is no longer there.)

Dec 30, 2022: Can I be honest? I am a lil sad all the snow melted. ❄️

Dec 29, 2022: Pace your popcorn. Avatar is a long three hours.

Dec 29, 2022: Andrew Tate and Brother Arrested It honestly sounds like a silly teen made for TV movie. Internet personality pokes at teen activist. Activist hits …

Dec 29, 2022: Tunic update: Still trucking along with it. Just finished what I assume is one of the first three bosses, The Librarian, in the game. I have stumbled …

Dec 28, 2022: Hope it stays this kinda day… 🎮 📷

Dec 27, 2022: weekly wrap-up If you were curious to get all of my updates from the week on Sunday with a nice little bow on them. Click this like to …

Dec 27, 2022: Mastoot for iOS I have tried all the current iOS Mastodon apps in the AppStore. Also, with the exception of Ivory (damn quick filling beta slots), …

Dec 27, 2022: It’s the season for one email sent and four out of offices back. 🎉

Dec 25, 2022: 3 Pierce County utility substations vandalized, cutting power to more than 14K on Christmas These cases should be treated for what they are. Domestic. …

Dec 24, 2022: The first Christmas miracle is that the lil one went to sleep in no time flat with zero pushback. Christmas 🎅 🤶 🎄

Dec 24, 2022: It is that kinda weather.

Dec 23, 2022: Serious question: Can an admin of a Mastodon server inject ads into the feed?

Dec 22, 2022: I’ve decided on a weekend gaming project. Tunic For Nintendo Switch If Deaths Door, Monument Valley and of course Legend of Zelda had a baby. Though I …

Dec 22, 2022: What makes me excited for the Mastodon change over is that new names will be lifted up. Creatives we have never heard of before that we’re lost in the …

Dec 22, 2022: AI generated images from Phish lyrics Can you guess them?

Dec 22, 2022: Identify your Binding of Isaac Map I love it! I’ve never seen them this way before.

Dec 22, 2022: Is there a better feeling than closing the laptop lid before a holiday break? 🤔

Dec 21, 2022: It is amazing there are so many Mastodon apps in the works. Though one thing I have not seen discussed are the pricing models for each.

Dec 20, 2022: Musk or no at the helm of Twitter, I don’t see myself going back. Damage is done.

Dec 20, 2022: Really enjoy the faster pace on this version @eggymusic - Necessary Evil (Unknown Mortal Orchestra cover) 12.10.22

Dec 18, 2022: So if I auto post from Instagram to Twitter it shows the link on my timeline. Would this cause me to be suspended? 🤔 What a hellscape it has become so …

Dec 18, 2022: Trump Ominously Evokes Jan. 6, Tells Backers It’s Time To ‘Deal With’ FBI, DOJ ‘Thugs’ -HuffPo I wonder how long it …

Dec 17, 2022: Hipsters these days… 📷 #dogsofmastodon #dogsofmicrodotblog

Dec 16, 2022: Something will always appeal to me about an e-ink display.

Dec 16, 2022: No One on Twitter Is Safe From Elon Musk - Wired I’m safe if I am not there. 😬 Also in regards to his claim of an attack: “LAPD’s Threat Management …

Dec 16, 2022: What I love about Mastodon is seeing a busier feed. I would check my app before to see maybe 5-10 updates. Now it has grown!

Dec 16, 2022: Eggy - Northern Lights - 9/30/22 Testing out the YouTube embed plug-in for Enjoy this video as a treat for tolerating me. 💜

Dec 16, 2022: I’ve decided to reactivate my Twitter profile as a place holder. My intention is to make sure it is not repurposed for hate. It is now locked with my …

Dec 16, 2022: Asking the world: Does anyone know of a tool to efficiently delete all Tweets? I have left my account active, but shut down so my @ is not repurposed …

Dec 16, 2022: Kirby and the Forgotten Land is my 2022 #Switch Game of the Year Find your Switch Year End Review Here

Dec 16, 2022: When you eat one type of each from the pack it’s called a tour.

Dec 16, 2022: It’s called a tour.

Dec 15, 2022: Without a doubt my 2022 Game of the Year choice. 🎮🕹️ #Kirby #Nintendo #Switch

Dec 15, 2022: Lite YouTube Now this is exciting!

Dec 15, 2022: It’s one of these again…with new friends

Dec 15, 2022: Look it’s not much now BUT I am now on PixelFed! Follow me here

Dec 15, 2022: It was time to cut the cord. 15 years there. Mastodon from here on out

Dec 13, 2022: Eggy - 12.10.2022 - Live at Bourbon on Division - Aud Recording A little audience recording before the official goes up on - Decent quality …

Dec 13, 2022: Good morning! Starting the day over here with this new gem.

Dec 9, 2022: Hollow Knight Switch is 50% off till 12/19 This is a must have for me. If you do not have a copy yet for Nintendo Switch now is your time. It’s not a …

Dec 9, 2022: Twitter Hiatus It is to the point I have put my Twitter account on hiatus. Should I delete it? Yes, probably. Though part of me finds it hard to leave something of …

Dec 8, 2022: Setting up 2FA with Mastodon with Apple’s built in Verification Code was easy and convenient.

Dec 7, 2022: I caved.

Dec 7, 2022: Eggy - One Stop Shop, Bobcat Flow, My Oh My - 12.1.22 Brand new video from @eggylive - 43 minutes of goodness from sold out Cervantes’ Other Side …

Dec 7, 2022: First time seeing this date format. CC for century? 🤷

Dec 7, 2022: Apple releases iOS 16.2 RC Should I just jump on it now or wait? Really looking forward to doing the Always on Display with no wallpaper. 🤔

Dec 7, 2022: Feeling like a real goober missing @eggylive in Nashville tonight. Closest show yet to me. Dang responsibilities!

Dec 7, 2022: Feeling like a real goober missing @eggymusic in Nashville tonight. Closest show yet to me. Dang responsibilities!

Dec 7, 2022: Has anyone ever had their Instagram account just blown up by fake/spam account follows? Was about 400 followers yesterday overnight it grew to 900 …

Dec 5, 2022: Countdown to again when a Facebook fad (this time AI photos) are really just stealing personal information. In 3…2…1…

Dec 5, 2022: 🎵 Everyday is a Sprinkle Party! 🎶 If you have a little one this may be stuck in your head too. Just wanted to share it so I was not alone.

Dec 5, 2022: Thanks someone!

Dec 4, 2022: Having a standard two day weekend after a four day weekend really makes it pale in comparison.

Dec 4, 2022: I am curious if the general Twitter population would have a better experience if they simply changed apps. Apps like TweetBot, Spring and Aviary …

Dec 3, 2022: Apparently, in a sleep stupor I turned on my iPhone’s camera all night when I put it on my night stand. It stayed on all night. 😅

Dec 2, 2022: One feature of Mastodon I really enjoy: Federated Timeline Caught up on your personal timeline? See what the fire hose has to offer. Maybe leave a …

Dec 2, 2022: I haven’t done one of these in awhile my #iOS #homescreen for today. 12/2 I’ve really leaned in on the purple color to match the Deep Purple 14 Pro …

Dec 1, 2022: Always nice to get likes from my two favorite people.

Dec 1, 2022: Apple Releases iOS 16.2 beta 4 Come on and go final already. I am ready to try no wallpaper for Always on Display.

Dec 1, 2022: San Francisco Approves Use of Remote-Controlled Robots To Kill Suspets Nope. No. Yea. This is totally fine… /s

Dec 1, 2022: Hive Shuts Down Servers to Address Security Issues There it is, Hive Social shuts down after security concerns are brought up. Glad they are …

Dec 1, 2022: Good morning world. 🌎 How are you today? Hope you have a great one! Big plans today?

Nov 30, 2022: Perched

Nov 30, 2022: Clear winner for my Apple Music Replay ‘22 most played album @UmphreysMcGee - Asking for a Friend. (Wish there was a way to include @nugsnet time too. …

Nov 30, 2022: Warming: Do not use Hive Social _ The issues we reported allow any attacker to access all data, including private posts, private messages, shared …

Nov 30, 2022: Dwarf Journey on iOS Was $2.99 now free for a limited time. Love me a rouge like game. Going to check it out!

Nov 30, 2022: Sh*tty Life Hack: Want more Crypto spam in your inbox? Just insult the Hair Plug King ever so slightly for it to appear! Follow me for more!

Nov 27, 2022: A high flying circus @ Ford Center - Evansville, Indiana

Nov 27, 2022: A night at the circus @ Ford Center - Evansville, Indiana

Nov 27, 2022: Beach scene Crayola Twistables on Printer paper (c) 2022 🖼️ 😅

Nov 25, 2022: tomtoc Compact EDC bag 4.5L My personal favorite daily carry bag is on sale for Black Friday. 25% off. (Non-affiliate link - Just like it and want to …

Nov 23, 2022: $600 Signed Bob Dylan Done by Automated Signing Machine “To those who purchased the ‘Philosophy of Modern Song’ limited edition, we want to …

Nov 23, 2022: Everyone required to work today should unify to say it can wait till Monday. 🦃

Nov 23, 2022: Introduce yourself in 5 video games 🎮 🕹️ • The Binding of Issac • Hollow Knight • Fallout 3 • Mega Man X • Stardew Valley

Nov 22, 2022: It may not be much for some BUT I am now verified over on Mastodon. Follow me there!

Nov 22, 2022: Crazy to see people on Twitter quickly poo poo on @joinmastodon that has been around for 6+ years. Then once a Hive pops up jumping over no questions …

Nov 18, 2022: Not to jinx myself here. I would love a day at work without and Friday fire drills.

Nov 17, 2022: Might as download my Twitter history while I can huh?

Nov 17, 2022: Interesting thing happening over at Twitter. H/t Matt Borchelt

Nov 17, 2022: Umphrey’s McGee has an amazing cover of The Grateful Dead’s Althea Listen here on

Nov 16, 2022: I am ready for iOS 16.2 with the ability to turn off the wallpaper for the always on display. Though I’m not willing to go through a beta cycle again. …

Nov 16, 2022: I am so ready for Thanksgiving to be off work for four days. I just want to be a potato till the mashed are ready. 🦃 🥔 🥧

Nov 16, 2022: Senate on verge of history with same-sex marriage vote Why elections matter.

Nov 16, 2022: Those harmonies though. 🫠

Nov 15, 2022: A 33 minute DBK. Let’s go!

Nov 13, 2022: New water heater acquired. 😅

Nov 13, 2022: Not so fast Candace You don’t get to walk him back that easily. Own the monster you helped create. Candace Owens said Trump’s rudeness made her …

Nov 11, 2022: This is not good. Apple’s ad agency recommends a stop to Twitter campaign

Nov 11, 2022: Is it unprofessional to include in my signature, “Sending me an email then calling immediately after demanding an answer does not bump you immediately …

Nov 10, 2022: I honestly debate on my favorite pen. 🖊️ Sometimes I cannot decide. Uni-Ball Signo 0.38 Pilot G-2 0.38

Nov 9, 2022: America is healing.

Nov 9, 2022: Any advice for getting the Mastodon verification on my

Nov 9, 2022: Eggy - 10/30/22 - Charleston, SC More new Eggy today! And some Nightmare Before Christmas teases in Buying Time. This is Halloween. This is Halloween. …

Nov 9, 2022: New Eggy on Very excited to hear these new Elton John covers. 🍳

Nov 8, 2022: Keep track of the Southern #Indiana elections here: Courier & Press #Evansville #Newburgh #Poseyville #CourierPress

Nov 8, 2022: Good morning America! 🌞 It is your day to have your voice heard. #vote 🗳️

Nov 7, 2022: Welp, I think my sites broken. Theme is incorrect and new post won’t show up. 😕

Nov 7, 2022: I am also on Mastodon. Looking for familiar faces there too. Come say hi.

Oct 31, 2022: Happy Late-Halloween 🎃

Oct 26, 2022: Skechers executives escort Kanye West out of building, company says - CNN Business Did not have this one on the board for today.

Oct 23, 2022: Vampire or dapper gentleman?

Oct 23, 2022: Zoo Day 4

Oct 23, 2022: Zoo Day 3

Oct 23, 2022: Zoo Day 2

Oct 23, 2022: Zoo day

Oct 22, 2022: Opening night Thunderbolts Hockey

Oct 21, 2022: Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Involved ‘Absolutely No Research on Al’s Actual Life,’ Director Says Very fitting that the Weird Al …

Oct 18, 2022: Tonight on I saw it so now you have to as well. Mac Sabbath Black Sabbath parodies (?) covers (?) in base on McDonalds.

Oct 16, 2022: Please take a moment to help out out friend Jake and with Beth. One of the best, genuine people I have ever known. Anything helps them on the journey. …

Oct 14, 2022: Happy Friday It’s a mood in Casa De Mel.

Oct 10, 2022: I just keep checking my Apple Watch Ultra order in some off chance it will magically ship earlier.

Oct 7, 2022: Random: Why is the Sport Loop on the bottom, but the Alpine Loop on the top?

Oct 7, 2022: Why give me the option?

Oct 7, 2022: Voice cast Also look outside Chris Pratt at the voice cast. It’s a great list. Fred Armisen, Jack Black, Charlie Day, Charles Martinet cameo.

Oct 7, 2022: Super Mario Bros Movie - Teaser Look, Mario appears a lil different but I’ll hear him out. The mustache change with a realistic body movement to a …

Oct 6, 2022: Bean.

Oct 3, 2022: Today’s mood.

Oct 2, 2022: Waiting for mom.

Oct 1, 2022: Happy first night of spooky season. 🎃

Sep 26, 2022: Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s attack on John Fetterman tattoos is ignorant Fetterman is an man of actions speak louder than words. (Another …

Sep 25, 2022: I haven’t posted one of these in awhile.

Sep 25, 2022: Stuck in this middle ground of “nope” and in awe over this hobo spider on our balcony. Interesting to watch him so up close. Yet, not wanting his …

Sep 24, 2022: Hollow Knight replay - Late 2022 I started replaying Hollow Knight this week. The OLED Switch really makes it pop with the dark environments. Last time I played in my Lite and it did …

Sep 23, 2022: Riggleman: White House switchboard called a Capitol rioter on January 6 - CBS News Oh boy…

Sep 23, 2022: Okay a total impulse buy tonight picking up dinner but I had to have it!

Sep 23, 2022: Custom AirPod 2 show engraving on iPhone. Awesome Apple detail.

Sep 19, 2022: A Case For The iPhone 14…repairability Opens front AND back with just two screws.

Sep 19, 2022: Really takes some adjustment to get used to an Always on Display for iPhone. So far feels like something is always wrong or needing attention. Used to …

Sep 17, 2022: Lot going on up here…

Sep 17, 2022: I caved.

Sep 17, 2022: Hi. Yes. I have a question…. What the hell happened to September?! It has yet to hit me August is over. 🤯

Sep 16, 2022: The craziest floor plan I’ve seen before. Just goes deeper and deeper.

Sep 15, 2022: DeSantis Dumps Migrants on Martha’s Vineyard; Locals Respond Kindly Gotta love watching an a-hole have their plan blow up in their face.

Sep 13, 2022: Armed PA man in wig trying to ‘restore Trump as President’ arrested at Dairy Queen Came to pay his respects to the Queen too I assume?

Sep 13, 2022: GPS upgraded.

Sep 13, 2022: Texts: Phil Bryant helped Brett Favre secure USM volleyball funding - Mississippi Today Wow the Packers have some real winners up there.

Sep 12, 2022: Monday evening 🧱

Sep 10, 2022: Watched the first two episodes of House of Dragons tonight with my wife. This is all I see now.

Sep 8, 2022: Let me understand… You were taking out loans for jpgs? “Customers can typically take out a loan equal to 30% to 40% of the NFT collection’s floor …

Sep 3, 2022: Good morning.

Sep 1, 2022: Today on “Coulda Told you That Was Going to Happen” From miles away…

Sep 1, 2022: Interesting fact: My battery capacity has gone down 1% almost each iOS 16 beta change. Was at 99% before this started.

Aug 31, 2022: Outlaw warming fish in the office! ☠️

Aug 28, 2022: She’s an old girl, but she’s a good one. 🏎️

Aug 28, 2022: The plan is coming together. 📷

Aug 28, 2022: Wish moving photos from the Switch wasn’t such a PITA 🎮

Aug 27, 2022: Good night turkey. 📷

Aug 26, 2022: Why not? No one’s home but me today.

Aug 24, 2022: Everywhere!

Aug 20, 2022: Every so often, you need a friendly reminder that it sucks to get stung. Also wasps are still a-holes. 📷🌱

Aug 19, 2022: I just want an iPhone Pro camera on a iPhone mini body. That’s it!

Aug 19, 2022: 📷 My day bag has an annex now.

Aug 12, 2022: Friyay! 🌮

Aug 10, 2022: Dear croissants maker association I would like to suggest a version that is capable of wrapping an entire hot dog. Signed Pigs in a Blanket lovers ♥️

Aug 8, 2022: Finally! No more clogging up your camera roll with screen shots in iOS 16 beta 5.

Aug 8, 2022: Chase and Rocky go to work

Aug 7, 2022: Fitting

Aug 6, 2022: On Saturday we build.

Aug 6, 2022: It’s tiiiiimmmmmeeeee

Aug 4, 2022: Someone got the AutoZone AMG mod on their Benz.

Aug 3, 2022: I have never seen this 8-bit/16-bit style graffiti done before.

Aug 1, 2022: Today is password reset day. Wish me luck! 😬

Jul 27, 2022: Apple will no longer help you set up a dial-up modem on your Mac Rest in Peace old friend…I haven’t used in two decades.

Jul 26, 2022: Excited for the commute! 😵‍💫

Jul 25, 2022: Drift While Your Sleeping Look Drift gets some heat because it’s often a slow Encore. Though I think it gets missed out on for its lyrics.

Jul 25, 2022: Every have a crazy weekend doing house projects going to work is a day off? 🥴

Jul 24, 2022: First art gallery. 😍

Jul 23, 2022: I need this hard work to do itself. Please? 😖

Jul 23, 2022: Eggy Love

Jul 19, 2022: Dang! @umphreysmcgee comes out swinging for Dayville Monarchy’s time out of the gate. All Things Umphrey’s Listen to it on

Jul 19, 2022: Dang! @umphreysmcgee comes out swinging for Dayville Monarchy’s time out of the gate. All Things Umphrey’s Listen to it on

Jul 19, 2022: Good morning ride! 🚗 🌞

Jul 16, 2022: Mood.

Jul 15, 2022: The army is ready.

Jul 15, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵 🎸: Phish - Mansfield, MA - 7/14/22 The boys are back in town. Time for summer tour! I hope if you do go be safe out there! Listen …

Jul 15, 2022: Refreshing to hear a Kimble this morning from last night’s @umphreysmcgee set. Love this song!

Jul 14, 2022: Excited for this one! 🍳

Jul 12, 2022: Safe for the morning ride. 🪖

Jul 11, 2022: New music cover Lock Screen in iOS 16 beta 3 is a HUGE improvement!

Jul 10, 2022: Seinfeld - Season 6 Episode 5 - The Couch Just hits differently today.

Jul 9, 2022: New Saturday morning ink with the little one.

Jul 7, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵 🎸: Umphrey’s McGee - Asking For A Friend Listen on Apple Music Listen on Spotify It has been awhile since I have made a post like …

Jul 7, 2022: Hi! Long time no see! Thought I’d share this because it made me laugh harder than it should have.

Jun 30, 2022: I like the new Mastodon purple!

Jun 30, 2022: Changing this face in watchOS 9 gives me real Pebble vibes. RIP

Jun 29, 2022: I decided to open some junk mail today to read what it had to say for a little entertainment. I mean someone replies right? Holy hell! Look at these …

Jun 29, 2022: A few things here: I do not believe I have ever seen a falcon just hanging out on the ground. I am also blown away to see them in my own neighborhood.

Jun 29, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵 🎸: Kasvot Växt - í rokk Okay, it’s really Phish. BUT IMO one of the best halloween cover costumes done. (Outside 10/31/96 for The …

Jun 27, 2022: Ah. Monday.

Jun 26, 2022: Cards vs Cubs ⚾️🏟

Jun 23, 2022: Welcome back beautiful in watchOS 9 beta 2!

Jun 23, 2022: Thursday morning work from home

Jun 22, 2022: I really like the green dot for your location on the Astronomy wallpaper. The little detail made it a little personal.

Jun 22, 2022: Circles looking much better in iOS 16 beta 2

Jun 22, 2022: Truly wish I had the know how to make a few tweaks to my design.

Jun 20, 2022: There is a special place in hell for those who send a screenshot of a spreadsheet vs the actual spreadsheet. Animals….

Jun 17, 2022: Friday half day vibes. ☀️ 🏖

Jun 17, 2022: Phish Plays Infamous “O.J. Show” On This Day In 1994 Also the second Simple played.

Jun 17, 2022: Spooky 👻

Jun 15, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵 🎸: Eggy - Watercolor Days When you listen to a band who’s main avenue for listening is live and on stage a studio album can give …

Jun 15, 2022: Doot! Doot! Doot!

Jun 14, 2022: Quit Anger: Anger Management for iOS was $15.99 but is now free via IAP. Cuz some folks need to relax a bit.

Jun 14, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵 🎸: Umphrey’s McGee - UMBowl III - 4/27/2012 Listen on Listen on Four sets of fun here folks! Set 1: All …

Jun 13, 2022: I don’t think I can ever get tired of hearing Bill Barr say it’s bulls*** in various ways.

Jun 12, 2022: Sunday Home Screen With iOS 16 this week there have been a ton of daily changes playing with the new Lock Screen collections.

Jun 12, 2022: Sunday car wash

Jun 11, 2022: Love my baby’s Crocs

Jun 9, 2022: The new iOS 16 Home Screen music player lay out is a welcome improvement.

Jun 8, 2022: Album of the Week 🎵: So many to list. I have been catching up from the Summer Tour beginning. Here is what’s been on the list: Phish 5/27 - Orange …

Jun 8, 2022: I do like how the new iOS 16 Home Screen battery widget changes to what is in use. This case it’s my AirPods. When I am not listening shows my watch.

Jun 7, 2022: Bitcoin that’s easy to save, spend and hold in a self-sovereign way. So money?

Jun 6, 2022: Some circle issues fix themselves. 🤷‍♂️

Jun 6, 2022: The Pride unlock animation is pretty satisfying. iOS16

Jun 6, 2022: I like the featured Search on the new iOS 16 home screen. Spotlight has been, for a long time, an overlooked feature.

Jun 6, 2022: New keyboard haptics in iOS 16 are very nice. Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback

Jun 6, 2022: Ope… more iOS 16 circle concerns

Jun 6, 2022: But over all I can get used to these new appearances.

Jun 6, 2022: First iOS 16 beta 1 reaction: Apple did not focus on circles in some areas.

Jun 6, 2022: I am a glutton for punishment. Puts on spelunking helmet I am going in!

Jun 6, 2022: Welp, between the Lock Screen and Home App changes I think I’ll be sticking my foot into the iOS beta bear trap again. #WWDC2022 🤯

Jun 6, 2022: WWDC Day 1 🤯 - What are you expecting to see in upcoming releases of iOS 16? watchOS 9?

Jun 5, 2022: Sunday Home Screen setup 📷 My Kirby playing has spilled over into my phone and laptop wallpapers

Jun 4, 2022: Looking for deer.

Jun 3, 2022: Want to feel like a popular guy? Wear a watch at a pool.

Jun 3, 2022: Happy Friday to those who celebrate. 🍺

Jun 2, 2022: Ford Is Going to 100% Online, Fixed-Price Sales For EVs Rest In Peace dealerships? One of the big makes the switch to online sales for new EV.

Jun 2, 2022:

Jun 2, 2022: They’re heeeerrrreeeee…..

Jun 2, 2022: Here is what I need in my life, more 2 set #Eggy shows! Can Lamasco’s please hook these guys up?!

Jun 1, 2022: Day 31 (again late) of the Photo Challenge 📷: Today’s word is endurance. Today (June 1st) is our 9th wedding anniversary. Here is to many …

May 31, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Summer Concert Season This was a big, happy weekend for Summer Concert Season I have a lot to get caught up on!

May 30, 2022: Day 30 of the Photo Challenge - Todays word is fish. 📷 Can’t miss this guy at night.

May 30, 2022: Monday’s landscape work

May 30, 2022: This could be an ad for using Cape Cod polish on an Apple Watch, but it’s not. ⌚️📱📷⛵️

May 30, 2022: Not my #1 choice, but it’s light, refreshing and a lil orange.

May 30, 2022: Day 29 (late) of the photo challenge📷: Today’s word (yesterday) is stripe. But I didn’t have a photo for stripe and instead spent the day …

May 29, 2022: Happy Home Screen Sunday

May 28, 2022: Saturday outside 📷

May 28, 2022: Day 28 of the Photo Challenge 📷: Today’s word is fair. From a few weeks back at Hopefest.

May 27, 2022: Guard dog. 📷

May 27, 2022: Album on the Day 🎵: Eggy - The Nashville Tapes Album of the day? Maybe today is EP of the day. Released in physical form as a cassette it features two …

May 27, 2022: Also Phish Spring+Summer 2022 tour starts tonight. 🐠

May 27, 2022: Day 27 of the May Photo Challenge 📷: Today’s word is written. Or this was drawn rather. This is my daughter’s rendition of Bob Bilby. She …

May 26, 2022: Episode 1: Frogs Out My Window Just some active frogs outside my window tonight. Enjoy!

May 26, 2022: The Last NYC Payphone Being Removed Sad day for old tech.

May 26, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: The Wood Brothers - Ways Not Lose Story time: On a random Saturday, I was reached out to by a friend, Will, to go see Modeski, …

May 26, 2022: Day 26 of the photo Challenge 📷: Today’s word is schedule. It’s that time for Summer Tour. Wish I was on the road more, at all, this …

May 25, 2022: School’s out. for. summa.

May 25, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Grateful Dead - Road Trips Vol 3 No 3 - Filmore East 5/15/1970 Look. It’s a rainy day. It’s been a rough day. It calls for an …

May 25, 2022: Day 25 of the Photo Challange 📷: Today’s word is mountain. From the archives from our vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 2016.

May 24, 2022: Day 24 of the Photo Challange 📷: Today’s word is intricate. I searched my camer roll for a photo of great detail, and came up empty. So …

May 24, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Eggy - Domefest Thornville, OH 5.20.22 New Eggy for Tuesday Listen on Watch “Here and Now” on YouTube

May 24, 2022: “” - I finally found show the Umphrey’s reference I’ve made at times comes from. Good ol Summercamp fun

May 24, 2022: Apple has released the 2022 Pride AppleWatch faces ahead of next month. Personally, they are a little hard to read. The black background makes it much …

May 23, 2022: Day 23 of the Photo Challange 📷: Today’s word is plain. Just saw this at work a few months back. It was just plain funny.

May 23, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Andy Frasco and the U.N. - wash, rinse, repeat Happy Monday! Today needed a little pick up to get into the week. Andy Frasco has …

May 23, 2022: Close calls here, but WE WILL TAKE THEM! Loving Kirby and the Forgotten World so far. 🎮🕹

May 22, 2022: Weekly iPhone Home Screen Layout 📱 📷

May 22, 2022: Sunday sausage with a filter, because why not.

May 22, 2022: Day 22 of the Photo Challenge 📷: Today’s word is textile I did not have a photo of just textile. Although, I do have this photo of sis, …

May 21, 2022: More footage

May 21, 2022: Who had more fun with the race track? My 2 year old nephew or me making slo-no videos? 📷

May 21, 2022: Day 20 of the Photo Challenge 📷- Today’s word is symmetry A year today I took this in the hallway of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

May 20, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Yacht Rock Playlist Is this an album? No. What it is though is a smooth, light rock way to end your week! A collection I made of …

May 20, 2022: Day 19 of the Photo Challenge 📷 - Today’s word is beverage. Happy Friday everyone! You did a great job this week.

May 19, 2022: Kirby is just to cute doing his little skating moves! Took me off guard when I saw it the first time. ⛸ ❄️

May 19, 2022: Day 18 of the photo challenge 📷 - Today’s word is Indulgence This lil guy has had enough.

May 19, 2022: After taking a night off I am ready to get back into Kirby and the Forgotten Land again tonight!

May 19, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Post Malone - Hollywood is Bleeding After re-watching Post Malone’s performance from SNL this week inspired me to dig back in with …

May 18, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Grateful Dead - Crimson, White & Indigo (July 7, 1989, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia) Look, I know what you’re saying. This kid …

May 18, 2022: Apple releases iOS 15.6 beta 1 to developers Welp, looks like I was wrong from the other day when I said 15.5 would be the last before iOS 16.

May 18, 2022: Since today’s May 📆 Photo Challange is random I have this one. Yesterday, I started my last tray for Invisalign. It has been a bit over a year and I …

May 17, 2022: Afternoon office assistant

May 17, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Phish - Live Phish Download 5/8/1993 UNH Fieldhouse Durham, NH Summer Tour 2022 is almost here! This show is the tour closer so …

May 17, 2022: Day 17 of the photo challenge 📷 - Today’s word is hold. It is always sweet to see big brother holding sis’s hand. They’re sweet kids. …

May 16, 2022: Apple Releases iOS 15.5 Time to update! I am sure this is the last before WWDC 🤯 2022.

May 16, 2022: Glad they’re back home. Felt weird using OTE headphones the past few days. If your AirPod Pro are rattling check out this link regarding repairs.

May 16, 2022: Love when Umphrey’s McGee reworks a song. This version of Cut the Cable is no exception. Listen here from Relisten

May 16, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: Grateful Dead - Europe 72 Vol 20: 5/24/1972 (Lyceum Theatre, London, England) To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful …

May 16, 2022: McDonald’s to leave Russia for good after 30 years Then Elon Musk will say he’s buying the business for a large sum of money. Only afterward, …

May 16, 2022: Day 16 for the Photo Challenge: Time

May 15, 2022: My favorite, photogenic blanket 📷

May 15, 2022: Weekly iPhone Home Screen Layout 📱 📷

May 15, 2022: The Sunday paradox: I want to rest but also projects to do.

May 15, 2022: Just a quick update: The ditch clean out from yesterday was a success. No standing water after last night’s storm.

May 15, 2022: Day 15 of the photo challenge: Clouds This tree behind our old home was the most photogenic I have ever come across.

May 14, 2022: Grass mowed, ditch cleaned out and two cars washed. I’m done for today. 💤

May 14, 2022: Day 14 of the May Photo Challenge 📷 - Fence Is this a late night or early start? One more day left. Who’s going for 30?

May 13, 2022: Is a second May 13th photo allowed? 📸 Community in the park with the High School Band. 🎵

May 13, 2022: A panic attack from💰in two parts:

May 13, 2022: To be clear unnamed Purple/Orange carrier, you went the wrong way. Come back east.

May 13, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵🎸: Mac Miller - Swimming Today needs a little more relaxing album for an easy Friday. Listen to it on Apple Music Listen to it on …

May 13, 2022: Day 13 Photo Challenge 📸 Community Aug 7th, 2021 - Phish at Deer Creek (I know it’s Ruoff Music Center, but I refuse to call it that.) Before and …

May 12, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵: The Mantras - Jungle in Space Listen on Apple Music Listen on Spotify It has been quiet awhile since I have seen them live. Was …

May 12, 2022: Is it just me or did Google design these new watch bands after every Apple knock-off from Amazon. Source Random Listing for Reference

May 12, 2022: Tranquility for today’s Micro.Blog Photo challenge📸

May 12, 2022: Dentist office waiting while the oldest gets shined up. 📷

May 11, 2022: From 2nd to 7th to 1st. Mario Kart 8 Just a random video from the Switch. 🎮

May 11, 2022: Album of the Day 2 🎵🎸: Eggy - Eggy Selects: Winter Tour 2022 I will be just be completely honest about this. I love these guys since hearing about …

May 11, 2022: These are hands down my favorite pens 🖊. I have tried countless others only to return back to this reliable Pilot G2 0.38. Perfect flow. Always …

May 11, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵🎸: Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense (Live) Special Edition Listen on Apple Music Listen on Spotify

May 10, 2022: This is my dog. There are many like him, but he is mine. 🐶🐕📸

May 10, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵🎸: Eggy - Eggy Sunny Side Up - Live from The Egg Crate 7.14.20 Listen on Listen on Bandcamp

May 10, 2022: Apple has discontinued the iPod After 20 years Apple has pulled the plug on the most successful music player ever. Once the supply of iPod Touch are …

May 10, 2022: Am I to late to join the May photo challenge? 📷 In the pot symmetry

May 10, 2022: Good morning! 🌞 What do you have planned today?

May 9, 2022: Casey and Vicky White found: What we know about detainees and end of national manhunt Crazy that I just drove by this on my way home tonight from …

May 9, 2022: Weekly iPhone Homescreen Setup 📱

May 9, 2022: Perfection.

May 9, 2022: Album of the Day 🎵🎸: Grateful Dead - Go to Nassau Listen on Apple Music Listen on Spotify

May 9, 2022: Micro Monday discussion 📆📢: Did you separate yourself from traditional social media/blog posts for If so, how did you do it? I am looking …

May 8, 2022: One of the first things the Day 1 thing I knew about Lindsay when we met was her love for Joseph. I knew she was amazing right from then. Happy …

May 8, 2022: Sunday morning rinse

May 7, 2022: The underside

May 7, 2022: Ready for patio season.